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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mehan

Veigar - You'll like this guy,

Mehan Last updated on December 3, 2010
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Veigar - My main, my love, my everything

Summoner spells:

I pick flash and ghost for obvious reasons. Veigars stun is the only escape mechanic he's got, and you need his stun for offense as well. Flash gets those nasty ad heroes off your case and if they pop flash or ghost to follow, you got ghost as well. For me, flash saves my *** almost every time I can use it (- akali and kassadin). Feel free to lose ghost for ignite or teleport if you think that benefits you more.

I choose a classic 9/0/21 ap-hero build for increased utility, moving speed, mana regeneration, spell penetration and cooldown reduction.

Spell penetration - Always nice to have and makes huge differences. Do not miss out on this. If you don't got much IP to buy runes, I suggest you start buying these first.
Mana regeneration - As Veigar spams baleful strike at start and need loads of mana to harrass midgame, this is more than necessary. Also, Veigars passive ability stacks with this.
Cooldown reduction - to spam balefuls even more often and to lessen that reeeaally long cd on the stun.
Ability Power (raw) - Helps farming with balefuls at start when it only does about 100dmg. I choose not to go for "to lvl 18" quintessences since the ones that give raw ap almost goes up to the same amount.

Mana crystal + health potions - Mana is good, we need this. Also it builds to catalyst. I find that I have just enough manareg to keep on spamming balefuls til I get 925g, which is exactly what I need to upgrade it.
Catalyst -> Boots -> Sorc shoes -> Zhonyas:
Early and midgame you still need to farm ap with baleful strikes and to do that you need to stay on your lane for as long as possible. Also, veigar is still fragile, so we really need that extra health. Pick up some boots as well, veigar doesnt need speed as much as he needs hp, but it's really good to have nonetheless. Also, with boots you can outrun someone with movement speed lvl 2, with the use of ghost. Zhonyas give ****loads of ap and will kick your ap up to about 250. Yes, 250 ap with one ap item. Oh and we need movement speed, get that. If the enemy team is stun-heavy, you might wanna get some mercury treads.

Completing Rod of Ages -> Rylai's crystal scepter :
Complete RoA, by now Catalysts ability has served its purpose and you need RoA's sexy stats. After that, get Rylai's to keep those annoying tanks off your *** with balefuls = almost permaslow, very handy between your stuns.

Void staff and Banshee's veil:
These are just extras. Void staff increases all spell dmg and increases dmg against tanks (or very scared mr-stacking opponents) drastically. Banshees veil adds a little extra ap and a LOT of survivability. Its waaay better then say Guardian Angel, which is useless with veig unless you are on the winning team.

Endgame I usually end up with 700-1000ap. That should be enough to kill everything except the tanks instantly.

Early game - Spam baleful strike and get that extra ap. Remember, every ap you gain will be like 20 extra gold. Cuz that's about how much you will have to pay for each point. If you're laning with a great harrasser, you might wanna help him a little bit so he can get some kills. But I usually dont start harrassing until after I get catalyst, when you really have mana to spare. Those 300dmg balefuls with 3 sec cd's really hurt.

Midgame - Spam baleful strike and also harrass with baleful strike, it has 3 sec cd, get to it. Finish with a full combo and get more ap! Go gang on other lanes, it almost always pays off! Keep yourself at max health at all times with health potions and catalyst and dont be afraid to maybe buy a few sight wards to drastically lessen the ganging of you on your lane.

Endgame - Stay with your friends, use dark matter (and balefuls <.<) to farm like crazy. After zhonya's ring, spend gold on getting elixir of brilliance whenever the teafights are starting to break out.
In teamfights, if the best players have ap heroes (or very squishy carries like ashe), you can be the initiator and try to get that combo in for a possible instakill. When heroes that can go invisible or get in your range very fast (such as akali and xin) are doing well, keep back and let the others initiate.

Well, thats pretty much it, leave a comment if something is incomplete, something is wrong or if you tried this build and have something interesting to say about it.