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Warwick Build Guide by Heerulff

Assassin Warwick Champion Hunter

Assassin Warwick Champion Hunter

Updated on November 27, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Heerulff Build Guide By Heerulff 4 3 6,618 Views 3 Comments
4 3 6,618 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Heerulff Warwick Build Guide By Heerulff Updated on November 27, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Hello and Welcome!
To my Warwick Champion Hunter guide/build.
As I almost only play Warwick, I wanted to share my experience of him, with you.
And to do that, I made this guide/build, so you can get those wins! :)

This guide/build focuses on a mid to late game fast, CD reduced, overall strong Warwick, but also in some cases fragile, which is really good if you are hunting down an escaped champion, ganking other champions before they can get away or fast pushing with 1-2 fellow champions.
An offensive stealthy warwick, is a winning warwick! :D

My Best game with this build: 33, 2, 12

A screenshot from a game:

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Runes & Masteries

For getting a nice little speed boost, and a really good CD reduction, I have chosen only to "focus" on focus runes, as well as the swiftness quintessence.
This will give the extra little kick, when you really wanna finish off those you have hunted down.

As this is a very offensive build, I have chosen to put 21 points in offense, and 9 in Defense.
The reason lies with, that I want the best overall damage, as well as the best defense and health, without loosing much damage.
This is necessary, mostly because of the target champion running away, as soon as they can.
And probably also calling for back up!
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As it may seem, that you are getting your mana/CD reduction a little late, but do not worry!
Because if you play this build right, you will have enough gold for at least first 3 items before level 14-16!
Maybe even earlier if you're awesome :O
- Boots of Swiftness.
A very basic starting item for many Warwick players, as it let's you maneuver very quickly.
In mid-late game, this movement speed will be very helpful, as most ranged dps are quite fast on their feet, and may be a challange to catch up with!

- Madreds Bloodrazor.
A very pricey second item!
This item will help you a lot in early game, mostly because you will be very strong as a early game warwick. This item is not the best first item, but if you get it at level 6-10, you will have a huge advantage, as your enemy tanks and fighters often buff up their health at an early stage. And even later in game, when all the tanks are buff as F***, you do quite a bit of damage to them, rendering them less powerful when pushing, or perhaps ganking.

- Frozen Heart.
When you first get the sapphire crystal, shortly after you have bought Madreds, the Frozen Heart will be quick to get, as you can use even more mana.
When you get Frozen Heart, this build becomes a bit more dangerous, as you have much more mana, and even more reduced CD.

- Spirit Visage.
This item is, if you ask me, almost made for warwick.
As it will give you a very helpful 15% bonus to your auto attack, hungering strike and Infinite Duress heals.
As it also gives you a small bost in health and magic restist, it gives you the very welcome CD reduction, even though it's only 10%, you can still feel it! :)

- Wit's End.
When you get Wit's End, you are probably at lvl 18, or very well on your way.
With Wit's End, you get a very nice boost to Attack speed and magic resist.
But do not forget, you also get the passive buff that is very popular for warwick, as it will increase your magic damage to the sky!

- Trinity Force.
As the most expensive item, you will probably not get it if you're playing a short or normal game. You will most likely reach Spirit visage, or in some cases Wit's End.
But remember to purchase Phage before acquiring Trinity force, as it will help on your health and your damage, which is really nice at this stage.
Also, getting the ability to slow from phage, is also a good reason to pick it as your last item before Trinity Force.
The reason for Trinity force as last item, is to try and bulk up Warwick a bit, as this build for him renders him a bit fragile.
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Skill Sequence.

Skill Sequence:
- Hungering Strike.
This ability will be your best friend throughout the game with this build.
As you have a very small cooldown on it later in this build, you will be able to almost spam it, keeping yourself alive that little longer to make your kill, almost flawless.
At early game, i advice you use this ability to tease your targets, as they will quickly become either scared or angry, which eventually will lead them to do something which will get them killed (by you).

- Hunters Call.
For this build, Hunters Call is a form of trick for your enemies.
As they think you are maybe a noob and forgot to pick it, or maybe you're just not so strong.
So when you get it, you will be able to surprise your targets a lot, after charging them with Infinite duress.
This will leave them reconsider their build or even their plan for the game/class.
A nervous/doubtful player, is an easy target! :)

- Blood Scent.
Probably the ability that makes this build what it is.
Mostly because that the reason for this build, is to hunt down those kills the others dont get, to hunt down those not knowing junglers, or to fight some lonely champion on a 1v1.
Blood Scent and Hungering strike goes hand in hand, and probably will in any Warwick build, but particularly for this build!

- Infinite Duress.
The key to the kill, Infinite Duress is a very dangerous ability, and when you have a capped CD reduction, it's a real bad boy.
You will able to use it so often you can sustain Warwick in many situations, even though this build might render Warwick on the weak end of his health.
This ability, with the CD Reduction in mind, is VERY helpful in assaults and ganks!
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Summoner Spells.

Summoner Spells:
- Exhaust.
If you have hit somewhat of a tough guy to kill, or maybe a fast one, exhaust will give you a helping hand in both situations.
Especially if you want to be sure they wont get away!

- Ignite.
A very usefull spell if your target is trying to get away!
Give him a little gift on the way, that will maybe give you an even better gift later, (when he/she dies).
Furthermore, this will also be helpful if you are trying to kill a strong target.
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Pros & Cons. + Jungler or minions?

Many kills.
Easy build for new or avarage players.
Good in team work or alone.
Quick escape from many ganks.
Low health.
Very bad odds on 1v2.
May be fragile on late game.
Low Magic Resist.

jungle or Minions:
This build allows you to choose both.
Though I would recommend jungler.
Beeing a jungler as Warwick is to me very essential, as he adepts to this playing style very easily.
It can also cause confusion and make the enemy team nervous about where you really are.
Which for me, is quite perfect for ganks or quick planned 2v1 take outs.
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The End.

I hope you enjoyed or will enjoy this build/guide.
It's my first guide yet, so I hope you wont kick me in the face with a tank, if this build doesn't work out for you.
Keep in mind, if you feel like you want to add something to this build, or found a better way to buy items, place runes etc. please be free to contact me!

Over and out! :)

- Heerulff

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