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Team Guide by douchebagapple

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League of Legends Build Guide Author douchebagapple

Veigar op. Le baguette.

douchebagapple Last updated on March 22, 2014
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the plays

Veigar is always played mid and this sucks. L2p pls. I will show u how 2 play veigar jungle

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the plays 2

There are 2 options for jungle veigar. If your team needs damage, go for an attack speed/Health regen build. This will give you nice attack speed and health regen.

If your team needs a tank, ignore them and go for attack speed health regen anyway. You should always mute your allies and try the best you can to troll them, since they are useless compared to u.

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The plays 3

I start at baron, because this buff is stronger than the others. It spawns a litte late, but it's worth the waiting.

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the plays 4

When i finnaly kill baron, i look at my lanes, and gank the most pushed one. Being close to the ennemy turret is better because your ally will ping you to back. This way, he will not get the assist gold.

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The plays last chapter

Make sure to give the blue buff to your cannon minion. He will be very happy. The red buff should be left untouched for all the game. After you get your second baron buff, head to the nigga buff. When you kill it, Lucian appears with some KFC and the ennemy team will automaticly ff, since you got KFC.


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