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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PleaseBleed

w00pw00p Shaco

PleaseBleed Last updated on August 23, 2010
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Heya and welcome.
i have a stable background with playing shaco and tried alot of builds.
lets just start.

Mastery tree and spells.
your masteries are 90% offence and 10% defence.
take the offence tree till its max skill.
and take the defence for heal armor some magic defence and dodge.
as for spells, i use ignite and heal because its the only skills i use whole game long.

Runes and skill sequence
i take alot of crit and some penetration. the penetration is because in the game itself there's not alot of items that give this bonus, eventho its really usefull.

the skill sequence is easy. shiv to harras people in the begin for an easy start (see "The start" for clarification. decieve to go in and get those kills going and jack for golem and save way out. i also use the jacks to check for ganks and for stupid people who run into a shaco bush. (defence)
since decieve takes alot of MP i dont use it alot at start but around lvl 9-10 you start to need the skill therefor i start lvling it then. and the ult... just lvl it when you can. extra durability and damage for teh clone is a must have.

The start
this is where the fun begins. i tend to have 2-3 kills and 0 deaths at the start simply because of my shield + HP pot at the start. play defensive but harrassing people from the start brings down their HP fast. if you know someone has a life stealer or a heal skill. dont harras them alot. its a waste of your MP wich is "valuable" at the start. why not get the golem buff from the start? ur lane mate needs you. the best is to get a stunner as a mate with you. this way you get your easy kills. decieve

if you have harrassed your opponent well the ignite helps alot at the start when people have only a few bars, it takes roughly 1 bar, that way on lvl 3 you have a stable 3 bars down with decieve shiv and one extra hit.

The game
How and when do you buy items? start with shield and HP till lvl 6.
if you dont hold up long enough go town and buy boots and ur malady in parts. if you've done well buy malady and boots(extended boots). go get urself a golem buff and then annoy the enemy again like at the start. but now with more feeling. stay save and dont die. you need your XP And money income to complete. when you've got your malady and boots (swiftness) then go for BF. after that take a Zeal and start ur ifinity edge after that. finnish the Phantom dancer then. if you didnt win you got a few options. i basicly pick what helps me survive more in group fights, for example
i take a last whisper extra to increase the armor pen. like in my runes. this is when against tanks.
MAges are in general not a problem for shaco. they die pretty easy. Ryse and sometimes Karthus are an exception their large damage output can kill you. veigar doesnt seem to be able to kill me at all. so buying Magic resist is possible but not likely.

I must say basicly i just pick what suits the game. if all goes well and i can end my build its not about what i buy wich makes the difrence its the game itself. my team mates specially.
Your dmg output will range between 200 to 800 Crits. and crits are Always. i've 3 hitted a lvl 18 heimer veigar ryse akali and a few others. ofcourse most squishy. but 3 hitting them is still a good fun.

i hope you like my guide and i would love to hear your comments.


(edit:: Skill tree is not complete because after lvl 11 it doesnt matter what i click i lvl quick enough, ill keep it updated)