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Warwick General Guide by frostwolf1225

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League of Legends Build Guide Author frostwolf1225

Warwick, PvP bot build.

frostwolf1225 Last updated on December 8, 2012
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This is my own personal setup. You may find a setup of your own you like better if so please let me know and i would like to try it. I came upon a Warwick setup that i liked a lot but it was taking too long to get the gear and i wasnt doing enough damage. I seen a problem in hat so this is what i have come up with. Enjoy. Please don't be too hard on me it is my first guide and build that i have posted. thank you.

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Items and why.

Doran's Shield just for the 100 hp mainly. Then on to the berserkers greaves, 1.) for the movement speed 2.) the +20 attack speed. After that you will want the Vampiric Sceptor, the life steal comes in handy. Stinger i have recently started using and feel in love with the 10% cooldown that comes with the +40 attack speed. On to the Statikk shiv, Excellent attack speed boost great crit strike chance and more movement speed. The unique passive is good for minions. Phantom dance= more attack speed and crit chance + no more getting stuck on minions (YAY!!!!). If at this point you can make it to the Atma's Impaler then you are luckier than I. more crit chance, the extra attack damage based on health is great, plus a little armor to make you more durable.

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skill sequence

This is my own personal ability build. I was following another one but i found it to be, well, much slower of a tempo for me. You want to max out hungering strike by level 9 for the sheer damage it can do at rank 5 as well as the 80% heal to you(comes in handy in a 2v1 situation). I use blood scent before hunters call just for the fact that when a unit falls below 50% health they typically try to run, that extra boost of speed mixed with hunters call and hungering strike will help finish off the enemy either while on the run or before they get the chance to.


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