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Vladimir Build Guide by ProjectNapalm

Vladimir - What do you mean I am fed? (REDONE 9/1/11)

Vladimir - What do you mean I am fed? (REDONE 9/1/11)

Updated on August 31, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ProjectNapalm Build Guide By ProjectNapalm 9 6 16,259 Views 20 Comments
9 6 16,259 Views 20 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ProjectNapalm Vladimir Build Guide By ProjectNapalm Updated on August 31, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


The low-down!

Welcome to my nightmare!

This build has helped me countless times in 2v1 and 1v1 situations... works in 2v2s as well but I don't prefer it!

This build is designed to play as a nuke Vladimir with your transfusion, and survivability with sanguine pool.
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The items above are in the correct order to buy and the timing on when to buy are descried in the section below. There are some cases depending on the way the game is playing out, that you will want to buy a giant belt or blasting ward over an amplifying tomb. NOTE: I do NOT get a health pot at the start because I mainly can sit back and heal from transfusion. So, I suggest you to do the same and save the 40 gold. The reasons for the items are some what explanatory, but for the ones that aren't I will go in more detail.

Mejia's soulstealer is mainly the main stacking ap powered item and will give you a little bit of health because of vladimir's passive.

sorcer's boots helps you get through the high ap resist characters and speed.

Spirit visage - due to the updates and cds on vlad being longer you need the cool down reduction. Also this allows you to have a lot more survivability.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter helps slow your opponents down creating a better chance to damage them and help your team catch up to help kill them.

Rabadon's Deathcap, because of Zhonya's Ring is not available anymore I feel that a good nuke Vladimir would need the replacement item Rabadon's Deathcap, because the 30% ap boost will help drive transfusion and hemoplague to do more damage.

Lich Bane is the greatest end game weapon for vladimir because, it allows for more damage at faster rates, and the unique ability it gives allows for more damage with your transfusion hitting 2.4 seconds, you pretty much have the unique ability all the time. I have seen myself do over 1000 damage by my auto attack to a tower or inhibitor just by transitioning a minion and attacking.

Elixirs are great to help make you better and you got nothing else to spend money on so why not spend it on something useful!
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Summoner Spells

Ghost - This works great with Vladimir in both offense and defense. On the defense side of things it helps you to get away with popping ghost and then sanguine pool allowing you to run fast, not get targeted by slows, and not take anymore damage! It also allows for when you are running down a champion you can ghost to catch up. Then you can sanguine pool to go through turrets, and if your close enough to the champion you can slow them down with the ability. All and all ghost then sanguine pool is a deadly combo in any case because of how ghosts speed boost carries through to sanguine pool.

Ignite - Ignite is a great way to make sure you get kills as you intentionally let them run away. The hemoplague ability is great in its own way with it's 15% boost in damage taken to the infected champion. This is where ignite also comes in dealing more damage. Ignite gives 50 damage plus another 20 per champion level, so with an extra 15%, an extra 7.5 damage is given from the base amount plus an extra 3 damage per level. meaning t level 18 instead of dealing 410 points of damage with ignite you will deal about 471 damage. With Hemoplague's finishing ability, death is futile for other champions.
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Skill Sequence

Mainly get mid or solo lane... if you are in a 2v2 then try to follow this guide as closely as you can, and you still will do just as good as if you were in a 2v1 or 1v1 situation! Also make sure you know every champions abilities. Knowledge is key in this game! If you play a fair amount of games and see how other champions are played you mainly can get a good idea of what champions will do in fights and what abilities they will use and when depending on whats happening around them.

Quick fight and flight tips:

Transfusion everything, mainly champions, but minions will heal you too. If you transfusion something the has a shield or will not take damage you still heal yourself so don't ever be scared to transfusion something.

Sanguine Pool, make sure to save this to the last moment. The reason to not use it frequently is cause of the cool down is high and the things that you can do with it is so vital to the successes of a good Vladimir. Sanguine pool allows for the ability to heal, slow down others, and do great amounts of damage. Key times to use it is when the other team is running, so to help your team catch up, ghosting and sanguine pool will help slow down the other champions to then kill them. Another point in time is when your targeted and taking on a lot of damage in a fight or team fights. What you want to do at this point is depending on the situation. If it's a solo fight or you being ganged you want to start running away as best as you can and wait for something big to about hit you. When something like a slow or a big hit pop sanguine pool to not take the hit, slow down the other champion if they are too close, heal yourself if you are low health, and able to go threw minions. If your in a team fight and targeted, you can sanguine pool quickly hitting all players as sanguine pool is AOE to slow them and heal up and just run away through your team making the other team have to go through your team to hit you. If you are at 50% or more health I would suggest sitting and helping your team in the fight. Lastly, if you tower dove and need the tower off you, sanguine pool will drop aggro off of you onto something else near or give you enough time to get out of range.

