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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Schattenlord

Veigar-Funny Caster

Schattenlord Last updated on January 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Veigar?! Often I see players who are absolutely anable to play Veigar. Of course if the endgame comes, they are able to nuke opponents, but often they are just able to kill a single opponent and a few seconds later they are dead. I guess people do not know how squishy he is or they are just unable to deal with it. Veigar, played well, can make the diffent in a game, even if his team seems to be losing clearly. Veigar is able to kill the overfed opponents giving his team a chance to kill the others. And for Veigar there is no Problem to kill a Tank, if the game becomes long enough.

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Pros / Cons


  • One of the best Nukers in the game
  • Multistun
  • Very good against AP-Champs
  • Dark Matter has a high range
  • Awesome farmer
  • Low survivability
  • Cooldown of Stun is quite long( the stun is your life insurance, when opponents are following you
  • Needs minion kills in Early Game
  • Very slow

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Summoner Spells

  • solves the mana problem in early game and enables you to farm longer. It is also a nice effect for your teammates. Later it becomes less usefull. You will have enough mana most time, but perhaps a teammate needs mana, so do not hesitate to use it.
  • keeps you alive or kills your opponents. It is the perfect weapon as you are quite slow. If a fast Champion with 200 hp runs away you will never get him, if you have already used your stun.
What are the alternatives. Well we need Clarivoyance!! But Ghost is exchangeable. can be a nice Weapon too, but its not that well to escape as you are very slow. Often the opponents will get you even after you used . sounds great, but our item build solves this problem, so we do not need .

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Many ppl might ask: WOOT??? No mana reg and magic penetration? How shall this work?
Well once we got some items/buffs in the game this will not be a problem anylonger. Veigar likes AP, so he will get. And Cooldowns make him even more dangerous.
The single question is whether we want AP per lvl. Well i chose a mixure. With the Quintessences I provide that I have enough AP in Early Game. The Marks and the Glyphs give AP per lvl. The same with the Cooldowns. The seals give me insta CD-Reduction and the single Quintessence i chose improves my CD-Reduction per lvl.

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Masteries are a difficult topic, as I am only lvl 23. Once i reach lvl 30 I will be sure wether this masteries are the best for my build. But anyway I will try to explain some specials.

  • Awareness gives us a lvl advantage. This is very helpful with Veigar to increase your survivability and it also enables you to get some kills
  • Utility Mastery is the key component. Veigar loves the Golem Buff and the longer it last, the better for Veigar

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Skill Sequence

I think there is no discussion that Baleful Strike is maxed first. It enable you to get AP and AP is what we want.
But most Veigar Builds max after . I prefer . Your deals enough damage at lvl 2, but it has to hit. If your disappears after after 1.5 seconds you will have to aim very well and this can be difficult when team fights start. But this is not the main cause. We need to reduce the CD of .

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We start our game with and two . Now there are two possibilities. If you get a kill at the beginning you might be able to wait until you have 1500 Gold to get Tear of Goddess and . If you do not get a kill then buy Tear of Goddess as soon as you have used up your mana and Clarvoyance and use up your mana again. If you have used up your you might get 2-3 new ones. After you have got your Boots. Finish your . It will give you AP instantly. Now we work at our survivability. is very useful as you should already be able to heal yourself quite well if you use on a crowd of minions. is our next item to save gold for. But if you see, that your team has problems to stay alive, you will be better off with finishing your first, because you do not like fed opponents. As I have already mentioned, we will get Magic penetration from our items. So here it is: . The last item is not fixed in my Build. Depending on the opponent's team I also might take . You should buy this item, if the opponents have too many tanks or if one of them is overfed. If the game is balanced or my team seems to be better than the opponents, I prefer to buy . It will incrase your survivability and it has a nice passive.

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Mid Lane?

Veigar is a Char that can perform very well in mid, but there are a few Champions Veigar is not able to beat. A perfect example for this is Caitlin. Her Range is just too high for Veigar. Tristana would be another example. But to be honest. Which Champ you can mid against depends on your play Style. Just do not forget, that you need the minion last hits.

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Early Game

If you are in mid the Early game is very easy. Last hit the minions with Baleful. There is no Teammate who might steal you minions. Do not attack the Champ with your skills. You might use some normal attack to make him go back. Be patient!! You will be able to kill Champs once you have your Ulti, but your Ulti is just useful when you collected enough HP. If you Mana goes low use Clairvoyance.

When you are bottom or top lane, tell your laning partner, that you will not try to kill Champs until you have your Ulti. Of course, if a Champ has 100 HP, get him!! But always remember: you need Baleful last hits. If possible get on a lane with a tank. A Tank with mana is even better, because he will profit from your Clairvoyance. I have good experiences with Cho'Gath. Not killing Champions does not mean, that you should not save your partner. You MUST save your partner. Give him time to escape. you can cast your Stun on the opponents, but this costs much mana, so do not use the stun too often.

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Mid Game

General in Mid Game: Get a Blue Buff!! Ask a teammate to help you. This buff is pure Gold for you!!!

In Mid-Lane you can start killing the Ghost as soon as your Dark Matter is lvl 2. Cast it From the lane. Only the Ghost boss will survive. Kill him with Baleful. This is a nice method to farm gold. Also you now should use Baleful to reduce your opponents life. Maybe you force him to recall, or you cann kill him soon with your Combi. Do not forget to get your Baleful last hits, they make you stronger. You might also already gank in the other lanes.

The game in the other lanes becomes easier. The Tank should be able to save you better now and here it is the same play. Reduce your opponent's life slowly but constantly. If you have a AP-Champ focus on him, because your Combo will instantly kill him when he has a third of his HP left. Do not forget to get your Baleful last hits, they make you stronger.


How to use ?
If the Champ is near you and not very observant it is quite easy. Hit him with the edges of your cage.
But often Champs fear Veigar direct enviroment, they will run away. You have to place the cage a few meters behind the Champ. Most times he will run in :D

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End Game

Yeah the team fights break out, you have to care that your opponents do not get Baron, you will try to get it on your own.

Never go alone, stay in the background!! Your tanks need to be in the fight. Now your time has come. Finish off an opponent. If possible get their Damage Dealer. For example killing Ryze is easy for you, but it will make you a hero for your team ;) If you cannot get the Damage Dealer you can also take any squishy Champ or 3/4 kill their tank. If you decided to get Deathfiregrasp you have to alter the Skill-Sequence. After you casted Dark Matter cast Deathfiregrasp, but make sure it deals the damage first. If your team is pushing top or bottom lane and there is a tower hugging Champ who annoys your team. Do not hesitate to come from the other side of the tower, stun and finish him, get away from tower, get the tower.

If the game runs well and you have no problem to hold mid, do not hesitate to encourage a teammate for a backdoorpush. But warn him if the opponents disappear.

I hope you enjoid my Guide.