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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CrimsonWings

Warwick: All the Better to Eat you with my Dear

CrimsonWings Last updated on October 26, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build for a jungling WW.


Jungling path: wolves ~ small golem ~ Blue Buff ~ wolves ~ Wraiths ~ Red buff ~ small golem ~ help gank the lane that you're near(or enemy blue buff) ~ Enemy Blue buff(help gank) ~ scare mid ~ Enemy red buff(help gank) ~ Help gank(enemy red buff). ~~~ After you follow this general path you should be any where between 7-9 depending on how many ganks and side minions you've stolen. The best part about jungling is that it is easy and soothing to the mind. So give it a try, I promise it'll be a nice break from the usual dull laning phase.

P.S.: WW is hugely ineffective in ranked games. People tend to look for you in the jungle 90% of the time.
P.S.S: I don't get Blue buff at the beginning because that is where you goto get ganked.. If you are predictable then you are dead. Pretty simple

Mid game: You should almost be finished with MB. Grab phange for some extra hp and start ganking. All the AS items you have will make you very hard to focus down in a 3v2/2v2 scenario. By the time you grab your Stark's F. you should be nigh impossible to kill in a fair/ reasonably unfair fight. Play smart and stick with your team. This build is highly money dependent. YOU NEED KILLS. End of story. You should be ending mid game with a decent amount of kills (4-7). If you don't have kills then you'll end up like all the other dead people :P Sorry. Jungle is the land of free exp. You are the king of this land. Keep killing the neutral minions and buffs. This helps you and your team by keeping mana hungry mages mana hungry and DPS carries less dangerous.

Late Game: Grab all the items that you can in the order listed above. Your ID should be nuking and and your AS should make you the most annoying player in the game. Love WW's passive. It is beautiful. Guardian Angel is your ace in the hole. When you ID a squishy carry (ashe, twitch, trist, TF, Mages in general, etc) you should (if you're fed) nuke about 2/3 to 3/4 of their hp. One Q and a couple of hits and then he/she is dead. After this the whole enemy team will most likely get pissed off at you. You will die, get over it, but you will take about 50% of another characters hp. Nice DPS. This is why the AS is so important with warwick. The huge % of life steal and the ridiculous AS makes you a pseudo-tank. It take a lot of everything to take you out. Now when you're team culls the enemy while you're reviving from GA they're easy pickings. Just hack and slash them until they die. Easy.

I average around 13-3-7 with this build due to the game finishing at 25. The max that I've ever gotten was a blow out game with around 30+~5~17...

General tips: WW is not a laner.. He is mana hungry and squishy in the beginning stages. You have been warned. WW cannot 2v1 until he gets a decent amount of AS. You are not almighty, play smart and use tactical positioning+your brain to get fed. Also this guide is not necessarily for safe players. You either get fed and nuke hard or you fail and become a feeder. Go big or go home. But if done properly, this build will make you a team killer. I have on multible occasions done a 3v1 with a decently fed group and came out on top. Don't be afraid. Another thing is this. You are the trading card for the enemy DPS through out the game. The range on your ult. makes you the perfect trading card. You ult in, you kill/chase the DPS away, a few enemies follow you, your team gets the rest. At best you kill the dps and get out with a 5v0 trade. At worst you STILL kill the enemy Dps and die trading a 3 for 1. Either way it works out very nicely.

I average around 13-3-7 with this build due to the game finishing at 25. The max that I've ever gotten was a blow out game with around 32~5~17...

Thanks guys. Give me some feed back and any advise you feel like giving :P.