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Veigar Build Guide by Cpt Tyberius

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cpt Tyberius

Viegar... gotta have that deathfire

Cpt Tyberius Last updated on October 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Veigar is a very good character. He can turn the tide of a battle with a perfectly placed event horizon or secure the kill with a promordial blast. He is one fo my favorite charcters and i love playing him. You can not deny the tiny master of evil his respect. Now please read the guide before judging i am going to add pictures and links and what not later, but this is my first one and i just wanted the information to get out there and not worry about prettying it up for everyone. so please read and enjoy and actually read before voting.

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Pros / Cons


    Great nuke
    Can one on one great
    unlimited AP
    Anti caster
    Tiny master of evil

    cant run around on his own
    reliant of other heroes to take dmg

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I have chosen these runes for obvious reasons the magic penetration well because you need to be able to deal damage and being able to bypass some of that pesky magical resistnce will help you out. Then you need mana regen. now i know veigars passive is great for mana regen but i personally fell like its just not enough. this gives you that boost for the desired amount so that ate game your not going oom inbetween fights. Then the ability power glyphs and quintessences because AP equals obliteration. late in a game if you played veigar right you should have between 600 to 1000 AP depending on how much you farm with your baleful strike. I will say Runes is a personal preferance. If you dont like the runes i have chosen pick the ones you want. if you want to try to get kills early go for the mana regen and the AP that doesnt grow with levels but is there form the start.

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Masteries is more of a personal prefrence. But i will say that getting that extra 15% magic penetration helps out a whole lot. but on the utilities part of the masteries i feel its whatever fits your play style. What i have is what fits my play style and allows me to do what i want.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells i feel is based completly on your play style. In a 5v5 i find myself having to go mid so i always get teleport, but in a 3v3 i pefer heal and ghost. I know most people dont like to use heal but i think its best for veigar. it has saved me from so many deaths because veigar is squishy. Squishy is the price to pay for being a nuke.

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First and foremost i must say you NEED to get the Deathfire Grasp. this item is essential to veigar and allows him to kill any hero basically granted they arnt stacking magic resistence off the start. Next you need the sorcerer's shoes. Thesse babies give you a nice boost to speed and give you some more magic penetration. Then by the time you get money for the rabadon deathcap you should have close to 200 AP just from farming with you bletful strike and from getting hero kills. Many people have never noticed or forget that getting kills with any spell gives you a bonus to your AP. After you get that you need to get the void staff. It is a great item that gives you 70 AP and 40% more magic penetration. you need this bc after you get the rabadon deathcap you should be able to obliterate one hero at a time while dealing a chunk of dmg to those around them. SO you need that extra magic penetration. After those items i feel it is more of what you need at the time depending on what is going on. I put the last two items because it is the way i normally go with my build. Once a team fight starts you might be targetted first just because you are in the back of their minds. SO i got witht eh abyssal sceptor to give me some magic resistance and then as a bonus it reduces eneimies magic resistance by 20 and gives you more AP. Then the last item i get mainly for health and the slow factor although i will say by the time i get this item champions dont get a chance to run away so the slow does not help me at all but the health and 80 AP is very nice.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence all depends on what you ae doing. If you are fighting one on one you need to use your event horizon and practice with it so that when you land it the edge is right on their head. This gets rid of the chance of heros to flash out of it or to spin out like tryndamere can. then after you do that it nuking time and you only have 2 seconds to get everything off. as soon as you hit them with your stun immediatly put a dark matter on their head then use your item that i said you need to get. The Deathfire grasp will take out at a minimum 30% of their health and with every 100 AP you have it adds another 3.5% then as soon as your see the beautful fireball come out of veigars hand you use your blateful strike and then immediatly use your ulti. if you can get these skills down pat they wont even be able to get out of the stun before they die. and then after you do this to a few champions they will sart running from you as soon as you begin to waddle towards them.

