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Kassadin Build Guide by foxafan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author foxafan

Void Lord

foxafan Last updated on August 18, 2011
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Kassadin : The Void Walker

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Hello, this is my first build on

I have been playing League of Legends for a long time now and I play alot of champions. one of my favorits is Kassadin so thats why i desided to show you my personal Kassadin build.

and sorry if my english is bad

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I start off with a sapphire crystal and 2 health potion's. Why? i dont like to have huge mana trubs in early game and i rather buy sapphire crystal instead of doran's ring becuase im going for a tear of the goddess and the potions to keep my health up.

mejai's soulstealer is one of my favorite items in the game, but because it requires kills its a very risky item to buy. but as Kassadin I need those stacks. if I reach 20 stacks quick I get alot of AP and some cooldown reduce.

then I aim staight for sorcerer's shoes for speed and magic pen.

now I'm buying tear of the goddess witch gives me lots of mana and mana reg, pluss that the item stacks up mana for each ability i uses with a max cap at 1000mana

Lich bane is almost a need item for Kassadin. Dont forget that Kassadin is a melee champ and with Lich bane and netherblade you can reach a very high amount of melee dmg. this is a good thing not only against champs but also against turrets and so on.

then I finally buy a rabadon's deathcap and if I'm lucky i have 20 stacks on mejai's and that meens all the AP from mejai's, lich bane and rabadon is plussed with a 30% extra AP.

now for the archangel's staff witch will be cheap because i already have tear of the goddess, and its probly around 1000stacks of mana and with the passive of the archangel's staff every 20mana becomes 1 AP so it means i am up to around 700AP if mejai's is fully stacked and the 1000bonus mana from the arcangel's staff/tear of the goddess.

I end with banshee's veil or rylai's crystal scepter for more mobility, but in somecases I buy something quite random, this changes game to game.

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I go AP and Magic Pen for runes with Kassadin. i dont go flat runes becuase Kassadin rocks mid/lategames and my choice of runes make him even better late game.

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summoner spells

Normaly with champions I use Flash and Ignite. but becuase kassadin have rift walk theres no reason to have Flash.

Teleport gives Kassadin a huge advantage, you can cross the mapp with Teleport and rift walk in no time. I also like to go Mid lane with Kassadin and thats where teleport is a huge advantage.

Ignite saves many kills and can be really good in a 1n1 fight. i usally use ignite to get first blood and to save kills if they are out of reach/runnig towards a turret or enemy team with low HP.

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I go 9_0_21 as Kassadin cooldown reduce is important and Kassadin also have mana trubs so i go for utility.

this also make rift walk better, more times you spam rift walk the more dmg you do but also you comsume ALOT of mana and with utility you reduce that a bit

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Kassadin's abilities

Null Sphere is the first ability I use with Kassadin. it does planty of Dmg and silence the enemy champion.

Nether Blade is the thierd ability i take for Kassadin, this ability is really good for getting up your mana in lanes because of it's passive with gives you mana on strike. it's a really good combination with Lich Bane

Focus Pulse is one of my favorite abilities with Kassadin. but it requiers 6 stacks before it gets active, thise stack you get when you or any champ around you use abilites.

Rift Walk is my favorite ultimate between champions, its almost like flash, and it dosnt have much cooldown so it makes you really hard to get and a really good chaser.
I love using rift walk to move quick over the map, one good tip is to stay close to the jungle, there is not many champs that can get you when you rift walk over walls/tarain

a combo I always use to low enemies. first i rift walk towards them/ dont need to hit them. then I use Focus Pulse and then Null sphere then I run away and repite this over and over again. reason why i use Force Pusle first is because i get 1 stack for using Null sphere afther it. and most ememies pull back when you rift walk towards them, and when they turn again you have allready casted Null spere and they cant use any abilites and it gives you time to get out of their range.

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hope you all enjoy this build.

it has never failed me and i hope it dosnt fail you