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League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilGermanSquirrel

Warwick - Jump over a wall

EvilGermanSquirrel Last updated on January 12, 2011
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Utility: 9

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When you saw the title of this build, you're probably thinking 'What the heck is this guy talking about?! This is probably going to be a stupid build.' First things first, this is NOT a stupid spam build. I am actually trying to make a good build here. And just in case you were wondering, the title is referring to a little cool trick I learned once I found out about Wriggle's Lantern. Look for it in the Tips section.

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Summoner Spells

Now as we all know, Warwick is tied for the best jungler ever (the other being Udyr). Half the time, junglers take ghost so they can gank lanes faster. I say, 'why would you have ghost if you have a haste move? That's why I chose Exhaust - Warwick does have a haste move, but he doesn't have a CC, which is usually necessary to gank someone (The Lizard buff pretty much is a CC). Also, Exhaust can be used defensively if necessary.

A lot of people think that smite is needed for a jungler. Not so with WW - his first ability is almost as good in the damage department AND heals WW AND can be used ten times as much, so I think that smite is pretty bad for WW. Flash, however, is extremely useful in almost any situation. If you are getting owned by major CCers, you can flash over a wall to escape. Also, I'm pretty sure flash works when you are stunned, although it might not.

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For WW, unless you absolutely suck, you are going to want 21 in Offense. The 9 in Utility is pretty much standard among any jungler. The only reason I got Good Hands is because it's better than getting Spacial Accuracy or Haste and I needed another point in Utility. I chose Offensive Mastery in stead of Sorcery because I am pretty sure that it works not only on minions but on monsters also. If it does, fighting something major at the beginning like the Aincient Golem, Lizard Lord, or even the Dragon is a whole lot easier.

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Skill Sequence

There's not much to explain here. Level up hungering strike first, then hunter's call with one level of blood scent, then finish blood scent getting infinite duress whenever you can. (The only time that I wouldn't level my ulti up as soon as possible is if I'm Udyr or Twisted Fate. TF's ulti is not so important to level up once it is level 1, because I think all that it gives you is cooldown.)

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The marks and quintessences of desolation are great to help against those annoying armor stacking tank maniacs like rammus or malphite. At the beginning, Warwick has a very low mana pool, so the glyphs of intellect help a lot with that.
I find that WW's main annoyer is casters, especially ones with stuns like Annie or Veigar. They deceptively do tons of damage while staying out of reach all the while. The seals of warding help repel those noobs.

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In this build, I go a lot for damage, like any WW should, but I also go for armor penetration.
Madred's Razors are a great jungling tool for WW, but if you aren't going to jungle, you will want to buy berserker's greaves first. Once you have the needed lifesteal from Wriggle's Lantern, your first big item should be The Black Cleaver (speaking of which, when I heard the name of the item, I though it would be more like Mundo's Cleaver, not an axe - oh well). Here's why I love the Cleaver with WW. Once you start with your ultimate ability, their defense is already lowered all the way from the Cleaver. Once you have the Brutalizer (which I love for it's price), their defense is practically non-exsistent. My next favorite item - Wit's End. When you attack, it takes away up to 41 mana (each attack) and turns it into damage. Basically, when you attack, you leave them with no mana. No mana = no escape (unless perchance they have the quicksilver sash and shurelya's reverie, which doesn't happen often). If you get enough money, you can now buy the bloodthirster, but usually you don't get enough money for that. IF the game is still going on, you can finish The Brutalizer into Youmuu's Ghostblade, which is excellent for chasing.

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During the Game

Early Game

Start off by killing the minions of the Aincient Golem. Then go kill the wolf camp. If you don't have enough health, use your health potion. After you are healed enough, kill the Golem. (Monsters do not respawn until you have killed them all, which is why I said to kill only the minions of the Golem first.)
Soon you should be able to take out the Lizard. Once you do this, if you are high enough, choose a suitable lane to gank. Hopefully you and your teammates will be able to kill them since you have the Lizard buff.

Mid Game
By now you should be starting The Black Cleaver. You should go and kill the dragon now. The extra gold will be good for your team. Once you have The Black Cleaver, gank more people. Most likely, the tank will be the one least expecting it.

Late Game
Once you have Wit's End, it's time to go on a killing rampage. Aim for the caster(s) if there are any, then go for the tanks. Just be careful against other DPSers. Master Yi is the hardest to kill if he stays and fights.

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Here are some useful tips. When you are running away and don't have flash or exhaust, there is a foolproof (almost) trick. Lead your opponent into the jungle or river. Run into some grass, then stop and wait until they almost get in. Run towards them right before they reach the grass, and they will run right past you for a second. (Look at the official Lux champion spotlight gameplay by Phreak and you will see what I mean.)
Another tip is similar. If you are running in the jungle and there are two walls next to you on the right and left, flash over the one closer to their base. With any luck, they will run off chasing you when you are actually recalling in the opposite direction.
Now for the trick with Wriggle's Lantern. Have you ever seen someone go into the grass to recall from the other side of a wall and you don't have flash and can't get around in time? If you use Wriggle's Lantern right into the brush, you can now target them with your ultimate. Instakill!

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Well, I hope you like this build. Any positive comments are welcome.
By the way, I am not making you comment to vote just cause. I hate those spammers that vote down for everyone.

|!^3 German Squirrel