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Warwick Build Guide by Vapora Dark

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vapora Dark

Warwick; Infinite Sustain Old

Vapora Dark Last updated on December 11, 2011
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My History With Warwick

Hey guys, this is Vapora Dark speaking. I've been playing LoL for a bit now, and I decided to share my Warwick build with y'all ( even though I know that if it becomes used, and I face someone skilled using this build, I'll cry. ) I'm an EU player, started playing LoL over the summer holidays, and instantly liked it. Warwick was a free champion when I first started playing LoL, but everyone always picked him, so I didn't feel much like trying him out, seeing as I used to play on a really laggy computer, so I never managed to pick the character I wanted before someone else had. But I liked the idea of a character that was completely offensive, so when he came off of the free champion rotation, I bought him. I just started stacking Tiamat's and Phantom Dancer's like the noob I was, thinking it was a great build. Eventually my friend told me that I should look up a different build on google, because there were much better builds out there. Reluctantly, I did, and I stumbled across CellOne's Lanewick guide. I used it and loved it. And eventually over the course of 25 levels of gameplay, I variated my build from his ( Which is why all credits to making this build go to him ). Here, take a look at it and check it out to see how it's evolved. Lanewick - No more jungling!

I used Warwick non-stop, and for a very long time, he was the only champion I could play, simply because he was the only one I ever used. So I know exactly how he works, and have a lot of experience to share.

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So guys, this guide is going to teach you about how I play Warwick. ( I play Warwick in mid, so whenever I explain gameplay to you, I'm referring to mid, though Warwick can easily solo top, too. I find he loses potential if he lanes with a partner. ) Warwick in mid is a force to be reckoned with, believe it or not, thanks to his very large sustainability. The fact that Hungering Strike deals damage to the enemy while at the same time sustaining you leaves the perfect opening for a kill when you get your ultimate. Mastering the Mi**** playstyle guarantees you a free win so long as you get paired with decent team mates. And I'm not joking. The last full match history page I remember seeing of myself with Warwick before I started using Talon was just 1 loss, with all the rest being victories. Take my word for it, Warwick is a good mid, and you won't regret spending time to master the Midwick playstyle.

Note: The most important thing about this build is that you MUST have the seals and Quintessences displayed above. If you run out of mana while using Hungering Strike and you're not able to outrun your enemy, then playing Midwick is going to be impossible. If you don't have these runes and you try to play Midwick anyway, don't rate the guide down if you didn't do well.

Midwick is also capable of pulling off some crazy things which I don't think any other champion in the game is capable of doing. The most notable being? He can stay in lane until levels such as 12 without dying or even needing to recall, but still keep his health on high levels. This isn't necessarily the best tactic ever, but it's funny to watch the opponent keep dying and get item after item, and realize items don't make a difference when you're laning against someone 5 levels over you.

So anyway, let's get to the actual guide, shall we!

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  • Great sustainability in lane.
  • After your ultimate is up, you'll feed on them like there's no tomorrow.
  • When you get Madred's Bloodrazor, you can pretty much take out anyone that's full health just by initiating with your ultimate, Q'ing, and auto attacking once or twice if the Q didn't get the kill.
  • Even though the build is made specifically to proc items with his ult, he has massive attack speed thanks to those items. ( Which whadd'ya know, activates the effects of those items even more! )
  • He's the perfect hybrid. His ultimate deals double his AD as Magic Damage, so by stacking AD, they can't stack neither magic damage nor attack damage to cancel you out.
  • GREAT turret diver. Ult + Ignite while using ult + Q when ult ends = death
  • Great ANTI-turret diver. They turret dive you, you ult them while the turret's shooting them, ignite, Q, they die a fight they were unbelievably winning.
  • Minions are your health pots. No need to waste 35 gold on 150 health over time when Hungering Strike is free, heals for more and heals straight away.

