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Warwick Build Guide by Toxxin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Toxxin

Warwick- The Elo Hunter fully in depth warwick guide

Toxxin Last updated on September 25, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys Toxxin here, I am a adamant Warwick player on EUW and I am here to give you an in-depth guide to one of my favourite champions and maybe show you some tips and tricks to things you might not know :)

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Skill Sequence

all the runes masteries and such are in the quick guide above, so i do not feel its necessary to put it in again. but basically it is all pretty straight forward regarding skill sequence except level 3 and 4. you may notice i rank up q at lvl 3 again and leave my e for lvl 4, this is because warwick is not meant to be ganking pre lvl 6 for obvious reasons, so getting a second rank in q will help with jungle clearing because of its increase in damage and sustain which will in turn help you get level 6 earlier :D

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moving on to the item build more in depth. when i jungle warwick i enjoy buying a hunters machete, 1 health potion and 1 pink ward/green ward, i then place my pink ward in my red bush which onlooks river so i can tell if i am being invaded or not.i then farm my entire a jungle until level 6 or until i reach 1300 gold, this can then buy me a madreds and boots of mobility plus a ward (might have to sell your potion)now you are probably wondering why i buy the potion in the first place if i might just sell it first back, this is incase something does go wrong or i am invaded, other wise warwick is one of the few junglers that does not require potions. however after my mobi boots and madreds buy i enjoy getting a cutlass before finishing off my wriggles, this is because wriggles is pretty much useless until 28 stacks when im about to get a feral flare.the cutlass buy is to ensure more successful ganks, especially with mobi boots in your pocket as well.

after i finish blade of the ruin king and wriggles i generally buy sunfire cape, for a few reasons. it pretty much does the same damage as a wits end with the ultimate duration, it is AoE damage and allows you to be more tanky. after which i get a wits end for magic resist and more attack speed. and my final item is a spirit visage normally, if not i substitute it for a banshees veil.

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Unique Skills

now heres the part of the guide everyone skips to,unique skills. in this chapter i will go over a few simple practices and tips that most people generally dont know.

1)when i jungle and my bot lane or whatever has earned a kill on their opponent i generally run to their lane and use my w to kill tower, this makes games go alot faster as you destroy stuctures a ton faster.
2)keeping on the subject of your w, most people do not understand its capability in a team fight, if you w next to your adc and ulti theirs, your team should immediatly win that team fight if your positioning and co ordination is alright.
3) when laning ( i know its a jungle guide but hey) and you are struggling to stay in lane, ignore the enemy and just q off of the minions, reasoning behind this is that the minions do not have magic resist and you heal for more because of this.
4) a good warwick is always looking for a gank when his ultimate is up and always farming when its down, and no that does not mean lane taxing, that means getting those feral flare stacks up.
5) when your scanner and dragon are up once you have your madreds, its a free sneaky dragon!

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closing notes.

thanks for reading this guide guys, please be sure to check out my youtube channel really means alot, please comment and enjoy warwicking.:)