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Veigar Build Guide by Dragoxz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dragoxz

Veigar-The Tank Nuker Devil (Updated)

Dragoxz Last updated on March 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi and welcome to my REAL first build. Check it out and leave comments whit feedback plz.IMPORTANT: Some ideas thanks to Tehbatdad.

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Mana never runs out
Not so squishy whit this build
Great Midder(I reccomend this)
Great Stunner
Great in Teamfights

Get targeted most times
Mid,Late gamer
Has to get a good farming whit the "Q" for successful mid, late game.

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Wich lane to be

I Recommend for u to be in mid lane or solo when someone in your team is jungling. Why, because it helps u farm whit Bareful Strikeand farming at early game is one of the most important things whit Veigar since Bareful Strike gives you 1 AP point per kill. But sometimes the other champion in their team is a really har one for veigar like:

Kog'Maw: Because of his incredible range and harass skills. Since Veigar is squishy at early game, Kog does alot of damage to him.

Caitlyn: Same thing but less harass.

Vladimir: He heals Veigar harass while he harasses you.

Malzahar: He hit-runs you whit his poison. Sometimes it gets to you by minions.

And some others.

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Great Quintessences of Potency:If you get the 3 of them They will give you 15 AP witch is really helpful at the early games and for farming.

Greater Mark of Insight:This is a very helpful choice for tank killing. Especially if you get the Void Staff.

Greater Glyph of Potency:Greater Seal of Potency:
This 2 Runes combined whit the 15 AP of the Quintessences give you 30 AP combined whit the Doran Ting you start whit 45 AP wich is really helpful in early game.

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I get the 9 Offense points for the 15%magic penetrarion and the AP per lvl as well as the CDR

21 on Utility for the mana regen the CDR. I also get the 30% for the Blue Buff. I always go for blue buff when i get the chance for the mana and more CDR. Whit the buff plus the masteries you should have like 20% CDR witch help you alot for Event Horizon and Dark Matter.

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Skill Sequence

So why max 1 by 1???Well Event Horizon. You only need it to stun long enough to use Dark Materso its good at lvl 1. Well Bareful Strikefirst because it help you farm better.And Dark Matterat lvl 1 leaves mage minions whit almost enough hp tp kill them whit Bareful Strike.

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Skill Rotation

If you dont know hot to use Veigar, here are some tips:

So firs after farming a little whit Bareful Stirike(Bareful strike lvl 3-5) you start harassing.
Then when hes half or lower hp(or if hes a squishy one whit while hp) Trap him in Event Horizon and use Dark Matter right after that whit bareful Strike and at last your ultimate. If you bouth DFG use it after Dark Matter and continue whit the lasts. And if you also got ignite use it right after Dark Matter then DFG.

Whit RFG and Ignite:

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Chalice of Harmony:You need to get this as soon as possible because combined whit your passive you pretty much have infinite mp, it really helps you at the beginning especially if the other team is AP damage.

Rod of Ages:If you don't want to be killed in 2 attacks I reccomend you buy RoA.It gives you a pretty good HP bonus and also...MORE MANA to spam skills and better farm. And also it gives good AP when the staff gets maxed after the 10 min.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter:Again it gives you alot of hp and good ap. It also helps you to slow the other team down so you can get better accuracy whit Dark Matter.By the time you get this 2 items you will have almost 3k HP and 300 AP(depends on farming).

Now for the real damage dealers...

Rabadons Deathcap:Simply because its the best AP item.

Morellos Evil Tome:This item will help you to use your skills more often and this really help you and your team.

Void Staff:Provably by this time you would want to sell the Chalice of Harmony. I recommend you buy the void staff for magic penetration.

When you complete this build and Farmed good enough you should have 800AP or maybe more.

I also recommend this items if you don't want the Morellos Evil Tome or the Void Staff or whatever.

Deathfire Grasp:If there is a very good tank in the other team whit a lot of HP like Vlad or Mundo, buy this item. If you use this item active on him plus ur skills you should kill him in seconds. This is a very helpful item for Veigar so I recommend it a lot.

Archangels Staff:If you want even more MP get this item. Also the 3%AP more of your max MP is a very good AP bonus.
Fun Fact:Also You should try selling some of your items and buying 3 or 4 Archangel Staffs. Its really fun to have more than 1000AP.
Mejai's Soulstealer: If you gonna buy this item it should be at the beggining. If you complete its stacks or get like 15 average its a really good AP burst. But if you are not getting any kills or assists and dyng too much(witch i hope not XD) sell it and get another item.

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Farming is one of the most important things whit veigar because each time he kills something whit Bareful Strikeit gives you 1 ap point so i recommend you go in a solo lane. If you cant the try to ks some of the minions when they are low hp.

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Summoner Spells

Why fortify???Simple, Since farming is one of the most important thing whit veigar Fortifyhelps u farm them more easily and not leaving them whit like 10 hp whit Barefull Strike(i hate when that happensXD)It also helps when u need to B to heal or something or to help ur teammates.

And Flashto escape, chase etc.


Helpful Fact: If you are playing rank and you see the other team whit a champ whit high health Regen like mundo. Put Ignite, It really messes up mundos ult.

Ghost:Speed is very important for targeted champs. And veigar is a little slow, so this helps him to chase or runaway.

Ignite:Since Veigar is a nuker, this will help you to nuke even more. Also it helps if somene escapes whit low hp.

Exhaust:This is a very helpfull skill. I never use it but it helps you alot to escape from ganks or slow someone for you or your team to kills him.


Revive:If you put on this summoner spells your saying that ur gonna die. And its cooldown is very long so not helpful.

Rally:Dont even look at this spell. First because you have to waste some masteri points to make it give you ap, but this is the worst summoner spell. People just get away from it and thats it so its not helpful.

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Here are some of my averages whit Veigar:

And this... You wouldn't believe my team, but still check the score.

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??? Summoner spells choices added
??? Better rune explanation
??? Changed Item Order
3/31/11 Changed a little the Pros and Cons
3/31/11 More explanation in "Witch lane to be"
3/31/11 Masteries
3/31/11 Added another item choice(Mejais)
To-do: Change most of the guide