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Veigar Build Guide by Adamix

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adamix

Veigar: One, two, BOOM

Adamix Last updated on August 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I decided to post a Veigar build because I enjoy playing this champion and I don't think my kind of playstyle along with how I build Veigar has been posted yet. Basically this is my first posted build after a long time of playing, going to update if needed because it probably won't be finished in detail as I post it.

What I'm going to try and show you is that Veigar is one of those champions that if he catches you you're probably going to die, about 99.9% of the time. His AP power compensates for the lack of a normal voice. He may not be thought as a AP carry because he can only focus down 1 enemy and then run back a bit until he gets his cooldowns again, but I think he's just that.

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Pros / Cons

- Anti-mage(AP)
- Hardcore nuker
- His CC helps out in teamfights a lot

- Very squishy
- Requires good early farm
- May appear hard to play effectively

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Magic penetration always comes in handy with AP champions and if you can play, they're better than AP.

Greater seal of replenishment You need every drop of mana you can get, this will help you out a lot

Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration I take additional magic pen runes because I find them very useful.


You may switch your Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration for additional mana regen. runes ( Greater glyph of replenishment), both work.

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I take 10/6/14 as show above. You could go for 10/0/20 but that's how I play him. Sometimes I switch to that as well but this generally how I play and hammer the enemy team.

I get the few extra points in the def because I find it very helpful when going mid, it will help you stay in lane and help you go for that first blood. (a helpful tip would be to know how to use your ignite, don't be afraid to just drop it on the enemy if you can't really kill him, it gives you bonus 10 AP and takes some health off of him, and the 10 AP might just be the difference between securing FB or letting it slip)

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What I've found missing in the existing Veigar builds is that no one cares to add a little HP, making him so squishy it's not even funny.

I start out with and 2x . This + your runes and masteries should give you enough mana so that you do not run out of mana if you don't just spam skills.

Remember, for every kill with your Q skill you get 1 AP,


It is crucial that you get a feeling on when you're able to kill a minion with your Q and farm well early game. The thing here is that you will not only get gold from each minion kill but also the same AP as the opposing AP carry would start with by using AP runes (that's why I NEVER use AP runes on Veigar).

Farming well will enable you to reach around 30-40 AP around lvl 4-5 which should make you pretty strong and able to get FB with some possible jungle support (and by that I mean a gank).

If you have a lot of mana stored up just dump a Q on your opponent so that you make him think you're trying to go for the kill.
MID GAME: Here is where the fun starts, I get as my first item. It gives you mana and survivability along with AP and it's going to start fill up your stats through it's unique passive. If you don't need survivability you can go for which I take as second. By the time you get this you should have more than 150 AP combined with your Q.

You will already be able to pack a punch with your E-W-Q combo and it should cost too much mana from you. If your jungler can give you blue that's super great, but if not you shouldn't worry too much because your passive will take care of your mana woes. After that I get and Rabbadon's deathcap. Those 2 items provide a lot of AP and some cooldown reduction that's going to come in handy. You can decide wheter to take or . Deathfire Grasp provides cooldown reduction and an extra nuke. Personally I like to spam my Q as much as possible, I find Morello's is best early-mid and late game you should 100% get Deathfire Grasp. It's really how you play, and never forget to activate Deathfire Grasp ability, it's the #1 reason you need it.

In the mid-late game your W, even though not leveled, will be able to destroy minion waves so farming won't be a problem.
For the late game I get and . The first items provides another big AP boost but what's also very important is that you can activate it and become invulnerable. In a teamfight where enemies will focus you, you need something as your plan B just in case they dive you or you miss your stun. It's basically like this, after you use your E-W-Q-R combo in a teamfight you can't do anything and that's when they're gonna jump you.

That's why you just pop Zhonya's and come out with your skills ready to pop another target or two. Void staff give additional magic penetration which helps when they get a lot of magic resist of have a pretty tanky team.

Being the squishy you have to stay back behind your team. Your stun on your E skill is pretty wide so if you can learn to just land the stun you can pretty much kill the enemy that overextended ever so little.

Late game I suggest you switch Morello's Evil Tome for Deathfire Grasp, the extra nuke will come in very hand. I don't use it in the mid game because I find Morello's to be what I need because I'm very cooldown and mana dependant.

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Skill Sequence

I level up Baleful Strike first because you will farm early game easier and the punch from it can do wonders early game. Next is Event Horizon because I find the additional stun time the difference between surviving a gank or getting a kill or not. And as my last skill I level up Dark Matter. It's going to destroy anything in your way late game, but mid-game I rather see a powerful skill that's going to hit 100% rather than a hit or miss skill.

Of course you have to take Primordial Burst whenever possible. This skill is just unbelievable, against normal champions it take out like 50% of their health at worst. Against AP champions this is just devestating, you will pretty much kill 80% of their health with just 1 hit. How's that for a anti AP carry?

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How to play

Well basically you have to know this. (NOTE, I ALWAYS RECOMMEND GOING MID WITH VEIGAR!!!)

You're squishy, you have to stay back, you pack a real punch and have a very decent CC skill. I play him like this. Early game on I position myself so that I get a Q kill everytime it's available and there's a minion that I can get with the skill.

Your auto hit animation isn't too hard to master so auto hitting minions shouldn't be a problem too. Here I'd like to add a game I played recently, instead of having a AD carry bot with support I went with veigar, I ended up outfarming their tristana (and her support) so bad that even when we got ganked we killed them all without any problems. I had around 120 when she had 70 minions and my Q was a nuke already.

That aside, I think you should always play mid, you might have a tough time against champions like Katarina/ Brand but that shouldn't be a problem because you will be ahead in AP pretty much all the time if you just remember not to die.

In TEAMFIGHTS wait for the perfect timing of Event Horizon so you can stun their whole team, after you land that just send your W on it's way down, and unleash your Q and R on a AP carry on the enemy team or squishy. The Q and R combo and travel pretty much instantly, both at the same time, if you're fast enough. That should pretty much guarantee 1 kill and some AOE damage to others from your Dark Matter

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You're playing a tough nuker that can guarantee 1 kill with all of his skills ready. You use your skill Q-->E-->W-->R-->Q and Q and W for farming.

Your runes are Magic pen oriented because your AP can get up to 1000 with decent farming in no time.

Unleash your skills on your opponents and retreat, never ever just rush in, if possible try and make them come to you, most players think veigar is a squishy champ that can't do anything once they get to you. (in that very moment you use your One, two, BOOM combo and send them flying)

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Thank you for reading

I would like to thank everyone that read through the whole build, I hope you find Veigar to be a very fun and pretty easy to play champion as you progress. I made this guide for my girlfriend because she started playing this champ but I couldn't find any decent guides so I decided to share my knowledge on AP champions (as they are all pretty much my mains.

Again, thank you, appreciate any comment or thought on the build.