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Veigar Build Guide by TelosXIV

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TelosXIV

Veigar, Deathfire Assassin

TelosXIV Last updated on December 9, 2011
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Ever since I saw Veigar and Deathfire Grasp, I knew they were maid for each other. And now I have made a build where they can be happy and blissful forever. Welcome to the Deathfire Assassin Veigar. NOTE: This build is EXTREMELY dependent on being an amazing farmer and having a team that protects you because all you will have is ability power, raw, deadly, ability power

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Item Build

The item build is very important to the success of this build. While you can move around to order of the Deathcaps, you must buy exactly the items there for this build to work well. You can substitute items early on but only if you sell them later to complete the build. The build is essential to the idea of the guide.

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ABILITY POWER ABILITY POWER ABILITY POWER! I can't say it more times, well thats not true: ABILITY POWER! This guide requires the most ability power you can offer it and being designed to crush carries, or anyone else for that matter, it means that you have to have as much ability power late game as you can get! While your marks in any build should ALWAYS be Magic or Armor Pen, for this guide you should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get stacking ability power runes for everything else.

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Baleful strike is your best friend in this build, other then your Ult. You want to max it out as soon as possible so you can start carrying your team by eating the enemy champions and get as much ability power as possible to get that OPed Deathfire. After Baleful get Dark Matter and follow up with Event Horizon.

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Masteries and Summoner Spells

As Veigar you always want the kill, so you exhaust the enemy and then flash in front of them to eat their face, simple. You may be confused about my masteries so let me explain. Greed and Good Hands. Yes I know, not the best abilities, but the Good Hands helps you recover stacks on Mejai's and the Greed helps with buying all those Deathcaps so there ya go. Also there wasn't anything better I could find.

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Conclusion and FAQ answers

In conclusion this build is very item based, if you're not good at using items or remembering to don't use this build. Also In case you hand't noticed, the goal of this entire build is to get 2k ability power, a feat only able to be accomplished by the Tiny Master of Evil. Now 2k seems very specific no? Well with 2k ability power, Deathfire Grasp hits for 100% OF AN ENEMY CHAMPION'S MAX HEALTH. Now sure, magic resist will stop some of that damage, but unless they're Galio, it should kill most enemies with out full health. So kill them with Baleful =3. Until then, stay troll.

I'll put in FAQ's when I get some.