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Cho'Gath Humor Guide by XOtisX

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XOtisX

Way Of The SnowGath (ChoBall SnowGath)

XOtisX Last updated on December 10, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 20

Honor Guard

Defense: 10


Utility: 0

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Introduction Cho'Ball Snowgath (Why go ChoBall) NO LONGER WORKS

This is a pure comedy build only. Also do note that this build is NOT 100% complete. I am still messing around with Runes and Masteries to see what works best. For the SnowBall build however the items are 100% done. What does SnowBall mean you might ask.

SnowBall items are items in the game that are able to add more states as they stack. Example of this would be . As you get kills. The AP the item gives you goes up per kill. Two times for kill One time for assist. Once you hit the max stack capability (In this case 20) The item gives you a massive boost. In this case 15% cool down Reduction.

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For Masteries I went with 20 Offense and 10 defense. Mostly again focusing on armor and magic resistance. While adding in some damage for early game.

I feel this is the best way to stay alive early game. As I stated you go for damage and HP mostly with this build so I wanted both the Runes and Masteries to make up for the lack of Magic Resistance and Armor. Feel free to mess around with this as you wish same with the masteries and if you would like to give an advice on what you would think is better Masteries and Runes wise. Feel free to comment and let me know.

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The reason why I went with four out of the six items is pretty clear but lets get into this anyways. I will name off each item in order of how I feel it is best to obtain them.. Starting with

In early game I would recommend getting the Sapphire Crystal and two Health pots. Reason being is if you don't go for the Crystal first Cho Gath tends to drain trough MP at a very fast rate and getting the Sapphire Crystal first will help that out. Two health pots will make it so you are able to stay in the lane a little longer without the need to port back as fast. Getting Catalyst The Protector next is best in my view. Than after that you can go right for the Rod Of Ages itself.

Not really much need to go into detail about this one. Gives a little bit of movement speed and magic penetration. DO NOT get boosts just for movement speed. ChoGath does move a tad bit slower than most champions. But also remember that two of his four attacks can be done at a bit of a distance.

(SnowBall Item)

This item is one of the main snowball items you will be using for this build. Also why I say get it next. It gives you 20 Ability Power to start and gives an additional 8 Ability Power per stack maxing stacks at 20 giving you 160 AP (This does not include the 20 the item comes with) (Ability power) total. at 20 stacks gives a massive boost. In this case you receive 15% cool down reduction.

(SnowBall Item)

This item is my personal favorite of the choball snowgath build. Simply because of it's boosts. This item gives you 180 HP to start and an additional 32 HP per stack maxing stacks as 20 giving you 640 HP (This does not include the 180 HP the item comes with) total. Like the Mejia's SoulStealer at 20 stacks gives a massive boost. In this case you receive 15% less damage.

(SnowBall item)

This item is the least most liked of the SnowBall items. However it benefits if you can get the maximum stacks. This item gives you 10 Attack Damage to start and an additional 5 Attack Damage per stack maxing stacks as 20 giving you 100 Damage (This does not include the 10 Attack Damage the item comes with) total. Like the Mejia's SoulStealer at 20 stacks gives a massive boost. In this case you receive 15% increased movements peed. (NOTE)~ This item is the reason why I said DO NOT take boosts for the movement speed.

(SnowBall Item)

Now some consider this a snowball item and others don't I do because it has a stacking capability much like the other snowball items. The only thing it lacks is the massive boost at full stacks. But it is a massive HP buffer. 920 HP and 30 HP regeneration. Per minion kill gain 3.5 HP and 0.10 Health Regan per 5 seconds At max gives a boost of 350 HP and 10 health regain per 5 seconds.


When it comes to the SnowBall items do keep in mind that if you die. You lose a third of your stacks

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Skill Sequence

I go with this first for the stun. (If you are mid lane best do take Feral Scream first as it can get you creep kills easier and can keep the opposing champion away from you.) Very nice to start with if you in top or bottom lane. If you are in mid for Skill Sequence just do the same as you would just switch Rupture and Feral Scream so instead of Rupture at 1-4 and Feral Scream at 2-5 just flip them. So it would be 1-4 for Feral Scream and 2-5 for Rupture. Keep it like this and continue the rest of the skill sequence as normal.

I take this next (If I'm not mid lane) for AoE damage. Nice and easy way to get minion kills and can also be used to keep the opposing champion from trying to go in after you.

I take this after the first two. Only putting one point on it and building the rest of it up later. It will be your new main attack so it is not like other skills where you need to cast it. It does it automatically

I shouldn't have to explain why you get this as soon as you hit lvl six. This is one of the reasons Cho Gath can be so deadly. This is stackable. What it does is once it is able to be used you will feast on your enemy (can be Champion or Minion) and if you kill them with the attack. You gian HP. Downside to this skill however is once you die you lose half your stacks. So if you have the max stack (6) you will go to 3. So try and keep that in mind when it comes to Feast Stack.

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Summoner Spells

Seeing as how you will more than likely NOT be in a game long enough to max the stacks on your Sword Of The Occult (Unless of course you are playing a bot game) Ghost is a great item to get to make easier to get your stacks. Seeing as Cho Gath's movement speed is a tad bit slow. Using Ghost to chase down a champion works great.

Many people get this summoner spell and for good reason. It is a great (Escape) weapon if you are being chased and need to move foreword a bit in a hurry. Flash is a great spell for that.

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A few things I would like to add on this build


Keep in mind that seeing as you are going after the snow ball items. Other players will be a huge target on you to try and get your stacks down. So I would recommend staying with a group till you can at least get some good stacks and are able to have the power to vs champions.

Runes & Masteries

Remember I said that this build is not 100% done. So feel free to mess around with the runs and masteries.

~NOTE~ 10/29/12

As far as I know this is still the best way to build Cho'Ball Snowgath. So pay no attention to the thing at the top that says the guide may no longer be useful. And also a thanks for the people who voted this up and commented on it thank you so much.


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