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Veigar Build Guide by Monkay300

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Monkay300

Veigar the new OP

Monkay300 Last updated on September 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello this is my first build guide it may not be good, it may not be bad but its a start. just saying I don't play Veigar lots but when i play him I usually dominate my recent game with him was a won with a score of 9/2/4 that not bad i was fed real early then it was easy to get the rest of the kills. I was killed by Master yi twice when my stun was in cooldown. I was mid vs a Katarina. If you wish to add me in league of legends and talk to me feel free to send me a request.
Summoner name : Monkay300
wins when this was posted:512
Ranked win/loss :1/1 (I don't do much ranked and my loss was when i was at like 200 wins i really regret it lol and I don't have an elo yet)

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You don't have to get but its a good start to not be so squishy. You must get for the mana regen. Then are for magic penetration it does more damage. Rushing is good but with Veigar you need mana regen first. will give you lots of ap and if you farmed good you'll have lots of AP. is for the slow of each spell and also it gives you hp so your less squishy . is always good when your in danger in a team vs team fight just don't forget to activate it. It also give you some armor for AD champion. you can get or something else but gives lots of magic pen.
Also I have heard that some ppl build by only stacking

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Veigar is a really good nuke. when I am lvl 10 and up I farm but also when I don't have my ult spam with my Q it does lots of damage if you farmed well. you can also kill even is you don't have you ult.
Pros 1.with this build you'll do big damage.
2. you'll have lots of ap
3 you got a op good stun
4 a real help in team vs team fight he got some good aoe damage (Dark Matter)
5 lots of magic pen
6 can even take down an really resistant tank
1. you'll have a bit of mana problems early game
2. you'll be squishy
3. banshee veil is really bad
4 if your silenced you prob going to die
5 he's short ( gets intimidated by alistar because he's big and his ult)

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You don't have to get the same runes. What I have is all AP runes so with Doran's ring I start of with 50 AP. You can get full AP or full magic pen. The runes are all up to you. I recommend to take some Ap and magic pen. It should be a Good start 10 AP and 10 magic pen.
Don't get hp or mana regen just stick to what does the most damage. if your a good player you would be able to resist even if your squishy.

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Summoner spells

Flash and ignite is what I use and recommend but if you want to use Ghost instead of Flash you can its really up to you. you can get teleport to if you go back lots of die it could be useful, also some may place a ward and teleport on it to take out the enemy by surprise. Some take Exhaust, meh it can be useful but I really don't recommend it because veigar can kill in 1 or 2 sec so the exhaust isn't going to be that useful and if you take it for the slow then that really bad because if you just take rylai it would just do the same.
The summoner spells that are ok are (ghost, flash, ignite teleport). The rest I would not even think about them.

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I take a simple 9/0/21 for veigar. its probably the best way. more utility is best for more gold, more experience, more rengen more speed and more .

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The main Veigar combo is event horizon then place your dark matter good then use Baleful Strike finish with primordial burst.( E - W - Q - R )
if there is a banshee veil try to use Baleful Strike to take it off it has a low cooldown is its cool then to the original combo. you can spam your Baleful Strike to get his hp low and use a combo with out you ult just ( E - W - Q )

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Farming and tips

If you farmed your Q good you'll have lots of ap always try your best to farm it its really important. you can farm with the Q for 1 more ap each kill or just farm for money what I see some do the put a dark matter on enemy minion that may help you farm I also tried it and late game your dark matter will kill the minions 1 hit. what an easy way to make some money.
Tips: when your using your stun try to place it so the enemy is near a border some ppl place the border direct on the enemy I find it wrong because your dark matter doesn't have enough time to hit him. I have realised that most ppl when they see the stun the have a reflex of going backward ( or to there tower ) so that how I know where to place my dark matter. Don't misjudge your damage veigar does lots of damage even his Q .

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Don't forget to last hit minions with you Q its really important to last hit lots for more AP. Its better not to harass the enemy until your lvl 6 so you can take him down in 1 combo. From lvl 1 to 5 try to farm lots but even after lvl 6 and up always try to farm your Q its the most important thing with Veigar.

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The Vidz

This is what you can do with this build. on the vid the order of the item are diffrent but i build like this to be less squishy.

The funniest thing is when you ult em squishys 1 hit 1 down always crack me up .