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League of Legends Build Guide Author War Of Trades

War Of Vladimir

War Of Trades Last updated on September 12, 2010
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This Is War Of Trades.
Alright straight to business here is the item order:
Amplifying Tome (for the early harassing)
Boots of Speed (to harass even more)
Sorcerer's Shoes (By this time your Transfusion should be on 4 or maxed out)
Blasting Wand (This is when you start ganking if your lane was successful)
Rylai's Crystal Scepter (From here on out you are a slowing machine and 75% chance they will not escape)

Building a Zhonya's
Needlessly Large Rod (Buy this first if your 1200+ Save up for it)
Blasting Wand if you under 1200.
Getting a Zhonya's as a 2nd item is amazing, it allows you to tower dive more using it to take out the turret agro on you.

Building a Warmogs
Giants Belt first (Gratz you reached around 250-350 AP)
Ruby Crystal
Regrowth Pendant
(Now this is an important item for Vladimir by now you should be lvl 15-17 and this would mean your tides of blood does awesome dmg to minions) this should stack your warmogs fast

Force of Nature (If your against heavy magic dmg)
Thornmail (Against heavy physicals)

These would be all the items you need if your around 40-50 Mins in.
If for some reason the game hasn't finished then you make yourself a Guardian Angel (Just to be a pain for the other team)

The reason the Masteries is empty is because i never change my masteries.
And as for runes get CD reduction and what ever rune you think vlad should have.