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League of Legends Build Guide Author IIAZERTYUIOPII

Warwick : Time to Hunt

IIAZERTYUIOPII Last updated on November 16, 2010
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Hello all , welcome to the Blood Hunter guide.
First of all Warwick is THE jungler. Don't even try to lane with: jungle is WW's kingdom, and if you try to prevent him from jungling, he may rebel and attack his summoner.

A. Summoner spells:

The spell you NEED with warwick is haste. Allows you to escape when ganked in the jungle (harder to escape with smite, isn't it?), and to chase ennemies (plz notice that exhaust only allows you to chase ONE ennemy).
For the other spell, i played a lot with heal, allows you to surprise the ennemy and to take a lot of damage. Now i prefer cleanse, cause those who annoy you as Warwick is those who prevent you from lifestealing/healing with your passive. You do not want to stop outhealing them all? Cleanse is the solution.

If you play 3v3, revive is a great spell instead of cleanse/heal.
As you can 1v2 at least, revive can turn a lose into a win; moreover, the bonus speed you gain from revive + haste + passive + dancers will make a powerballing rammus look like a turtle, which he almost is, indeed.

B. Masteries:

The only thing you really NEED with Warwick is the 30% buff duration in utility tree.
So i usually go 9/0/21 for the 15% magic pen and 3% cdr in offense, and all the nice things in utility (6% cdr, more exp, less time spent dead, mana reg, improved haste, 3% move speed, 15% cdr on summoner spells and bonus gold).
If you chose heal, you can go 0/9/21 for improved heal, additionnal dodge and nimbleness.

C. Runes:

I tried many runes with Warwick, and AS runes for red are an obvious choice for pushing towers / boost your passive. I take AS quints for the same reason. Dodge runes are going to save you sometimes, and are great for nimbleness if you went 0/9/21. With the cdr runes and masteries, you reach 17.1 cdr at lvl 18, that's to say 40% cdr with blue buff. The Blood Hunter do not need items to reach 40% cdr, cause he controls jungle.

D. Items:

Berzerker's gives you even more AS, simply the best choice. Go magic pen if you really want to, mobility if you wanna have fun. Mercs are not needed cause you want your Bloodrazor asap and you already got cleanse to counter CC's.
Bloodrazor is the obvious choice with Warwick. Razor makes your jungle ALOT faster, and Bloodrazor adds 20% their max health to your ult in addition of giving you the AS you love. Without blue buff, your Q has got a 5sec cd. So Q + R makes 40% of their life in burst + another 20% each 5sec + 8% per sec with 2.0 AS, that's to say 100% of their max health 5sec after ult. If the ennemy tanks stacks hp or if a carry goes for a frozen, they will pay for it. AND THAT IS ONLY MAGICAL DAMAGE !!! Add this to your ult's base damage + your physical attacks + red buff most of the time, and enjoy.

If you think you really need mr, go for Banshee before Bloodthirster. If not, pick your Bloodthirster, try to charge it and be careful not to die with. You don't want to lose 40 AD and 10% lifesteal. You really don't. You have got enough AS now, but you want your ult to do even more dmg and to heal even more while hitting? Bloodthirster is perfect for that. If the game is hard, it is better to choose Black cleaver : boosts ult too and you do not lose anything upon death.

After this, your third item will be a banshee veil, cause you need some health and mr in end game. If you are owning, if ennemy casters do not annoy you, you can go for a 2nd bloodthirster or a Black cleaver instead.

Your last item will be Guardian angel. In a tough fight, even a 750 hp ww can own remaining ennemies with his insane heal from passive + lifesteal + Q spell. Moreover, armor will be handy if you take some tower's hits or if there is a fed carry in the ennemy team.

N.B. : These item build is the best for 5v5. For 3v3 you don't want to jungle but solo lane so madred is less useful. Phantoms dancers + Bloodthirster are better 3v3. Your ult won't do much damage, but you will 1v3 easily if there is no hard burst caster like Annie in the other team, and nobody will escape thks to bonus move speed from dancers. I owned many ww's who were playing with bloodrazors on a 3v3, try it, you'll like it!

E. Gameplay :

I. Early jungle, first gank :

So at the beginning, you want the blue buff which will make your jungle just as easy as spamming Q and Z. Pick armor cloth and some hp pots if you are a beginner with WW, if not, just choose boots and pots for faster ganking/faster xp in the jungle.
In ranked games, you will often be ganked early. If you are the only jungler in the game, begin with the ennemy golem (yes, it works! If not totally safe, ennemy golem is a MUCH MORE safer place than yours.)
After blue, go wolwes, red buff and golems (or golems and red buff, depending on which lane you want to gank at level 4). In general ganking will be easier on top or bot lane.

