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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thePWNISHER

Veigar - Hadouken!

thePWNISHER Last updated on August 11, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Veigar = Ability Power Nukes

This build is to basically keep your AP at a lvl throughout a match to be able to kill any opponent 1v1. Thanks to Deathfire Grasp's active ability we can even take down a tank 1v1.
Still team fights are our objective with this build. No one likes seeing a veigar on a team with 400+ ap and with this build if your stacks add up you can be pushing 600 or even 700 ap.

Early Game (lvls 1-6):
Basically with Veigar's ap boost from baleful strike your focus is to kill minions. If you are in a side lane you can focus on doing this since it has a healthy range and after you have gotten it to lvl 3 it is simple to constantly spam on cooldown with each minion wave if you are not wasting mana on harassing. Veigar is not the greatest ganker early on in a lane due to his slow speed and lack of early ability power. From the rune set up you can alter this by changing out the +ap per lvl for flat ap runes.

Mid game (lvls 7-13):
Okay so by this point you should have a soulstealer and hopefully your boots of swiftness. this is key since you are squishy and anytime you are caught alone in a lane your opponent will try to set you up for a gank. It is important that you do not die, because you will need all the minion kills you can come by for both your expensive items and getting ahead in ap. You can continue to hold your lane or you can start helping with ganks in the others. Your objective is to pop your stun to interrupt your opponents fleeing or while they are popping off their ult (i.e. katarina, fiddlesticks, etc...) Your true potential will be shown if you can aim your dark matter well in the process. Again with the 1.6sec -> 1.2sec reaction time it makes it much easier to land on an enemies head and dish out dmg. You can now begin to wipe entire minion waves without even thinking about it since darkmatter is gaining lvls and wiping entire groups with just a single click. Try to take a jungle rout and drop it on the wolves or banshees as they are victims to lower hp and can earn you some extra gold without having to slow down running back to a lane.

Late Game (lvls 13-18):
Okay this is when you start to shine. If you have been playing correctly and have at least a void staff and a handful of stacks on your soulstealer you should be above 200 ap and as you close on lvl 18 maybe even 300+. This is key because your opponents will start to push the 2k hp mark and you need to be able to dish that out with all of your abilities properly timed.

1v1: Since deahtfire grasp is % base it is a must for initiating your nuke combo on an enemy. Having both ignite and this ability will allow you to get away with missing a dark matter on a squishy, but any beefy melee dps or tank you will need to hit with all you have to bring them down before they beat you into the ground. Hit them with it as you place the edge of your stun on their head, this will stun them instantly for hopefully enough time to drop a dark matter on their heads. If you hit with both correctly they are well below half health since deathfire is around 40% and darkmatter should be hitting for another 500+ dmg. They will usually run if they are a squishy. This is why boots of swiftness come in. You do not need flash and you do not need an extra 20 magic penetration on a target that has only 40 to begin with. Just chase after them with baleful strike and your primordial blast for the finisher. If it is a tank they will either fight you or run. If they fight they tend to have either a silence (garen) or a stun (taric,sion) and expect it. Since they are a tank hopefully they cannot hit you for 1800ish hps that you have in those 2-4 seconds which should allow you do blast them as your spells are off cooldown and you can eat the last 1k hps they have left.

Teamfights: Always hit tanks with your Deathfire grasp ability as that will make them hesitant or if you dummy teammate focuses them they can be brought down much quicker when you wipe over 1k dmg from them without using any mana. Forget about running in guns blazing you can only single target nuke someone down. Stay back behind your bodyguards of tanks and try to look for a CC'd opponent to send a baleful strike against or land a dark matter. Your cooldowns only allow for one good stun so time it well to either stop an ult or disrupt your opponents from focusing a teammate to death. This stun is the often the key to a team fight. Especially if you lack CC with your other teammates. use it wisely. You will be able to use it often to chase down opponents if things go well. But a teamfight is usually not more than 10seconds and your cooldown is based at 16sec. (14.4 after masteries).