  • Unless your opponent is some god awful ******, you're not going to get a kill until you've got your ultimate.
  • No escaping capabilities, meaning you either have to place wards, or hope your team mates will remember to call ss ( Being ganked unexpectedly will be the only cause of the downfall of a skilled Midwick using this build )
  • Silences, fears, stuns, and so on, will cancel your ultimate if you're using it.
  • Not a good initiator. You'll die straight away if you try to.
  • Needs to be faster than his opponent to land his Q. If they start off with boots you just have to hope that they'll stay still attacking minions long enough for you to land your Q a few times.
  • Not a very good minion farmer. But this isn't really a con. With Midwick, you don't farm minions. You farm champions.

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x9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
Great runes for Warwick. Not only does it make his Q and his ultimate deal more damage, it also causes items such as Wit's End, Malady, and Madred's Bloodrazor to deal more damage, as they cause your attacks to deal additional magic damage.

x9 Greater Seal of Replenishment
We don't get any mana regen items, but we depend on our spells to kill our enemies early game. So these are a must-have, not to be replaced with anything else. If you don't have these, then you should get a second Doran's ring before going after boots.

x9 Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
Lower cooldowns are quite useful. Especially considering you can spam your Q to win any 1v1 fight if your ultimate is down.

x3 Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
Warwick needs to be faster than his opponent to be able to land his Q. So these are quite important too.

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Pretty self explanatory. Magic penetration, cooldown reduction, mana regen, movement speed. Everything you could possibly want when playing Midwick.

If you want, you can switch Brute Force for Mental Force , though I think Mental Force isn't too useful, as the only spell of yours that uses AP is your Q, and 3 more damage per spell isn't really worth it. But then again, you could say the same about the AD. In the end, it's your decision. ^^

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Skill Sequence

  • Your Hungering Strike is the most important spell to maximize, aside from your ult. Deals lots of damage and heals whatever damage you took while running towards your enemy.
  • Blood Scent is the second most important. When your Q has got their health under half, you wait for your Q to cooldown, then run at them at lightning fast speed, ult them, Q them, and if somehow they're not dead yet, they can't run. ^^
  • Hunters Call is the last spell you maximize. If you want, you can take a point in it at lvl 4 rather than lvl 13. But you don't need it to kill the enemy, and the enemy is going to spend so much time dead you're not even going to need to use it to destroy your tower.
  • Infinite Duress... blessing. Most OP ability in the game, used correctly. Level it up whenever you can.

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Summoner Spells

Viable Spells

  • Flash. One of my chosen spells. Great spell for any champion, and the reason for using it is pretty obvious, so I won't explain why I pick it.
  • Ignite. Great spell too. Guarantees you a kill. Use it while you're using your ultimate if you know it's going to be enough to get the kill.
  • Heal. I used to use this spell and it really is quite useful. If you're under half health and they're on full health, just charge at them, auto attack, Q, then when your health is too low, heal. By then they should be under 50% health, so wait until your Q is ready, then ult them, Q them, and Ignite. BOOM, THAT'S HOW TO WIN A FIGHT YOU WERE LOSING. So Heal is a great spell. If you want to use it, replace Flash for it.

I've never tried using any other Summoner spells with midwick. These are most definitely the best, but you can experiment with other spells if you want.

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Item Explanation

Provides a healthy 100HP, 5 mana regen per 5 secs, AND 15 AP! That's all nice, but really, the only reason we get this is for the mana regen. If you want you can replace this for Meki Pendant, but the difference is small, and Doran's Ring will sustain you just as well. Also, your Q deals 1 damage per 1 AP. Doran's Ring gives you 15 AP, which makes your Q do 15 extra damage, which makes you heal for more. So I recommend this.

This item is great. With more movement speed than your opponent, you'll easily win. But aside from the movement speed, you know what else it does? It gives you +20% Magic penetration, and let me tell you, this is MASSIVE. Your Q will deal soooo much damage. Against squishy opponents, you just need to Q them once, wait for it to cooldown, then begin the combo I've explained so many items earlier on. Ult + Ignite + Q. BAM. They're dead. They revive. BAM, they're dead. And so on.

