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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KingOfOzone

VROOM!! VROOM!! ad sion

KingOfOzone Last updated on February 1, 2011
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Sion is my favorite hero and this is the first build that I've put on this website. There are many different ways to build this hero, but i think ad is the best. Sion and his abilities seem (to me at least) to flow way more towards the attack damage side of him. Yeah i know his ap ratios are 1:1, but two of his skills don't benefit at all.

In this build i will show you the reason for the masteries, items, and summoner spells.

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Pros / Cons


-Push lanes easily
-Can take almost anyone in a 1v1
-Easy to get out of bad situations with all that move speed
-Hard to kill with all that life steal and attack speed


-Susceptible to disable, mostly stuns and blinds
-Needs a good start to be effective late game (which shouldn't be too hard)

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There are many ways you could go with the runes with ad sion, but i like the ones i chose because...

Marks: the armor penetration is great because sion does a lot of damage when you go this build. And with your opponents armor shredded away it is really easy to kill them (obviously). If you don't like the armor penetration runes, i would get crit ones instead.

Seals: It is always good to have health... enough said

Glyphs: Sion has pretty high cool downs for a dps carry, so i like to get these runes to help get the edge against your opponents.

Quints: I picked the quints obviously the same reason why i picked the marks.

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My mastery tree is 22/8/0.

I like going down the offensive tree mostly because if you're going as a melee dps it is great to have the extra edge on your dmg. I like getting the cool down reduction in the tree for the same reason why i get the cool down reduction runes.

If you don't want to go mostly down the offensive tree, the next best bet (in my opinion) is the defensive tree. It is good to have an edge in the defensive part because sion is really sucky against disables. This will give you more health and allow you to stay in the fights longer.

But once again... I recommend going down the offensive tree!!!

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Summoner Spells + Skill Sequence

Summoner Spells:


Exhaust: I think this skill helps ad sion a lot. He is already a great 1v1er, and this just adds fuel to the fire. It is also good because with this build sion has a lot of movement speed and this slow would help a lot. Lastly, it is great for catching the pesky heroes that have a blink, jump, leap, etc.

Ignite: This skill is without question the best summoner skill there is. I get this skill on almost every hero i play. It is good for finishing off an enemy that is getting away from you. It works well by disabling healing heroes which is great for this build because sion can eat their health faster.


Flash: This skill is a good skill for ganking and running away, but in my opinion i find it really ***** and cheap. I hate most players that use this skill.

Ghost: Just like flash, it is good for ganking and fleeing.

Clarity: This is a good skill if you want to harass a lot beginning game. Sion doesn't have a lot of mana, and this would be a viable skill if you want to zone or just mess with your opponents in your lane.

Skill Sequence

Feel No Pain: Sion's passive is very helpful for this build. Early game it is great for engaging in fights. The creeps may not deal any damage to you and your opponents will deal less damage to you.

Cryptic Gaze: I start off with this skill because i find it great to start off with your disable to either get first blood, or help run away from people trying to gank you. It is also sion's only nuke in this build and it helps get last hits when your opponent is too far away to hit and/or tower hugging.

Enrage: This is a great skill to get early on to get the health benefits. Without any health items i usually have more health than our tank by just last hitting the creeps throughout the game. The damage is also really good for early game, and the damage dealt back to you is negated by the vampiric scepter that i will later discuss.

Death's Caress: For the ad sion build, this skill isn't that useful. If you are getting harassed a lot early game you might put a couple of skill points into it, but i don't think it is necessary. Another reason you might get it is if there are a lot of global ults that might kill you like Karthus's, Ezreal's, Ashe's, etc., but most of the time it isn't needed, but i can't say that i haven't had to get it before.

Cannibalism: This is your money making skill right here. Once you get your level six and this spell, you can pretty much 1v1 against anybody. With this build and how much damage you are doing you can get to full health in usually three hits (late game). Saying this, you pretty much never die unless you are focused by a lot of people.

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I like starting off the game with a vampiric scepter because it negates the damage that you take from enrage.

I usually don't go back to base until i can get my boots of speed and my emblem of valor. If you have to go back to base before you have enough money i would try to just get the emblem first before you get the boots, so you can stay in the lane longer the next time you go there. Emblem is a great item for the survivability aspect. After you get the emblem, you can jungle if you want to with ease.

There are two ways you can go with the next items. You can either buy two separate zeals, or you can buy one zeal and finish it into a phantom dancer. I usually see how the game is going to choose. If you are getting a lot of money and don't have to go back to base that often, i would just finish the phantom dancer before getting the other zeal. But if you have to keep going back to base because of harassment and what not, i would get the two zeals.

Same goes with the next items. You can either go for your infinity edge or go for your starks. I like going for the starks personally because you already have your emblem and it wouldn't take that much money to finish. It will also help you get more money to finish your edge. If you want to go straight for your edge it is also fine. With all your damage and crit you'll be owning your enemies.

Lastly I like going for a guardian's angel. But there are lots of things you can do for your last item depending on how your game is going. I like the guardian's angel because i find that ga is a great item in any long-lasting game. It turns the tides of group fights to your favor because you have two lives. But there are many different items you can go, like... Frozen mallet, Madred's bloodrazor, Force of Nature, or any other damage or defense item. It really doesn't matter.

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If you're looking at this build please comment and tell me how it worked out for you.

Once again this is my first build i made on mobafire, so tell me if i should do something or change something. It would be highly appreciated.

Lastly, good luck if you tried this build. I hope i helped out :D