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Warwick Build Guide by Superior77

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Superior77

Warwick Tank jungle!!

Superior77 Last updated on June 9, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 21

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Summoner Spells

I use Exhaust for helping my team chasing the enemy laner.And of course is important when the enemy laner is powerful against me and my team.Other options are ghost or flash.Flash is not so advisable because even if you flash you cant chase an enemy if he is not under 50% life,but ghost is the most known for Ww tank jungle,it gives him extra movement speed and with his e he is powerful.I prefer exhaust and I think it's more convenient for me.

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I use 9 in Offence so Warwick can have magic penetration to deal more damage with Q and his Ultimate and cooldown reduction.I use also 3/3 on Brute Force to have more damage,but Ww needs only in Butcher because it isnt necessary for Ww to have more damage to minions.21 in Defense is for Ww to be as tanky as it can be with the Masteries(Also tanky in minions because of the Tough Skin and Bladed Armor)...I Have also a Cd reduction from Elightenment and some Movement Speed when i am below 70% life(which helps my E) from Initiator...

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Flat Armor Seal:This what a jugnler needs for the beginning,for not dying to the damage of minions.
Magic Resist/per lvl Glyph:During the game Magic resist must be in Warwick for the first gangs in mid.
Flat Attack Damage Marks:A damage that helps Warwick at the beginning at the gangs and at the jungle.They also help the camps,mostly the first as I'll say in the chapter: ''Tips about jungling with Ww''.
Armor penetration Quintessence:With these runes the camps are even more quick.

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Skills order


I max W at the first level because it is very importany for the first to camp to finihs it quickly.Then i level up Q and E...Until i have my Q 5 level...This helps me not to go back very often,because of the heal.Afterwards E must be leveled up,the gangs with E will be much easier.W is the last skill,because I think that Q,E are more important than W and help Ww be a threat to the enemy laner.Of course at 6,11,16 level I max the R(ultimate)

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Item Builds

Both builds focus on Warwick being tanky but also have the damage that he needs(escpecially in the first one).

1st Item Build:This build is usually for Ww staying in battle and not dying easily.This build is preffered as a second tank in the team,for helping the first of the team.Frozen Heart gives me cooldown so my spells are more spamable.Giving me a Attack Speed Reduction to all nearby enemies is a very good passive,a perfect tanky passive for an item.Guardian Angel gives me a chance not to die and respawn while my team is still fighting.These items gives me numerous armor and this helps me if enemy ADs are powerful against Ww.I end with removing the Wriggle's Lantern and taking a Bloodthirster because of the damage that I need and of course the lifesteal(Mostly the passive,because i already have Wriggle's Lantern).

2st Item Build:This build is for Ww to be the first tank who goes and bullies all the enemies.Randuin's Omen passive and active is very important for my team for chasing the enemies,a good slow which also helps my E spell.Bansees give me the opportunity to ignore the first spell and usually this happen when I ulti the carry of the team.

Boths builds Items:Wriggle's is very important throughout the game,because you can have a free
ward,it also gives damage,lifesteal and armor(All the things a jungler need).Frozen Mallet is an OP item for Ww.It gives lots of life and a little damage,but the important is its slow,which allows Ww in mix with his E to chase all the enemies he finds.Wit's End gives Ww attack speed and magic resist,which is more when Ww hit.Giving a bonus of magic with my hits makes it a very good item for Ww.Mercury's are the most preferable boots for tank Ww as he needs tenacity.

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Tips about jungling with Ww

When you start,tell your team to go to the enemy red buff to steal it(if the enemy is no cost dont do that)...You start by their wraiths and then red.You there ask your team to help you with the wraiths(you pull) and pull red(I usually dont use smite there...but you can use if you want)!After red you go to gang either mid or top(if it the enemy red is near top).You try to force the enemy to use flash or his escape tool and if u kill him,its good!Then you go to your blue to have the mana regen for you.You farm all your jungle and then go ganging(exept if u are low hp and now potion).Then go back buying the item i suggest and some wards...You want to ward enemy's blue or red buff so you can steal it.You can ward drake(its preferable the supports to do that).You can also ward the top or mid if they havent already done it...You keep ganging lanes or covering your ally,but keep in mind that you also need to farm so farm your jungle when you get the opportunity.You should kill drake at 6 lvl with you teamates but keep in mind the enemies that may come...You should also baron after 20:00 minutes when you and your team have the get the chance(usually after 2 or more kills).

PS1:Try to gang with red buff...Warwick cant gang well without red buff or ulti..
PS2:Keep always open you E,exept when you go gang a lane where the enemy champion is low on hp...
PS3:Dont stay long at lanes and jugnle with low hp...Go back and buy!
PS4:In teamfights you usually have to ulti the ad carries or the ap carries,because of the damage!

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You can help if you want!!!

This how I play Ww so if you have something to say,do it,but please be nice!All the comments are acceptable.

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Thanks for reading it,