Tides of Blood is a great AOE team fight weapon or a fast hit to kill a champion as they are running, but that is the only reason to use it. If you use it too much you can start loosing to much health. Killing minions quickly as a whole is a good idea but should only be used once a wave at end game otherwise it will hurt you more then help. Using this ability with hemoplague is a great idea! And using it with health to spear is a great idea to kill the other team in team fights.

Hemoplague is what makes you get stacks like none other! In team fights popping hemoplague as a way to start the fight is one of the best ways to kill the other team. If the other team is stacked up popping hemoplague on them gives your team the ability to dish out more damage then they would without you in the fight. Using tides of blood and sanguine pool to help AOE the other team down and transfusion anyone running away. If you get assists from hemoplague you still get a stack from the champion death. If you sadly die before hemoplague finishes causing the great amount of damage might kill the other team champions/ your team might be able to giving you stacks as if you were alive. In 1v1 or 2v1 use hemoplague as the start of their death, don't save it cause the cool down is not that much compared to other champions, but don't use it unless you know you are going to kill a champion, hemoplague is just your insurance that the champion will die. Lastly, ignite should be used with hemoplague so that the damage ignite deals would be amplified.

Final thoughts on fighting 1v1 or 2v1 are transfusion down anyone you want dead. Ignite when you are ready to go all out and kill the other champion followed by Hemoplague. Transfsion as much as you can and if you need to slow them down sanguine pool. Transfusion again and worst case you need to use tides of blood as they are about to die.
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Game Play

Start of game (lvl 1-6)
No matter who you are laned against you will want to make sure you fight them, not the minions. This means you transfusion the champion down as best as you can while sitting back not taking damage. Being a ranged champion gives you the ability to run to a point where the other team is in ranged of your attacks and hit them, then instantly run back so you take no damage. Only last hit minions when you can and will not take damage (can heal off of them). If you are in a 2v1 situation, I suggest not playing aggressive at first until level 6, unless the people are not knowing how to play LoL, because if you are too aggressive you will lose to much health. Also make sure you choose to weaken the easier killing target so that you can make the 2v1 become a 1v1 by either killing the champion or making them run before a lane fight begins. Lastly, transfusion is your friend and use it on the champion as much as you can, but if your hurting for health don't be afraid to use it on a minion to heal. All and all sit behind your last line of creeps and running back and forth and side to side to get the other champion's health down and get out of their range so you take no damage.

Early mid game (level 7-11)

If your starting game has been going well you should be around 80% health, no deaths, and the other champion or the weak champion is around 50% or less health. This is where the fun begins, wait till the most perfect time to strike and killing the other champion(s). Mainly I wait till they get close to my tower and I let them push and prepare for the assault. The way you can make sure you kill the other champion(s) is to start of with ghost to make sure you can run them down. As you start your charge ignite them followed quickly by hemoplague to make sure you are dealing the most damage. Transfusion them down as much as you can as they run. If you are taking a lot of damage or you think they are getting to far away and need to slow them down pop sanguine pool, but try and not use it to early because it could result in your death. Sanguine pool will slow your enemy down making you get another transfusion off and it can also heal you if your getting low and need a second to make sure you stay alive as the other champion is taking damage and also reset your transfusion cool down. Do not be afraid to tower dive if they are going to run past the tower and really low on health. Also, if you still have your sanguine pool after you kill the champion you can pop it and get the aggro of the tower off of you so you don't die. After this kill go back and buy all you can going down the line. If you can not buy your level 2 boots at this time after mejia's soulstealer skip the boots until you buy your leviathan.

Ending mid game (level 10 - 15)
After your first kill and the other teams tower going down or your lane, all you want to do is kill champions so set up with your team for team fights and gangs to help stack your mejia's and leviathan while buying the rest of your items.

End game (level 16-18)
The idea here is to basically help your team push lanes and kill champions, strengthening your team with xp and gold while making the other team weaker. Go back to buy items when ever its quiet and nothing is happening. you want to make sure you are in each fight. the last thing you need to know is to make sure you are at the other teams nexus as your team kills it so that you can type in /dance and hit enter!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ProjectNapalm
ProjectNapalm Vladimir Guide
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Vladimir - What do you mean I am fed? (REDONE 9/1/11)

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