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Warwick Build Guide by Aumar

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aumar

Warwick's Bloodthirsty Offense

Aumar Last updated on October 5, 2011
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Alright, so I may be laughed at by some of you for this build but I don't care, it's my first guide and I know that this build works. This build is effective and not all that unreasonable in price due to the fact that it is a dominion build (you gain gold pretty quickly over time). All that I ask is that you don't knock it until you try it, though friendly criticism is always welcome.

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Onto the subject of what runes our cuddly little bloodthirsty beastman will be using. I have a very simple rune layout that focuses on attack speed and armor penetration. I have found that most players don't focus on a few simple stats, and instead put runes all over the place.... that is just stupid. The bonuses given by runes are meager, barely worth the effort if you are going to jump around and at higher levels they are bloody EXPENSIVE!!! So a word of advice: "Just pick a stat or two and go with it, the small bonuses awarded by runes do stack so use this brilliant concept to fit your characters to your play style." -Aumar the Magnificent

I chose to stack 9 Greater Mark of Desolation because it makes a huge difference on Warwick. Warwick's Ultimate makes great use of this armor penetration and coupled w/ , tanks and champions with a lot of armor or health will bother you no longer. All of the rest of my standard runes were focused on attack speed because I generally like to play a very offensive Warwick style. I'm not a very big fan of defensive WW because he is basically useless, either you have so much health and/or armor or lifesteal that you have no damage output and get focused because you are a nuisance and not a real threat or..... there is no or actually.

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OK so the masteries I chose may look a little different than most run of the mill mastery layouts, but there is a reason for that. This is a DOMINION guide, there are no creeps to jungle and only two buffs (actually one, the speed buff's duration is tiny so it doesn't really count) on the entire map. So my mastery build, 25/0/5, is designed to maximize Warwick's offensive capabilities and give him a little bit of an edge when defending a capture point.

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SO you have probably noticed me stressing the offensive specialization of this build, and you are probably wondering why I chose as the first item. Well you can't be a bad *** werewolf killing machine if you have an awful start right? So survivability is the way to go off the bat. Also the +15% to self heal (i.e. Warwicks natural lifesteal passive) is a must!
Next I get the because they give you a little bit of an edge when you are running to capture points, chasing enemies, escaping etc. But I don't finish them into anything yet because it is secondary, get the speed after you can utilize it effectively.
The third item i work on, and the second one to be finished after the spirit visage is . This little beauty is the replacement for Madred's Bloodrazor and is quite a bit cheaper to boot. The reason I incorporate this into my build is because every single Dominion match I have played is centered around tanks and how they control the map. Not only does the true damage effect come in handy when fighting somebody with alot of armor, the attack speed and extra attack damage is a nice bonus too. Also if you have armor pen. runes, then an ulty on a tank with this item in your arsenal is sure to put them at close to half health if not lower!
After I have these two extremely useful items completed, it is time for my WW to be a little faster on his feet. So here is where I deviate a little from what I actually have posted. The boots you pick during a match are completely situational, I don't care what any body else says that is the truth. It is also a matter of your particular play style. Say you have a great start and you are demolishing anybody who comes within claw distance, but you are to slow to actually get the finishing blow off on them (it is an infuriating feeling, I would know). Well then you would want to get the +3 bonus to movement speed. But if you have no difficulty catching your prey than maybe you want to just kill them faster in which case the boots w/ the bonus to attack speed would help. There are other options also, like I said this item is completely dependent on the player and the course of the game.
The next item that I normally get is the . Yes I am aware of how expensive this item is but it is completely worth every penny. The stats on this item are amazing, and it is crucial to the core of this build. Another thing to remember is that money is not nearly as big of an issue in Dominion as it is in Summoner's Rift or the Twisted Treeline. Money is gathered much quicker in the Crystal Scar.
That is really the gist of it for the core items of this build but I threw in just because I find that it allows me to stay on the map much longer and it also allows me to recover from fights much faster (everything happens faster in Dominion so you want to be ready for whatever happens). Also I ended with because it just destroys any chance a enemy had of walking away from me on a 1v1 fight or even a 2 or 3v1 fight in some cases. Or maybe instead of last whisper i will go with because the lifesteal allows me to maximize my 's potential and basically making me an unkillable beast. But really the other two items are up to the player, just pick whatever suits your style, maybe a little more defense or some more damage or attack speed.

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Skill Sequence

So now we get to the Skills section of the guide. I'm afraid I might disappoint some of you here, the truth is..... the sequence doesn't matter past the first three levels. I have recommendations of course but it is situational. I always start by getting two points in and then one in . After this I try to max as fast as I can and then I pick the rest based on how the game is going. If I am owning and everyone is running from me then I will max out next so that they cannot escape. If they have people with high armor or health on their team then I generally max out next. Remember to put a point into whenever you are able to.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells..... first thing I am going to say... is useless in Dominion. Now before you write me off as an idiot just hear me out, is mainly used to escape and to gank or pick up a kill right? In Dominion you should never be trying to escape, ganks are not really part of the equation (they do happen but rarely and only if you are trying to capture an important point alone). Also since you dont need it to escape ganks, you dont need it to set them up either. The point of Dominion is not to get kills, it is to capture and hold territory to outmaneuver the other team. Getting kills is a secondary objective. Another reason people use flash is to chase an enemy right? Why would we need this on WW on such a small map? WW is one of the best chaser's in the game and is more than capable of catching somebody on a map this size if the player plays him right.
Now that my rant about why is not a good choice for WW in Dominion at least here is what I picked. because just because you can chase doesn't mean you should all the time. For example, if you totally mutilate an enemy while defending a tower and they run off before you can get the last hit, just pop and let it finish the job. Problem solved.
Next I pick because again, just because you can chase doesn't mean you should. If they are running for the woods or to their tower, the last thing you want is to chase them into the rest of their team or die to their tower right? Right.
Other Spells:
1. - Utterly Useless on WW, go hit a minion or two and get over it you pansy.
2. - Is another viable Spell for Dominion WW, my reasoning is that WW should be pretty quick late game w/ his boots+ and adding into the equation just completely reduces any difficulty you may have getting around the map or chasing enemy players.
3. - WW only has an issue w/ mana in the first three levels and you start at level 3, catch my drift?
4. - Why?
5. - Only a failure starts a game expecting failure, might as well just surrender if you need a spell to do your job for you.
6. All others are useless

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Closing Statement

That's my guide, criticism is accepted (welcomed really), and remember this is just a build that works for me so feel free to deviate if you think it would be in your best interest. Thank you for reading and GLHF!!!