This item is Godly. You know how much damage your ultimate was doing before? It wasn't fulfilling its true potential. This is how your ultimate works. It deals 5 attacks to the opponent, dealing damage with every hit. This is how Madred's Bloodrazor works. Per hit, you deal 4% of your opponent's maximum health as magic damage. Your ult deals 5 attacks, which coupled with the bloodrazors, deals 20% of their health as magic damage JUST with the passive of the bloodrazors. It also gives you +30 AD. Your ultimate deals double your AD as magic damage, so as well as its passive damage, it also makes your ultimate deal 60 more damage. This means that you will lower their health down to nothing with just your ult. Talk about an OP combination!

It gives you more AS and magic resistance. Its passive? With each hit you deal 42 magic damage. With your ult you deal 5 attacks, as stated before. 5x42=210. So that's 210 more damage to your already OP ultimate. And it attack speed helps you land that magic damage even more.

I get this for the same reason I get Wit's End. It gives me 50% more AS, and another lovely passive that makes my ultimate even more OP. 20 magic damage per hit. 20x5=100

That's the core build. So, the damage from Warwick's ultimate with this build:
20% of their health + 310 magic damage + it's original damage + double your AD. I'd like to see a tank take that and not cry for their mummy. This build also easily gives you over 2 attacks per second, so you can keep dragging down their health with all your items' passives. Not to mention this attack speed also makes your passive keep you alive foreverrrr.

The last two items are actually situational, The Bloodthirster and The Black Cleaver aren't part of the official build. I just added them because Black Cleaver gives you more Attack Speed and Attack Damage, and Bloodthirster gives you more Attack Damage and Lifesteal. ( Capability of keeping your health up with just auto attacks in a 1v3 ftw? ) But if they have a hard AD carry, get a thornmail, if you want overkill, get a Guardian Angel. You know the drill.

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Playing Midwick

You start off with your Q. You just wait out until you get to level 3. You don't want to use your Q on the enemy before that because for the damage it does, it's not worth the mana cost. At level 3 you level up your Q again, then start harassing time. If your opponent is a melee, which shouldn't really happen since you're mid, you just wait for them to attack minions, Q them, then step back a bit. If your opponent is ranged, then it's trickier. The same basis applies, but they'll have enough time to see what you're doing and run back. Lots of times you can chase them down, Q them, then run back again if you have all 3 Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed's. But if they have boots then don't bother chasing. You need to be faster than them to harass them. If they start auto attacking you, then don't get out of their range, Q them, THEN get out of their range. This is because they'll take more damage than they gave, and you'll have healed the damage you did take. If this doesn't quite work and you're taking a lot of damage, you'll want to heal up on a minion. Preferably a melee minion, as they give you more health. In the circumstance that you should be under 50% health while the enemy has still got quite a lot of health, if the opponent doesn't look like they're going to harass/attack you, auto attack the minions. If the opponent IS still on the offensive, just Q the minion and keep your distance. With this tactic, you just can't die.

But something you need to keep in mind while you're harassing is that you're not harassing for the kill. You're harassing them to under 50% health and then leaving them alone, until they've recovered health, after which you Q them once again and leave them alone. You're keeping their health below 50% so that when your ultimate is finally up, you can charge at them, and use your combo. The combo is: Infinite Duress( Ultimate ), Ignite, and Hungering Strike ( Q ). They should be dead after this, and wondering how on Earth this melee fighter with no ranged movesmanaged to take down a ranged AD/Mage in a 1v1 fight. The answer of how they were defeated? Infinite Sustain. Your ultimate sustains you. Your q sustains you. Your auto attacks sustain you. Your W speeds up your auto attacks. A ranged champion SHOULD be able to beat you. But they just can't. ;(

"Why shouldn't I try to kill them before I've got my ultimate if I'm clearly winning?" The answer is simple. If they see they're about to die, they'll recall. Unless they think they still have a chance to stay in lane surviving, then the chances of you getting the kill before they recall are slim. Although, I've had so many laughs because they weren't smart enough to recall, so I just used Hungering Strike and Ignite and they'd run to their turret and die anyway. But this definitely won't happen if they're smart enough to recall. So we wait for our ult, then destroy them.

