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League of Legends Build Guide Author luciferz707


luciferz707 Last updated on June 13, 2011
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ok firstof all isuck at explainin **** and im new here but one thing"s for sure this build im about to tell you is pretty fun and satisfying... ( i guess?) ok at lvl 1 purchase a dorans shield... enough said then proceed laning farming as fast as you can and harass if you must in like 10 min you should start buying your FIRST WARmogs armor and then keep gankin and supporting you allies in batlle.. note: when you bought WARmogs already YOU should ALWAYS be first to initiate a teamfight after initiating with an ult.. activate skill two and WHAM follow up with skill 3 note: very important to max out the seismic shard firzt for yoour skill 3 wont do anything promising because of your build) anyways after skill 3 blast em with seismic shard and about summoner spells i SEVERELY recommend " exhaust" " ghost" cause when seismic shard aint enough dont be afraid to pop out your ghost combined with exhaust= undisturbed hitting capabilities ok guys after the warmogs YOU buy another WARMOGS and then thats about it your the tank of the team... by now your opponents are dreading how to kill you during this time hahahah.. oh i forgot ... this is the the buying sequence of the build 1 : dorans shield 2:boots of mobility 3: warmogs 4: warmogs 5: thornmail 6:sunfire cape.... thats all and have fun using malph :D