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Being Mid

Let me first say veigar is not the best for this job he relies on farming minions with his blateful strike to boost his AP. the Middle lane is all about harrassment and veigar is not good at that. The best thing he can do to harrass someone wont happen till lvl 3. and that is use your event horizon then drop dark matter on them. That may do a decent chunk of dmg to a hero, but it drains a lot of mana. You need that mana early to farm. Now when you hit lvl 6 you can start thinking about getting a kill. You begin to harrass them with the above method and drop them to a little below half. When this happens they will become aware of your event horizon and start to back up everytime you try to get near. You have to be smart and wait for them to make the mistake of xtending into range or if you are good enough try to chase them down. But once they are below half its time for a kill. drop that event horizon on them then drak matter, blateful strike and to finish them off promordial blast. now if you are playing an overly aggresive champion who just keeps hitting you begin to tower hug and whenever they decide to hit you under the tower stun them and the let the tower do its job. i cant tell you how may kills ive gotten doing that to people who are very aggressive. dont try to go bottom or top to help someone gank. veigar is not made to gank, but if that is your play style then hide in the bush and drop that even horizon on them. they wont know whats going on if you follow the skill sequence i told you. Your job as mid though is to protect your tower. now if you get lucky and go up against someone who is not aggressive and very timid and prefers to tower hug drop a couple of dark matters on them next to their tower.

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Lanning with People

While lanning with other people talk to them. oordinate i cant stress how coordinating an attack can help out so much. if you dont, early before lvl 6, you may drop and event horizon on someone and almost kill them with a dark matter well you didnt tell your teammate that you were about to do that and they may get away. If your greedy and want all the kills get over yourslef. its a team based game and assists equal money. Money equals deathfire grasp which equals kills for you. If you get good enough with your event horizon you may be able to stun both players on the other team and hit them with a dark matter. when they get surrounded its intinct for them to run away right into your stun normally right next to each other. But when lanning you need to farm the minions. that is extremely important and i dont mean just get the kills so you get money i mean last hit them with your blateful strike so you get AP By the time you get the money for your deathfire grasp you should have 120 AP when its euipped. This will knock off another 3.5% when you shoot it at someone. I also forgot to mention dont go out for the gank at the beggining. Tower hug like that tower is your mother and your a 2 year old child. wait till the minions get there. You are not made for early game ganks.

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How to Get The Kill

Alright i know i have thrown a lot at you but just bare with me this guide is almost over. To get the kill with veigar or a kill. you need to make sure all your spells and deathfire grasp are off cooldown. If they are the next hero you see is dead. I must advise though do not think you will get the kill if you have under 200 AP and everyone is above lvl 10. But if you have over 200 AP and you laned right and played it safe and grew to lvl 11 then you should be fine. Let them think they have you on the run make them think they aare about to kill you and you are scared of them. when you begin to run they will think i can kill him. get them close enough to where you can drop event horizon right on their face. As soon as that casts start plaing the piano with these keys in this order w2qr. if you dont kn ow what that is. you want to drop dark matter then immediatly hit them with deathfire grasp before the dark matter hit then a blateful strike then to put the icing on the cake primodial blast. if you have not leveled your event horizon at all then they will get away from your dark matter and you will of wasted your spells because it will not result in a kill. i know a lot of people dont level it early on but i do because that gives me that extra half a second for dark matter to hit and to get the other spells off.

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In summary i am new to this making a guide thing but fell in love with veigar the first time i saw him played. i did not start off good with him but progressed and eventually found what i believe is the winning combo for veigar. I know many people will not agree with me but i would like some constructive criticizm and sorry if this is like someone elses guide i read one other veigar guide and followed it but it was not giving me the desired dmg i wanted this is the way i personally like to use veigar and if you disagree fine but please give me some criticizm as to why because i would like to explain my reasoning. Thank you for reading and dont deny the darkness in your heart. dont deny your power embrase it.