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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sexilicious

Volibear - The Godlike Support [W.I.P]

Sexilicious Last updated on June 2, 2014
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Hello! I'm Sexilicious, a Gold elo support main. Early in the season I picked up Volibear Support and was able to dominate bot lane with him making an easy bot lane into an easy game.
Volibear support tends to work way better in lower elo and gradually decreases as you reach higher elo (Diamond) where you will find stronger picks.

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Itemization is very important for Volibear. Almost every game you will be building tanky to peel for your Attack Damage Carry and allies.

You will usually start with:

Item Sequence

Health Potion

Try to pick up a Sight Stone Sightstone as early as possible to get vision and health as a tanky stat. After sightstone], you can finish your Relic Shield [[relicshield into a Face of the Mountain faceofthemountain. Don't forget to use the passive, it can mean life or death for an ally.

If you're against heavy AD pick up a Sun Fire Cape sunfirecape or a Randuin's Omen randuin'somen.

If you're against heavy AP pick up a Spirit Visage spiritvisage or a Banshee's Veil banshee'sveil. I recommend Visage because it synergizes with Volibear's passive.

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Generally I run Standard Melee Support masteries that I use on Thresh and Leona as well.


They provide good defensive stats that will help scale later into the game, as well as early tankiness and extra sustain with biscuits.

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Skill Sequence

Generally on Volibear Support you want your Attack Damage Carry to be as large as possible so he can later deal the most damage per second and carry your team in fights later on. Assists will suffice and in due time you will get your gold.


Maxing Majestic Roar helps you slow enemies and keep them in range of your attack damage carry after flipping them with your Rolling Thunder. your W does more damage the more health your enemy is missing, so use it when the enemy is a bit lower on health, but try your best to allow your Attack Damage Carry to secure the kill.

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Ranked Play

Ranked play with Volibear is extremely easy. It is great in Solo Queue if you are able to figure out who to flip. Prioritize Attack Damage Carry, but your top priority is to allow your Attack Damage Carry to safely farm their way. Kills and Assists are just extra pick ups along the way. In my experience Volibear is strongest against most bottom lane supports. His greatest counter is probably heavy slows which you might run into against Braum Braum. Playing Volibear Support is definitely much better with a co-operative Attack Damage Carry, and substantially better in Duo Queue.

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Pros / Cons

Strong Engage + Disengage
Beats most melee supports and out damages
Defensive Passive that supports diving
Extremely strong early damage
Reliable crowd control and slow.

Can be kited easily with range
Suffers from extreme harass (Karma)
Slows shut him down

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Volibear is currently a very strong support despite being out of meta. He is able to cope with, or beat the current tank support meta and is able to provide extremely reliable Crowd Control with the right timing. He is able to jump onto champions, put them out of position, and provide immense peel to your team. His passive is very good for surprising enemies and winning fights. Peeling for your Attack Damage Carry will win more fights as Volibear.

Easy game, easy life.


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