Explain to your admirative allies that is Time to Hunt and that they should let the ennemies come a little, then just pop out of jungle with boots/red buff/haste/your passive. They can not escape, they CAN NOT run away from the Blood Hunter.
Even if your allies are getting harassed hard and they can help you much, even if ennemies decide to attack you (Lol? My food trying to attack me?), your second spell , heal or cleanse, will give you the edge.

After your kill, and especially if you ganked mid, stay on the lane for xp and pushing tower with Z spell. Warwick is a great tower pusher, especially with the AS runes/quints i use.
After this, look at your map and if another gank is possible, go ! With your 30% duration masteries, red buff lasts long enough.

II. Mid game jungle, other ganks:

When you back for the first time, you should have berzerker's graves and madred's razor at least. Begin your Bloodrazor if possible.

Pick blue buff (easier if you began with ennemy buff !); if somebody in your team really needs it, allow him to enter your jungle and finish off golem. For once.
After this clear small camps and kill drake (Do i really need to say why you want to kill drake? Any creep on the map need to realize jungle belongs to YOU. We'll explain this to Nashor later, be patient.)

Now you are lvl 6 and even without red buff, your ultimate makes you a ganking machine.
Try to make a kill on a lane next to the living red buff, so you pick him just after.
Though, do not forget to push turret before you come back in your kingdom.

The following of your mid game will just be others ganks, pick buffs and kill drake each time you can. Go to your base when you can afford Bloodrazor. Begin Banshee's veil or Bloodthirster or Black cleaver.

III. End game:

If you did a really nice early/mid game, game is over before you finish your 2nd item.
If not, say hello to end game and teamfights. When you have got madred + a blood thirster, you can go solo nashor while your team does something else to distract them like pushing a turret (ennemy team can not send only one guy to you when you nashor cause you rape who you wants 1v1, but they also won't defend their turret 3v4). Before doing this, place a 150g ward at nashor and destroy their ward if there is one, it will disturb them to a surprisingly high degree.

In a team fight, use Z for the AS boost first. Then, that you want is lifesteal on low armor carries/casters. Just jump on the more dangerous one (hi twitch), destroy him with your insane magical/phyiscal damage and proceed to the following guy.
Thanks to cleanse, even when your team is caught in ammumu/galio ult , you can still jump on the ennemy aoe dps and neutralize him. Your team just won the fight thanks to you.

Of course, there are often some low hp ennemies trying to escape after this. Time to Hunt you said? True. You just see them everywhere thank's to your passive. Right click on them, and do something else. When you ear that the Blood Hunter scored an ace, come back to the game and destroy their base. Win.

F. Some general considerations :

Warwick brings much to a team, but he can not win the game alone. Even if you begin with 4/0 when laning phase is over, even if you dominated early, you can not do much to save your team from his own uselessness, when a good shen, galio or sona can carry even a ******ed team to win. If you want to win EACH game, play Warwick with a friend to coordinate ganks and teamfights. However, if more than 80% wins in normal games are enough for you, this can be done easily with Warwick (and this guide :P).

I said before that you could rape everybody 1v1 (and often 1v2, 1v3 if you are fed early and there is not many burst dmg). There are still heroes you hate :

- Rammus cause he won't stack hp but armor, cause he will taunt you and he can even chase you or escape with powerball.
- Jax cause jax is truly the king of 1v1, I am afraid that even cleanse won't help you (but you will escape thank's to your passive though)
- Nunu won't do you much dmg, especially with banshee veil, but even when he is under 50% hp and you have got red buff, you can not chase that ****ing yeti. Blood boil + ice bolt. He always escapes.
- Malzahar when he ults on you. Can't even cleanse. Be careful, you are a bit squishy if you don't heal with your lifesteal/passive*Q spell.
- Nidalee cause she always soils your kingdom with her traps. Make her pay for this when you see her.
- Other Warwick who bought grandma's or urf skin. These are just sooooo epic :D

Finally, enjoy ! Warwick is one of the most funny heroes to play with,especially when chasing / jumping out of jungle with ult and feast on your prey.
If you wanna have fun, try to beat my record : with only boots and a cloth armor, i had 6873 gold when i died (was on rampage). Done a 29/0/2 on a 3v3 once too. Never more than a triple kill though; WW is not a multikiller, and as they alway flee when you are fed, the time it takes to catch them prevents you from doing quadras or pentas. But they die.

Please do not malus without comments. Sorry for the poor english.