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Jax Build Guide by Steel Tiger

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Steel Tiger

WATCH OUT!!! There's a JAX in da JUNGLE

Steel Tiger Last updated on August 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Defense: 9

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Hey Guys, this is my first Guide here on Mobafire
I want to show you my way of Jungling Jax for Normal Games, in Ranked Games u need another Build which I may upload later.

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As Runes I prefer:

  • Flat Dmg in Marks, so 9 Greater Mark of Strength
  • Flat Aromor in Seals, so 9 Greater Seal of Resilience
  • Flat AtkSpeed in Glyphs, so 9 Greater Glyph of Alacrity
  • And last but not least the Quintessences, Flat Atk Speed and Flat Dmg, so 1 Greater Quintessence of Alacrity and 2 Greater Quintessence of Strength

Other Options might be in Marks Greater Mark of Destruction or Greater Mark of Desolation

As Glyphs you can also take Greater Glyph of Shielding, like the most Junglers do, or Greater Glyph of Focus

And in the Quintessences you can pick whatever you want between Greater Quintessence of Destruction, Greater Quintessence of Desolation, Greater Quintessence of Swiftness, Greater Quintessence of Strength or Greater Quintessence of Alacrity

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As Masteries I take Offensive Jungle Masteries with 21/9/0

In Offenst I take the second bransh straight down and add 1 Point in Summoner's Wrath for Ghost, 2 Points in Butcher, to deal more Dmg to the Junglecreeps, and 3 Points in Havoc for more Dmg in General.

In Defense I take Summoner's Resolve for the Smite Bonusgold, the Bonus Armor of Hardiness and Life from Durability and Veteran's Scars.

It's also possible to play with Balanced (15/15/0) or Defensiv (9/21/0) Masteries.

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Start with a Vampiric Scepter and get your Boots of Speed when you go back for the first time. If you can already afford it get also Sheen or at least an Amplifying Tome.

The next Time you go back u should pick up Boots of Swiftness if you want to be fast or Ninja Tabi/Mercury's Treads to be more defensive.

You should head for Trinity Force as fast as possible. Get Phage before Zeal if you cant buy both at once. Then complete your Trinity Force.

Next Item will be a Hextech Revolver for the Hextech Gunblade and a Pickaxe for Guinsoo's Rageblade. Finish the Rageblade first and get Hextech Gunblade directly after it if you can afford it. If not get Bilgewater Cutlass.

The Last 2 Items are for a bit more Durability in the Fights. So Watch their Team and decide Straight out of your maw what you pick.

As fifth Item I mostly take a Frozen Mallet, because it gives all that you need, some Life, some Dmg and an additionally slow effect.

The Last Item is really free to pick. If they deal more physical Dmg you can get a Thornmail, a Frozen Heart, a Sunfire Cape or even an Atma's Impaler.
If their Dmg is balanced grab up an Aegis of the Legion or a Guardian Angel.
If they do more Magical Dmg you sould pick up a Force of Nature, Banshee's Veil or either an Quicksilver Sash if they got much CC's.

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Skill Sequence

I start with Counter Strike, because it is a good Spell if u go invade or get invaded. You can Dodge and Stun as well.
The second Point goes to Empower because it resets the Autohit-Time of Jax, therefore u can do 2 Autohits back-to-back.
On Lvl 3 I take a Point at Leap Strike to make the Ganks more effective.

I don't straight max Leap Strike, because Counter Strike is a really good Spell, too.
In Empower I need just 1 Point in Early Game to reset the Autohit-Time, but Later when I get more Ability Power I put a second Point into it, but max it as Last.

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Summoner Spells

It is possible to jungle Jax without Smite, but it's a bit boring and too (s)low, therefore as first Summoner Spell I take Smite.

As second Summoner Spell I take Ghost, but this isn#t necessary.
Other good Options are:

  • Flash, which I don't take because I can jump with my Leap Strike
  • Exhaust, which I suddenly pick, but I still prefer Ghost
  • Cleanse, which is rarely seen, but pretty good for Teamfights
  • Ignite, which I don't take very often because I need anything to Escape or Chase and therefore Leap Strike isn't enough for me

The other Spells normally shouldn't be picked by Junglers, espacially not for The Grandmaster of Weapons. If you gonna take one of those I haven't listed your Team might think you are about to Troll, but leave this to Trundle, because he is the Troll in this Game :P

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Pros / Cons


Not really hard to play (medium)
Nice Ganks
You Play JAX


Very Squishy at the Beginning
Easy to Counterjungle (e.g. Riven or Shaco
Need Items to be OP
Enemies must push good before you can Gank

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Creeping / Jungling

Gotta start with your Blue Buff by cover and pull of the Mid-Champ. Autohit the Big Golem until it attacks you and then activate Counter Strike once. Smite it when it has 400 HP left and auto-attack the small ones to Death.

Head to the Wolve Camp, Autohit the Big Wolve once and activate immediately Empower to Autohit a second time. Then activate once Counter Strike and auto-attack them to Death.

Go for your Wraiths, starting by Autohit the Big Blue Wraith and acivate Empower directly after. Then activate once Counter Strike and finish them by using Empower as often as you can.

Now it's time to gank if you think u can afford a Kill without Leap Strike. Prefered Lanes to Gank are Top or Mid for First Blood. If you are not going to Gank stay in Jungle and head for the Golems.

At the Golems you start like at all the other Camps: Autohit, Empower and Counter Strike. Then you can Spam them to Death with Empower and Counter Strike as you want.

After you have done your whole Jungle for One Time you should set other PREFERENCES like the following:

  1. Teamfights
  2. Ganking
  3. Saving Teammates/Turrets
  4. Buffs
  5. Pushing
  6. "normal" Junglecreeps

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All in All, that's my way of playing Jax as Jungler. I hope you try my build and rate/comment on it. I will try to create more Jungle Guides, but I'm very busy at the Moment.

Hope you enjoy the Way of Owning as Jungle Jax ;)