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Warwick Build Guide by makaham

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author makaham

WarWick the blood hunter

makaham Last updated on October 23, 2011
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these is my build when i play ww.Ww can be played as a jungler or as a laner.i prefer playing him as a laner because he is far powerful and his lifesteal is helping him not getting killed in early game.Also he is staring to get momentum when he reach and pass lvl 10 and of course at late game.

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Pros / Cons


+ Greatest jungler
+ Natural lifesteal
+ Superb ganker
+ Best chaser thanks to Blood Scent


- He can be found when jungling with Clairvoyance
- Ultimate can be disrupted
- Leaves 1 champion for 2v1 lane

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So for our runes we will need :

9 Greater Mark Of Desolation Which gives you a nice armor pen so you can kill the enemy more quickly.

9 Greater Seal Of Resilience Which gives your champion some armor which in many battles and specially early battles it may save your life.

9 Greater Glyph Of Focus With this runes your abilities will pop up faster then the usual so you can dominate your opponent faster using your abilities.

3 Greater Quintessence And last but not least for our 3 last big runes i use armor pen so i can increase it allot more.

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OFFENSE In the offense category i have 21 to 30 mastery which gives my champion a nice damage,quick speed ,some armor pen,and cooldowns so warwick can damage quick and heavy and use his abilities more often.

UTILITY At the utility category i have 9 to 30 mastery giving my champion some mana regen and quicker xp so he can level up faster and a 1 gold per 10 seconds so you can full build him a little more quicker.

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DAMAGE,ATTACK SPEED,LIFESTEEL,ARMOR So my items are based on attack speed,damage,lifesteal and armor:

DAMAGE For our first peace of items i use damage so warwick can damage allot and if you are playing warwick as a jungler this damage can get you a dragon.

ATTACK SPEED In the second peace of items i use attack speed which is very usefull in warwick of getting some kills allot faster.

LIFESTEAL Here i use lifesteal which helps warwick not getting killed and kill an enemy champion at the same time.Lifesteal can also get you a baron at late game by yourself.

ARMOR Last but not least we have a bit of armor getting warwick the advantage of not getting killed quickly when he gets ganged and again if you are playing warwick as a jungler armor is the first thing you want to unlock.

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Skill Sequence

ETERNAL THIRST this is Warwicks passive which each of Warwick's attacks will heal him for 6/12/18 health.Each successive attack against the same target will restore increasing amounts of health to Warwick.

HUNGERING STRIKE so this skill gives you alot of dmg dealt to the enemy champion or minion and gives you alot of lifesteal.I prefer getting this first at lvl 5 because it will give you a very good change to finish the enemy champ and stay alive

HUNTERS CALL ok so this skill increases your attack speed allot giving you the opportunity if you have a very good lifesteal build to quickly kill the champion and loose a lit of hp i prefer starting this at lvl 1 then when i finish the hunters strike i quickly upgrade this to lvl 5

BLOOD SCENT ok so in this skill you get the chance to "smell the enemies blood" that means if the enemy champ is under his 50% if his hp and he is in range(increases in every upgrade)then you increase your movement speed.This skill is my last skill i upgrade to lvl 5 cos it only upgrade the range.

INFINITE DURESS and last but not least ww has his ultimate which gives him a very short stun and dmg to the enemy and leafesteal at the same time.This ultimate can be used to finish of a champ or stun them so you and your teammate can gang him and finish him off.

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Summoner Spells

EXHAUST i use exhaust so i can slow my enemies down so i and my teammate can get the kill or i slow them to escape a battle that looks lost.

IGNITE my second spell is ignite which it only gives me the change to kill an enemy champ if he gone back to the tower or used his ultimate(F.EX tryn).Its a bit bothering but if you are using it it does the job.

FLASH now i would not recommended this cos i think its useless but if you like getting away of battles or getting in to battles easily then the flash is what you need.

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Team Work

Now in this chapter we will discuss how we can support our teammates in battle.So when you are laning with your teammate i suggest you start a fight cos of your unique lifesteal and attack speed,dont get scared of your opponent,get scared only if its in early game cos warwick isnt good at fighting alone before level 6.Now one good strategy is to get a enemy champion with your ultimate,that will hold him to the same place for a few seconds and striking really fast,in that moment its a good chance for your teammate to get in to the battle and get the kill faster.If the enemy champ escapes with lower then 50% health then with your blood scent skill you can chase him down and finish him off.Now i would suggest the champion you grab with your ultimate is not a tank or a champion who is a supporter,focus on the champs who can do allot of damage to your lane.

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so this is my first guide of how i prefer playing warwick.Hope i help you guys a bit.Please rate my guide and feel free to leave a comment with your opinion about my guide and warwick.Thanks for your time.