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Vi Build Guide by C3L3BRITY

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author C3L3BRITY

VI - The Female Darius

C3L3BRITY Last updated on December 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Intro to Vi- The Female Darius

Hi guys, this is my guide for Vi, whom i call the female Darius. This guide will be edited probably alot, seeing as she only came out yesterday, and there's still much to experiment with her. However, this is the build that has done the best for me. Comment and Vote please!

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Does a nice amount of damage, while building tank. (cough, Darius, cough.)
Has great teamfight versatility, from bursting down a carry, to saving your own with her R, and Q.
Has a good laning presence, thanks to her AoE damage, making her farming exceptional.
Has a shield every 8 seconds, based on her maximum health.
Can't be CC'ed when you use your R.

Can be CC'ed right after your R, if your opponents are smart.
Not very good chasing power early game (thank you frozen mallet?<3)
Ranged champions will outlane her, until she hits 6.
Mundo cleaver> tank.

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- (Passive) This is an AMAZING passive. Gives you a shield upon using an ability, based on your max health. Helps with towerdiving, teamfighting, 1v1, all of it. Awesome.

- (Q) This is one of Vi's best abilities. It charges up a powerful punch, that knocks back enemies. Great for ganking, or getting those pesky runners after you've slowed them. Amazing utility in teamfights as well.

- (W) Basically, this is your tank destroyer. It is also devastating to squishies when you get 3 stacks on them, but they will alraedy be dead before that happens. Deals up to 10% of the targets maximum health in physical damage, gives you an AS steroid, and reduces their armor by 20%!!! GG.

- (E) This is what makes you DOMINATE teamfights, or minion waves. Deals AoE damage to every target behind the one you autoattacked, meaning if you use this in a team fight, it will most likely hit most, if not all of the opposing champions, and does some MAJOR damage. Use this to harass in lane, by hitting a creep infront of your lane opponent.

- (R) This is what makes Vi, Vi. Targets an enemy champion and charges to them, knocking them up in the air and then slamming them back down, AWESOME. Oh wait? It gets better? Knocks up EVERY enemy champion in your way.. WHAT?!?!? OP. This is what helps Vi and her team dominate teamfights. Target it on a squishy, and destroy it with your team in a matter of seconds, or if your carry is being targeted, SLAM POW THEIR FACE IN.


So far, the best combo i've used with Vi is, R into E into Q into E, E, E, E. Repeat until dead. LOL, No but seriously this is her best combo I've played/seen so far. Frozen Mallet allows you to keep up with them, as well as your Boots3 and Zephyr. NOONE SHALL ESCAPE, MWAHAHHA.

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As for items, Vi does good damage, while building tank. This build gives her good AD, as well as making her, basically your teams tank.

Whyand not or ?

This is pretty easy to explain, you get Tenacity from Zephyr, so you don't need Merc Treads. The life and armor you get from GA/Mallet/Runes are sufficient because you jump into their team and destroy their carry, while doing tons of AoE damage to their whole team.

- This item is a MUST on Vi. She has little to no chasing power, especially early game, her Q makes you slow, so unless they are impaired in some way, you will not catch up to them. This however, helps you very much, as you can stick to them and deal continuous damage.

- This is a good item on Vi, and pretty much EVERY AD champion since its.. buff (?) giving you flat Armor Pen, and % Armor Pen, CDR, and AD, works perfectly for Vi.

- If you aren't already wrecking their team, this is when you start to. 20 AD, 50% AS (for your W), CDR, movement speed, AND Tenacity. This is the reason Merc Treads are not in this build.

- 50 armor, 30 MR, and a 2nd life. Must i explain further?

- AD, MR, AD based on your missing health, and a life-saving shield. Awesome on Vi.

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For masteries, I go 21/9/0. Getting all of the AD, and then some defense. You could go 9/21/0 but, i think this works better, as you're already building tank.

For runes, AS marks/quints help with your W, seeing as black cleaver fills your ARP needs, those marks/quints are not as good as AS ones. Armor Seals and Magic Resist Glyphs give you some more tank as well.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells i take:
- For getting away/chasing, I personally think this is better for Vi than Ghost is.

- Can be used both defensive, or offensive, by either putting it on a chasing champion, or one you are chasing. This is DEVASTATING when thrown on an AD carry in a teamfight.

Other choices:

- For that extra little bit of damage output. Definitely #1 in the other choices.

- When jungling, of course.

- You're solo top, this can help you miss little to no CS during the laning phase, and a global map presence. Good if you're vs a hard top, or if you want the ability to gank across map. WARDS PEOPLE WARDS!!!

- Getting focused? This might deter them a little, still not the #1 choice. Exhaust is a better deterrent.


- ...........

- You don't cast your spells enough for you to run out of mana. NEVER.

- If you're supportING an ez or caitlyn... i guess... NOT. YOU ARE NOT A SUPPORT. DAMN.

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Vi is an AMAZING team fighter. She deals mostly AoE damage, meaning she can hit all of the opposing team, and deal great damage, AWESOME.

These are your BEST FRIENDS.

Scroll back up to Skills/Combos and use the combo listed for the best damage output. Since the enemy carries are usually in the back, R to the squishiest one, so you hit some enemy champions while charging to them, you will end up behind them. E them until they're dead, then Q into their whole team, and E E E E E. Your AoE damage WRECKS.


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For reading my guide. All comments and criticism are welcome. Hope you enjoy playing Vi. :)