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Veigar Build Guide by PandaFondateur

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PandaFondateur

VeigarBuild : The return of the midget !

PandaFondateur Last updated on May 7, 2012
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Table of Contents
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Hello all,

This is a new build for veigar, le midget magic mage.

This veigar provide you a balanced profile Assault/defense.
The first build is usefull for new veigars that aren't used to high cooldown. The second one is apocalypse now !

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Pros :
Powerfull AD as AP domages
Deadly combos

Cons :
Powerless at the beginings
Lack of mana
No life regen

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Magic penetration, usefull at any state of the game, as Magic resist, veig is a mage killer so it's usefull to be mageproof.

Health, 100 Hp useless after lvl 10, provide a huge advantage at the begining of the game. Don't forget more kills more power.

Health can be switch by Mana, or ability runes.

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Lich Bane Provide a huge AD attack at the end of a game ! Veigar has easily 700 ability, and could run up to 1000. Thanks to Lich Bane this little mage can do powerfull ad attack so as ap.

With second build I've gone to 1250 ap, your ulti just turn crazy with 2000 dmg !!!

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A small armor is taken in consideration for dmg calculating.

Versus melee or AD


2.5s stun

700 dmg

Normal Attack 400dmg (at least)
Total : 1600 dmg without ulti (and strike ready when stun over.)

Versus AP or Range

2.5s stun

700 dmg

1000 dmg

Normal Attack 400 dmg
If not dead

500 dmg

Total : 2600 dmg, dead...