Starting with the pendant is just an easy way to maintain mana early in laning so you can spam your baleful strikes without running out of mana so easily. If you do with your new passive you can just sit out one minion wave and be almost at half mana by the time the next one arrives. heal pots just aid in not having to run back to base and missing out on early last hit opportunities. And usually to recover from a failed gank since you are most often the target in your lane.

Boots of swiftness:
I have these boots because again the 20 magic penetration is not 20% so you are only reducing a pitiful defense of all non tank targets to 0 early and tanks well 20 is nothing when they are over a 100 in magic resist to begin with. So really the boots of swiftness aid a lot since you start at 315 and most melee dps starts at 320 or 330. This gives you that extra edge for chasing down or most of the time fleeing.

Mejai's soulstealer:
This is a tricky choice. 1200 gold for potentialy 180 ap is well worth its penny. Most often the gold/ap ratio is roughly 35-40g/ap on the legendary items. So if you can get just get 3 stacks you are seeing your money's worth already. If you feel that maintaining this is too difficult then just skip this item altogether.

Deathfire's Grasp:
This is the key to this build. It gives both a good chunk of ap and cooldown reduction both essential and maybe the most important stats to any Veigar build. The active is what drives the cost up early on this item. But it is so worth it. every minute you get another primordial burst. Why not take an extra nuke? and it is the tank proof ability since you can hit a chogath for over 2k with it :) Also if you want to go the multiple Kage's lucky pick for the gold bonus. It synergizes great with this route as well.

Void Staff:
This item is early in the build because we did not get the magic pen boots. simply 40% is op'd for 2200 gold. But hey why not use it. It doesnt take much away from squishies but they are squishy for a reason.

Zhonya's Ring or Archmage's Staff:
They are both listed at the bottom and are interchangeable. Since at this point this means the game has long drawn out and you either have lots of soulstealer stacks and need mana so you go with the staff or you dont have the stacks and want to double your ap with one item then go with the ring. Also with the upping of Archmage's staff from 2.5% of your mana to 3% of your mana that is a bonus from 2k mana from 50ap to 60ap. So for 3k you will get roughly 100-120 ap as well along with the mana bonus.

other item considerations:
Rod of Ages: commonly used in many caster builds. It does give you a much needed health boost and at the end of 15min it gives you bonuses that a 4k gold item would give. So a worthy early investment. Not recommended for late game buys since you dont see its full potential unless you plan on fighting for another 30min.

Will of Ancients:
This is a lovely item I love it but you do not get all the ap you can get for your gold. The spell vamp is nice but you are a squishy and you are not going to hit with spells 2x per sec like melee dps does with life stealing attacks. However, If you have a team of 2 or 3 others that use this item then it is a great synergy since they fixed the stacking. I scratch your back if you scratch mine. Getting 3 teammates to all buy it doubles its value instantly as you all get more ap and spell vamp and your team overall should end the game quickly at that point.

I have only used this item in practice games. I only recommend placing this at the sixth slot because if I understand correctly that your attacks following you spells are like an extra nukes, then late game when everyone has between 2k-4k hps is when you nwill be needing crazy amounts of nukes. early on you are only getting an extra 200 dmg from its passive, but when you hit 300+ that does pose a huge threat as you can pump out nukes from all directions with its passive.

Straigtforward like most caster builds. Just pump your mana and ap abilities along with cooldowns.

I just went to maximize your ap capabilities. You can nab an extra 100 ap by lvl 18. that means at lvl 10 its another 50. Flat rate is just for early game ganking which veigar is not the best suited for, the ap growth runes seemed more appropriate. By lvl 12 you have more ap than the flat rate runes and that is usually to focus of the fight. To get as op'd as possible by then.
I have toyed with the idea of swapping for cooldown runes as well, but then again you would want to balance that with mana items since cooldown is useless if you have no mana since you are casting that much faster. Again this is just a nuker build.

Again I always enjoy playing Veigar. He is a great caster as he can burst a lot of damage and add the aoe stun to his aresenal. He is not an AOE/CC type caster. I suggest grabbing a karthus or fiddlesticks if that is what you want. Veigar is just pure damage and is more of a caster assasin since you can run in kill one champion then run out since really all you can do. This build is just exploiting the fact that veigar can reach more ap than any other champion so we are going to try to do just that.