After this first guaranteed kill, if you have enough gold for Sorcerer's Shoes, get them. You'll run faster than them, meaning you'll land your Q every time. And just watch how much of a difference that 20% magic penetration does. It's funny, really. Two Q's and they'll be fit to kill with your combo again. Initiate with your ultimate, Q once, then run away from the turret laughing at how easy that kill was. And how all the kill after that are going to be. I once got 9 kills in mid on the same person in under 15 minutes, because my team mates were managing to hold their lanes and I wasn't getting ganked.

Lategame is where Midwick stops being Godly, but is still hilariously OP. There'll be team fights, so you won't be racking up kill after kill. But when the fight has started, charge at whoever's squishiest with your ultimate, Q them, then activate Hunters Call, and auto attack away, wich the occasional Q, every time it cools down. The worst mistake the enemy can make is to not focus you. Remember that Madred's Bloodrazor also takes away 4% of their health with auto attacks. You'll destroy them if they focus anyone but you. Which is why sadly, Warwick isn't too good at large teamfights. 1v1, he rules, 1v2, he rules, 1v3, depends who. But being focused on by 5 enemy champions isn't fun. Your sustain isn't good enough to withstand that onslaughter, and you'll suffer what SHOULD be your first death. Which is why I always totally rage at my team mates when they enter my lane in mid and cause every single enemy champion to enter my lane and focus me with all their CC.

Note: If you like 1v1 custom games, you'll really want to master the Midwick playstyle. You can't lose.

If everything before didn't help you learn how to play Midwick, or if you're doubtful it's even possible to play a Warwick in mid, then watch this video of someone doing it beautifully.

If Bob had been more offensive he could have easily got the first kill on teemo without a gank.

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Champions To Watch Out For

Warwick is one of the best mid'ers in the game if played correctly, but that doesn't mean there aren't champions that have got an advantage over him:

Because his spells are mostly skillshots, this makes him a very good counter to Midwick. He can harass you from a long distance in which you can't catch up to him, and if his first spell hits you and you try to use your Q on him, he will stun you and burst you, which believe me, makes him come out on top even if you Q him and run away. He may even get a kill on you just with that short burst. To beat him, unlike how you play with most champions, you have to play defensive. If he uses Pillar of Flame and misses, then you can run at him and attempt to land your Q on him. And be very careful when using your combo on him, seeing as as soon as you come out of your ultimate, he'll immediately stun you.

Even knowing all this, unless you're a very skilled Midwick, Brand has a very big advantage over you, so if you're new to Midwick/haven't been playing him for too long, let someone else mid.

Caitlyn can be a tough cookie if she plays smart with her traps. Just try and either push your minions ahead of her traps, or try and pull her minions behind them. When running at her to land your Q, make sure you run to the side suddenly to dodge the inevitable Piltover Peacemaker. And if she gets you on low health and uses her ultimate, dear god, don't run... Go to the nearest minion, auto attack, Q, whatever you need to do to get your health up. A smart Caitlyn would harass you and run back whenever she sees that you're going to attack her. If she does this, just play defensive until she comes too close, then Q.
Not too hard to beat in mid. The problem I find is that quite often Nidalee players choose to start off with boots. You spend so much time trying to land your Q on her that she harasses you for ages before you finally land the first hit on her. But once you get Sorcerer's Shoes, just make sure to avoid her spears and don't rely on Ignite to finish her off ( because of her heal ) and you'll do fine.
Well, she's a problem for ANY champion, so yeah... Land your Q as often as possible. Watch out for her silence. If she lands that snaring thing on you don't bother trying to run from her, just run AT her and use your Q. ( Or if she's on low health, ulti to her, which will interrupt the process of her snare )
He's not really THAT much of a threat. Later on your Q heals for more than his healing ability does. Just two things to watch out for. The first, just make sure you're taking into account that his heal ability has more range than yours, so make sure you'll have enough space to run after him if you try to counter-heal. The second, try not to do the standard combo you use with everyone else: Turret dive with Infinite Duress + Hungering Strike + Ignite. Because one of his abilities allows him to sink into the ground and make him untargetable, meaning you won't be able to use your Q on him until he comes back up. So when fighting him don't turret dive until you think Infinite Duress and Ignite on their own will be enough to get a kill.