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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ryskie

Vladimir: The Annoying Crimson Reaper

Ryskie Last updated on August 1, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build be nice idc if you dont like it. This is how I play my vlad and I do pretty well. Doesn't mean you will.
I want to explain Vlads Skills a little bit to get people familiar.

Vlads passive Crimson Pact enables vlad to be a very Bulky but powerful ranged DPS because For every ability power he gains he gains health and the more health he gets he gains ability power but it doesn't stack off of its self.(meaning the hp and ability power he gets from his passive wont give him more ability power or health.)

Vlads First ability Transfusion (or Q) is Your most important attack. What it does is damages an enemy and heals you for 25% of the damage it does. at rank 5 this ability with the right talents has about a 2.75 second CD which is very important because that means you can spam it and virtually lane forever. This move is a very great harrasser early game.

Vlads Second ability is Sanguine Pool Vlad sinks into a pool of blood for 2.5 seconds, becoming untargetable and slowing enemies above him. Vlad deals magic damage to targets above him and heals himself for 15% of the amount of damage done. This move is a very good escape mechanism especially against DPSers. I use this Alot. Even though it takes 20% of your hp. (btw to the people who get confused about it it only takes away 20% of your CURRENT hp. So if you had 10hp left and you used it, it would only take 2 hp to use it.)

Vlads Third ability is Tides of Blood Vlad unleashes blood to hit everything withing a certain distance of him. and gives him a buff that increases healing done to him by a % and increases the damage it does if you use it over and over. The buff stacks to 4 but the more you use it the more hp it uses to cast. (I honestly only use this before I use sanguine pool so that it would heal me for more when hitting creeps and players.)

Vlads Ultimate is Hemoplague which infects anyone in the radius of the spell and causes them to take a certain % more damage for 5 seconds and after the 5 seconds are up it will cause them to take a good amount of damage. This makes vlad very important in team fights like when you got people that have heavy AE damage (Ryze -drool-).

I start out with a Doran's sheild. Purely for the Hp health per 5 on it its a great starter item for vlad.

The next item you'd want are your boots. I choose Sorcerer's shoes. but of course you can change them depending on what kind of people you're up against. I like to get shoes as early as possible after buying Doran's sheild because if your enemy is good they will be Dodgeing you so you can't use Transfusion on them.

The next item you'd might want to get is Majai's soulstealer. BUT only get it if you're doing well. its a waste of money if you're not going to get the stacks. if you're not doing so well Skip it and get Rylai's Crystal Sceptar thats a weapon that has Vlads name written all over it because it has AP(AP=HP)and it has HP(HP=AP)PLUS it slows enemies with every spell you do.

The next and one of the most sexy items is Zhonya's Ring. increases your AP by 25% and gives you 120 AP(so this item is really giving you atleast 150 AP) and when used can make you invunerable and untargetable for 2 seconds. By this point in the game your Doran's sheild is just a waste of a slot So I sell it to make space for other items.

Now depending on what your enemy has on their team (tanks with Magic resist or just heavy magic damage) you want either of these items or both! Void staff and Abyssal sceptar.

I'v never really gotten this far in items when I played Vlad.

But around this point I once had like 3.4k hp. Which is pretty good. But dont get cocky you're very squishy to melee DPS.

This is how I play my Vlad. This doesn't mean you have to play exactly the way I do. If you think your way is better then thats cool, tell me about it i'd love to know I'm still learning myself. Just don't be a **** about it.

I always try to get mid lane purely because Vlad can easily dominate it.

I save my transfusion for harrassing the enemy when they get to close unless if you've taken damage then just spam it on creeps to get your hp back.

Vlad is very slow early game until about level 6. because rank 1 transfusion has like a 12 second cd.

If you can get a kill early then thats cool but don't try to get them so fast. I usually wait until level 6 when I get my ult. I'll let them push to my turret and start harrassing them with Transfusion. When they are about 50% or 60% hp is when I move. I wait for my transfusion to get off cooldown. then get close to their minions because some people just can't resist but to hit you. when they do I hit Ghost Use Hemoplague,ignite,Tides of blood,Saguine pool(get under them and slow them) then transfusion. if they aren't dead they are lucky or just have alot of hp.
Leave a comment and Rate it if you like it. If you didn't like it and have anything that might make it better then tell me. if you're just going to talk s**t then don't comment please.