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Vladimir Build Guide by zecktomy

Vladimir Guide to Victory

Vladimir Guide to Victory

Updated on January 27, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author zecktomy Build Guide By zecktomy 5,683 Views 5 Comments
5,683 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author zecktomy Vladimir Build Guide By zecktomy Updated on January 27, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Hello, this is my first guide at Mobafire. I am making this guide for feedback on the way i use Vladimir. I will edit the guide every now and then threw all the comments i get and please try out the build before you hate on it :D KTX. some terms u should know are CDR :Cooldown Reduction AP: ability power duh.... and TSD: time spend dead. And please note that this guide i made was for feedback because latly ive been doing some ranked matches and not scoring too great.
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Pros / Cons

    Great Early game harrasment with Transfusion/ Tides of blood combo
    Easy to play
    Great survivablity
    Big asset thanks to Hemoplague
    Not the best 1v1er
    minion farming can be hard if ur not great with last-hitting with Tides of Blood
    Spells cost life
    Ultimate requires skill to time and to place at the right moments
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The 9points in Offense are just to get some early game advantage and overall CDR, but the 21points in Utility are actaully really important. For starters Summoners insight and GoodHands, i use those because i find the TSD to big and the cooldown for flash is huge. Then in the second row we have 3points in Swiftness and Scout the Swiftness is just there because it can be enoying to return to your lane while u still have the regular boots. And Scout is just so u have better vision over everything and you will buy a lot of Vision Wards throughout the game (if you play smart that is.) Now in the 3rd row we have Transmutation and Runic Affinity. Transmutation is Obvous, because it helps with your Transfusion and Survivability, Runic Affinity is pretty noticable too, its for when you want the blue buff or Baron. Then we have Awareness which i skill into just so you level slightly faster then the other person mid then in hope you can Smurf the people on both other lanes easy. Then we have Intelligence and Strenghts of spirit. Intelligence is used for the CDR and works well with the 9points you put into Offensive. Then with Strenght of Spirit, which can be switched with Sage but its just a i prever. Then we have Mastermind which i use for basicly what its used for, and like i said earlier the Cooldown on Flash is too big and ignite can also be a pain.
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Skill Sequence

Okay, now for the Skills.. Its pretty basic. Get Transfusion up whenever posible,then get your Tides of blood up, then senjuine pool last, but put a point into it at level 4. and Like always get your Ultimate up whenever its there. Personally im not the BIGGIST fan of it, i mainly use it as a finisher or at the start of a group fight.
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Summoner Spells

Nothing really to cover here, so ill just be straight forward. Flash and Ignite. You can go Exhaust and Ignite but i prefer Flash. Spells like heal ore cleanse are pointless becuase, all your spells heal you, and second, your not a tank you shouldnt use cleanse. Clarvolence is pointless thats a support spell. Clarity is a no brainer, you dont have mana. Smite, ur not jungle, revive pointless. And surge MAYBE if u feel the need to frop flash/exhaust but ignite is a must!
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Spell Order

Team Fights

    Start off most team fight with Hemoplague (take in mind how many enemys there are, how many of you there are and if you really thnk its that important to your teams victory.)
    Then switch to Tides of Blood
    Then spam Transfusion and Tides of Blood when ever they pop off of Cooldown.
    When they run or you get targeted heavily go Sejuine pool
1 on 1's
    Start of with Hemoplague (if hes really bad or your just really fed or both preverably dont do this, its a waste of Cooldown and you probably wont need it anyways)
    then go with Transfusion
    Then spam Tides of Blood and Transfusion just like in team fights
    If your lossing or if your chasing him down go with Sejuine pool then kill with transfusion
    If your going more into support go sejuine pool so that if it comes to a 2v1 he gets the kill if not make sure u manage to pick up the kill which can prove to be difficult sometimes.
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The reason i got 9 Greater Marks of insight, is because the MGpen is really helpful. The quintence is also up to you, i prefer ability power but you can either choose from AP/CDR/or Spellvamp. For glyphs/seals i choose CDR because it truly helps, because with Transfusion behing your man spell you want to be able to cast it like every second, and these runes does a great job.
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Its time for this Guide to end. I know like YAY or wuteva.... Okay.
All in all Vladimir is a great mage. hes Simple compared to mages like Anivia. All of his skins are awesome *cough cough Count Vladimir cough cough* i highly recommend him to anyone. And i know i didnt really go into detail about really anything but thats because i havnt been playing him for very long and havnt tested a lot more then i listed in the guide. And please give feedback on the build/ masteries/ runes. If the runes dont work for ya, try some spell vamp (just pointing that out there)
League of Legends Build Guide Author zecktomy
zecktomy Vladimir Guide
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Vladimir Guide to Victory

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