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League of Legends Build Guide Author sacredscion

Warwick, Eater of Champions *Help Plz*

sacredscion Last updated on January 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is the Warwick build I have been using for some time now. I'm looking for advice or suggestions on how to edit my build. Currently in-game, I am only at summoner level 18 so this is what my specs will look like at level 30. I will explain why I have chosen some stuff in the build. Most of the time I am playing with my one friend who runs a pretty solid Fiddle, so I am usually sneaking around with him in game. Any ideas and suggestions please comment and I will take them all into consideration, Thanks.

Summoner Powers:
Teleport- Mainly for one of two reasons, to counter an enemy push/push a weakened lane after wiping the enemy team, or to get back into the fray after a death.
Heal- Depending on the enemy champs, later in the build order I am not afraid to pounce into a 2 or 3v1 situation to get a gank on a primary target. Having the heal ready allows me to stay in for that second or two longer to bite another person, which means another second or two. I have several times had this equal either a personal double kill, or my team wiping their team possibly at the cost of my life.

Armor Pen, Cooldown Reduction are pretty much standard for most dps builds. I took mp5 because I don't see any more useful choices in yellow, and warwick is somewhat mana hungry when you aren't a jungler. Seeing as there's no blue buff on Twisted Treeline, seemed like a good choice for me(also saves me points as my main is Ashe, and thay're highly suggested for most good carry ashes)

Masteries and Skill order are pretty much cookie cutter I think, though there could be some argument for rearranging the first 3 levels and what skills are taken. I have been thinking about scent first since I sneak with a Fiddle who takes drain first, and that could allow me to chase for first kill.

Item Build
*Like most dps, I start with a Doran's Blade.
*Next, if necessary, I will grab an Elixir of Fortitude to give me the upper hand in early game laning.
*After that, build straight to Berserker Greaves, giving me move advantage over mostly everyone since I have blood scent also. And of course +25% attack speed is necessary.
*Next is the only other item I completely focus on early game, Madred's Bloodrazer. Any Warwick knows that if you fail to build this, you fail. Seeing as most slow games I have it around level 6-10, just in time to start ganking with pouncerape.
*The next 3 items are mostly situational in order. Of course grabbing Brutalizer first for the CD reduction is key, but whether to build right into Youmuu's is a matter of how many tanks the opposing team has. Obviously Bloodthirster gives a huge advantage whenever you can get it finished. My last main item would be Phantom Dancer, as more crit and attack speed never hurt melee peeps. I added Frozen Mallet because I do feel squishy sometimes, so extra HP helps, and because the slow effect guarantees a kill most times against champs with cheap abilities that make their speed 600-700+, effectively neutralizing the advantage you get from Blood Scent.

And that's my build. Any comments and advice is greatly appreciated. I would like to improve my WW build and probably make him my main over Ashe, but I know when I need some help. Usually my K/D is about even, with a decent number of assists, but I do have games where I end up in the realm of 13/3/10 and stuff like that. Thanks to all who comment with advice and suggestions.