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League of Legends Build Guide Author gozip

Vladimir: Inversion Impulse

gozip Last updated on April 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1


Vladimir: The Crimson Reaper


In your LoL career you not once met this hero. Mostly in normal games since he's the only hero mostly banned in ranked games. But can anyone actually play this hero? Every time i meet enemy Vlad on mid i just beat the **** out of him. Why the **** they never buy spellvamp. For what they buy this **** talisman for health reg. Why, i ask, everyone thinks this hero just NEEDS hp items? Okey, I'll try to show you how pathetic is to build Vlad any over way ^^

Summoner spells

Ghost is a MUSTHAVE SSpell. Helps to escape, helps to chase. Makes you totally unbeatable.

Ignite is usefull in early game for first killes.

Cleanes helps you to escape from disablers. They are you deadly enemies. So you can take this spell as replacement for Ignite.

Flash is a possible choice but not so smart.
Other spells not needed at all(for Vlad) so I will not list them as an example.


Marks: All in MP. If you think AP better you really bad at math. This is best chose.
Seals: After a few patches his MR and Def was nerf a bit. You'll need some MR to keep up with Ryse, LeBlanc and others. You can take of course AP or Armor depending on situation. MR is just most likely needed.
Glyph: Can be AP. But i reallised that CD is much more suitable for non mana champions.
Quintessence: Take an AP for farming fast and harasing enemy. You can take move speed but then you can forget about taking first blood. On the over hand in mid/late game it can be worth it. 4.5% of move speed... good for you.

Game mechanic

Early game:

Start withand Health Potion. Take mid if possible. On mid farm creeps till 4 lvl. Attack enemy only if he trying to attack you. You wont get anything from harasing enemy on 1-4 lvl. Then 4 lvl start harassing enemy. Avoid his spells (skill shots mostly) with Sanguine Pool. Then less half HP stepped back a bit and heal yourself with your potion and 1st spell. Don't get cocky, you are not immortal. On 6th level try to finish off oponent. Do it suddenly: use Ghost, approach enemy and use ignite-R-E-Q. Then slow him with W and finish off. Most likely you kill him. Before attacking always check his summoner spell(maybe he has Flash or Heal). It can be a bad surprise for you. This combination can be used for tower dive too.
Here picture of how it should work:

I think now you understand it just ALRIGHT. Now you have enough money for you needs. If you have 1800 buy Revolver, Boots and Elixir for AP. Or you can get 2100 and buy Revolver and Sor Shoes. You now ready for gank. So watch map a go gank most slimsy opponents. You must get Mejai as soon as possible. Soon after try to beat as much stacks as you can from ganks. Don't be Rambo. Use assistance of your allies.

Mid game:
You are now must be around 7-14 stacks. You are really cool and brutal. Now you must get Rylai. Gives you HP and slow. Good for you. I say it again - don't be Rambo, be team spirit. It bring you glory and victory lol. Gain your 20 stacks. And don't loose them ^^
Yes, a tip for you. Be a little ***** - enemy team will most likely focuse you in team fights. So don't get into fight like tank getting all damage and disables. Stay calm. Wait for an enemy to stick togever. Then use your ult and get you double, triple, quadra, penta.

Late game:

Push mid(or most damaged side) as many times as it takes. If they play def left some push one can backdoor. You must do all to get their inhibitor. As soon as you get inhibitor agitate team to do nashor on finish game.(its of course perfect variant)

Item tips

About items. In late game Revolver can be sold since its not so needed. Or you can make Will of Ancients from it. Here some variants of item builds:

For mage, very mage team:

For team of disablers:

For AD (Xin, Tristana, Irelia):

Some personal tips:
  • Beware Malzahar with Flash. His ult just ****ing deadly for you.
  • Disablers you worst enemyes(Ryse!). Silensers you deadly enemyes(Kasadin!). Kill them as fast as possible. If are in opponent's team wait till they make their move ONLY then attack and kill them first.
  • Care for poison and ignite. It can't be removed from you. You wont escape it(you can heal yourself of course. Dont panic and heal from neutral creeps).
  • Initiate teamfight mostly with ult. Its a great andvantage since it makes your damage 10% stronger.
  • Fed Akali can easy kill even your fed Vlad. Dont let Akali get fed.