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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kaszanas

Vladimir - Where's Vodka ?

Kaszanas Last updated on January 22, 2011
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Brief Introduction

Few opening words

Yeah so you're checking my build, and you will try to be a good Vladimir, that's important read whole my guide and you will know how to play well with this champion and gain at least a couple triple kills on one game.

Theme of Build

I decided to create a stron AP and HP Vlad he have a passive what gives him HP from his AP and AP from his HP, that work well when you do my build.


I've decided to choose theese runes
Mark of Insight: Granting you some Magic Penetration what would be goo when playing agains stronger Tanks or even weaker champs.

Seal of Focus: That's important to have a little decrased cooldowns, cause Vlad has got 3 second cooldown Transfusion on 9 lvl that will be something about 2.5 instead of 3.0 seconds

Glyph of Force: That should give you some Ability power at start

Quintessence of Insight: Even more Magic Penetration so you will be pretty god Harras at start


I have choosen mostly the Utility Masteries, they will cause you some reduced cooldowns and recharge of summoner spells that will be pretty good at start ganking enemies. But i go always on Offense Masteries to get you even more cooldown reductions and 15 % more Magic Penetration


Good Spells are:

- that will provide you slowing enemy, on 9 lvl you will have a Transfusions spell what will have about 2.5 cooldown, that may cause ultimate damage what you will deal to your opponent while slowed
- that may be good spell to chase your enemy or run from him with your Sanguine pool with addition to ghost.
- Universal spell you can use it on all champs propably, when opponent have small ammount of health just throw ignite and harras him with Transfution and use Exhaust.

Bad Spells are:

I think all other spells are bad for this champion just like others

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I think that Vlad should always mid...

Early Game (1-9lvl)

Vlad is a champion what need to be a 9 lvl to be good, use your transfusion spel to hang on the mid lane as long as possible and get as more last kills as possible.
Don't even think about ganking before getting lvl 9

Mid Game (10-14lvl)

I think that in this part of game you should use most of Vlad's skills, he will be powerful OP champion when you will gain some of items listed up, in theese levels you should be mostly ganking and getting most of your kills, use your abilities well to run from opponents and then gank them with your team.

Late Game (15-18lvl)

at this time Vlad should be one of the most OP champs, he have really good abilities to use, just like TRansfusion and Tides of Blood.
nothing else to say, just gank them.

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I'll present you few recommended items, i like to use
- That should give you some health restoration at start combined with transfusion, will grant you supper effective healing.
- Harrasing, nothing else to say
- Big ammount of HP, that will give you also some AP .
- that should give you some AP vombined with HP you know what this means ?
Your passive will work well.
- Massive ammount of AP that will give you some massive ammount of it granting mega blasts of Transfusion.

Else items you can choose yours, but i think that you should use this:

- Even more AP and % for Magic Penetration ...
- 20 % for healing done from Transfusion Etc ...
- Some Spell Vamp with Spirit Visage listed up there you will have a mega ammount of healing and damage from transfusion and other spells ... that should work well onm killing opponents.

All other items i dislike to play with, but you can choose your best, and moderate my build as you wish.

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Closing Words

So yeah you know now my Vladimir build, i play well with it, i think you will do the same using it well with your skills.

Good Luck People

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