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Warwick Build Guide by Price775

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Price775

Warwick Tank

Price775 Last updated on August 3, 2011
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Warwick is an amazing character to play. He heals, tanks, and destroys. If you play him right, you can just sit there attacking minions healing with lifesteel while the other champion is attacking you(as long as their using basic attacks)

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Why I chose Warwick

I chose Warwick because of his amazing health regen. I did not choose him because of his jungleing(I don't know how to jungle). The surpess was an added bonus.

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The first build I went with Vampric Sceptre so that you wouldn't have to go back often, regrowth just sweetened the deal. After that I decided I just needed some speed for the time being. However I kept running out of mana so I decided to get Philosiphers. After getting ruby crystal for max health I needed some more attack speed for more lifesteal. It was all smooth riding from then on.

An alternative is to get warmogs before Force of Nature to maximize health.

The secound build I got vampric first of corse. After that I got ruby crystal so you wouldn't die as often, then of corse boots of speed to help with that. Meki Pendent obviously so that you get more mana. Berserkers Greaves of corse for the attack speed and movment speed. Then I got Dagger for more attack speed. After that warmogs for more health, and then I got some dps items to help with the killing.

An alternative to black cleaver would be infinity blade.

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I went with alot of defence, I could have went with a ton of utility but then it wouldn't allow Warwick to tank as easily. Another good way to go would be alot of attack and little defence, this would boost his lifesteal a ton. Mana regen is really good for early game domination, however if you want to win in the long run I would suggest going with health and attack like I have it set up to be. Really, it's up to you.

Of corse on the secound build it being more Dps ish I got alot of attack masteries and mana.

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Summoner Spells

I always use Healand flashno matter what I'm playing as it's a great escape combo. Some games I don't ever use heal because I always wait untill the last secound so they keep following me into a turret, then I use warwicks ult and surpress them in the turret.

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Team Work

If you have a good team with you a good plan is having them hide in bushes then trying to get low health. After that you run away and surpress them near bushes. That usualy gets a kill depending on what characters there playing.

While playing warwick you can have your teamate go back and heal a lot, this allows them to kill champions easily(asuming their not a support) warwick is good at harrasing due to his heal. He can harras, even let them attack you, and then just heal.

If you are playing against supports or tanks, you can have whoever your laning with(asuming you're not in the middle) go and gank a lot or push other lanes. Not only does that help your team, it helps you too because the enemy champions who are in your lane have to go relive preasure on other lanes, this allows you to push.

If you're a high level and have Force of Nature you could solo Baron. But it's best to bring one teamate along. In addition if you kill the dragon alot you will give you and your team alot of gold and this helps you and your team get your builds more quickly resulting in a win.

The secound build is more of a solo, it is much easier with that build to solo top or bottom, maybe even middle. As it has more health earlier you can defend easier and heal to more, but you don't have as much health regen. This means you will have to go back a lot more.

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It's really easy to farm with warwick if you go ahead of the minions and attack a wave of the other teams minions that's coming you usualy kill them all and heal too. But watch out for MIA players, they could gank you at any time. Another way to farm with warwick is obviously jungleing.

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I went with alot of mana regen on runes because you don't have alot early in the game. Another great alternitive would be to get alot of health, this would help you before you get warmog's. If you want to get alot of attack runes you could heal more easily and kill enemy champions.

On the secound build I went with alot of damage and attack speed runes, this alows you to kill easier.

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How to heal easily

If there's no enemy champions in your lane healing wouldn't be a problome. But if there are a good way to heal would be to use your heal on the minions, and run back. This not only heals you but it irritates the enemy. Once you have enough health you can heal off the enemey champion directly. This is the most annoying way to heal.

Another way would be to jungle the easier monsters for a little bit and then do the above.

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In conclusion, if you play warwick right you should win. Warwick is pretty easy to master, you should be owning in no time!

my first game with this build in a 5v5 normal was 14-0-3(the other people were kinda bad). I chalange you to do better!

I don't use the secound build as much because I usualy get alot of kills with the first build too. This gives you more health and more damage, but a lot less health regen. You may be a lower level but at the same time getting more kills.

The first build allows you to stay with the fight longer, this results in a higher level. You will not however get more kills the the secound build(or shouldn't)

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Pros / Cons


    Healing, it takes about 30secounds of killing minions to go from none to full health
    Surpressing, surpressing is good because it can help your teamates get away or turn around and kill them. You can also hold them in turrets.
    Speed, if you get an enemey champion below 50% health you will be
MUCH faster and will be able to get away or attack them.
After completing the build you can turret camp for atleast 15 secounds without dieing, that allows you to turret dive easily

    The surpress not only supresses them but only allows you to attack them at the same time.
    With this build you will not have alot of health early in the game, which prevents you from tanking 3+ enemeys at once.