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League of Legends Build Guide Author 1stBlood

Vladimir - InstaRape

1stBlood Last updated on July 30, 2010
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This is my first build that I'm posting after 3-4 months of playing. I've tried Vladimir several times and I feel this build is the most fun and...survivable. The total hp you have is messed up, it's showing your health at lv 1 with items, when it should be showing lv 18. I guess this is the website's problem, you certainly have more than 997 hp at lv 18. If anybody knows how to fix this problem, please tell me.

For the laning phase, you really should be taking mid, you make a great solo since you do not need mana and you have virtually unlimited laning with transfusion as your primary nuke. I like to start off with an amplifying tome and a red pot, just so it could build into Mejai's once you get enough gold and start getting lots of stacks once you get your ult. You make an excellent farmer with tides of blood, and the health cost doesn't matter because you can use transfusion to recover it back. I like to just keep 1 rank of sanguine pool (at lv 4) because it is just a skill that you could escape with and the cooldown even at max level is too much for this skill to be really useful.

Ganking and Teamfights
During ganking and teamfights, it is recommended that you stay a bit farther back than usual because you will be the main focus of the other team. Before a teamfight is about to start, it is best to just harass them a little with transfusion, but you have to be careful not to go too far. This makes your team's job a lot easier because less effort is needed. During the teamfight, it is preferred to target a "squishy" character and just spam your tides of blood and transfusion while staying back. Once the time is right (when all 5 of the other team is in one area) you can use your ult to ensure maximum damage output, while still focusing squishies and being careful to keep yourself alive. You can also initiate with your ult, where the skill sequence that you use would be R, then E,Q as many times as possible, and then W to escape.

I prefer to use your 2nd skill, sanguine pool, to basically just get out of battle when it gets out of control, which seldom happens. With sanguine pool, you can be unpredictable, dont head in the same direction they are chasing you at. You cannot be stunned or slowed in this state, which proves to be very useful. If really in desperate times, you can pop your ghost as you are in that state, it increases your chances of survival by A LOT.

As I said earlier, transfusion and tides of blood are your main focus, but you REALLY need that 1 point in sanguine pool. REALLY.

Summoner Spells
I would strongly recommend ghost, because it is an all around great spell for vladimir since his transfusion and tides of blood can do enormous amounts of damage. Trying to catch somebody running away? Pop your ghost and then use tides of blood when you are in range and use transfusion. If you can't finish him/her with these 2 spells, it's recommended you don't chase.

For the 2nd summoner spell, it is really personal preference. I prefer ignite because I noticed lots of people escaping with that little smidge of health..which is REALLY annoying. Others can use other spells such as flash for making a getaway when absolutely needed or cleanse if you find you are finished after you get stunned or slowed once. This normally doesn't happen if you stay further back, as mentioned in the Ganking and Teamfights section.

I prefer to go 9/0/21, just more magic penetration, cooldown reduction, and then in the utility section, exp, gold, movement speed, more cooldown reduction, the usual...

Magic penetration marks for damage, dodge seals for survivability, cooldown glyphs and quintessences for transfusion spamming.

1. Mejai's Soulstealer is a very useful item to Vladimir, as long as you don't be ******ed and keep diving like mad. You can get 20 stacks very very easily by hunting for players roaming around by themselves. Again...look for squishies, obviously...

2. Boots: the 2 most preferred boots are mercury treads and sorcerer's shoes. I personally prefer sorcerer's shoes because you won't be getting hit with cc's that often if you are staying back, and normally if you do get hit by one, you are probably done. Sorcerer's shoes give you more magic penetration, again more damage = more kills = more stacks.

3. I find rylai's crystal scepter to be very useful because it gives AP as well as health, which does Vladimir a great favor because of his passive. Also, the unique passive from rylai's is pretty useful also for catching people trying to run away with that little smidge..

4-6. These items are really based on the development of the game, but I find that these 3 items are what I end up getting the most. Zhonya's ring just gives you more massive ap and the unique passive can save you in many situations. I like deathfire grasp because its great to wear down someone from 100% health down to a bit less than 70% depending on how much ap you have. Also, the cooldown reduction proves really useful, by that time, you can spam transfusion over and over again. Void staff: more magic penetration and ap, you can switch for a guardian angel or something more "survivable" if you like. is my build. Feel free to give this a try or two, and tell me if you like it or not. If you decide to downvote this build, please leave a comment as to why, it would be really appreciated. Thanks all! By the way, if you really did read the whole guide..gratz!