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League of Legends Build Guide Author JEFFY40HANDS

Welcome to Wheel of Miss Fortune

JEFFY40HANDS Last updated on September 11, 2010
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The Wheel of Miss Fortune: A guide for a Crit/Damage/Attack Speed Build

The newest champion on the block and man do I like the way she struts.

Preface: I started writing this guide from day 1 when Miss Fortune first became available. I am trying to bring as much information as possible for the 30+ games I've played with her thus far. I will provide even more information as this guide takes off. It is my hope that more people will begin to play her. Why? Most people I know tend to think she is over powered. I feel that she is decently balanced but provides utility before she provides damage. Hope you enjoy the guide. Good Luck and have fun. (I will tweak this guide as much as possible. The reason some things are missing is I published it in hopes of getting early reads and votes before the builds overwhelm mobafire and this one gets lost in the dust.)

1. Overview For Miss Fortune
2. Overview/Goals For This Guide
3. Pros and Cons to Miss Fortune
4. Rune Set Up and Reasons
5. Mastry Set Up and Reasons
6. Reccomended Summoner Skills for 3's and 5's
7. Champion Abilities and Order
8. Itemization For Miss Fortune/ Reasons
9. Miss Fortune in 5's
10.Miss Fortune in 3's (Under Construction)

Word Key:
FB-First Blood
MF-Miss Fortune
DU-Double up
MIR-Make It Rain
BT-Bullet Time
IS-Impure Shots
Crit-Critical Strike Chance
AS-Attack Speed

Basic Overview of Miss Fortune:
She is the newest Champion on the block. A busty female bounty hunter with a sob story of how she came to be in "The Leauge". She is well balanced and provides damage and utility to a team. Her primary job is to annahilate the competition from range and or cover her teammates as they retreat.
She is Miss Fortune but don't let her name fool you. A well played Miss Fortune will bring misfortune to her opponents. Capapble of putting the hurt on squishys and tanks alike I feel the motto that best describes her is "Spread The Pain".

Goals I Aim For With This Guide:
Within this guide I hope to go over mainly arranged/public 5's and I will touch on some things I find to work in 3's. With this guide I hope to give you a solid build and solid advice of how to play her, my disclaimer is though: This is a Guide and should be treated as such. Mix and match items if you wish this is how I choose to build and play her and I seem to have much success, I hope the same goes for you. Let us BEGIN!!

Great Chaser
Intense damage in team fights
Good solo mid or support in lane
Great farmer
Relatively straight forward champ easy to pick up and play. (Hard to master without teamwork)

Super Squishy
Easily focused
Mana muncher early on
Well timed stuns will ruin your ultimate
A lot of people consider her OP. Thus being called a noob will occur on more than one occassion.

Rune Set Up
Due to my choice to build her AS/DMG/CRIT I focus on buffing up her crit chance, AS, and Armor Pen.
Crit Marks, Seals, and Glyphs with armor pen Quints. You can mix and match your crit with AS IF YOU WANT but I find the items provide enough AS for your champion along with activating Impure Shots.

Reasons For My Rune Set Up:
I understand that in the Spotlight for Miss Fortune the guy playing her expresses that Mana Regen per level runes and what not help. That can be true but with this build I give you enough mana and damage so you aren't wasting IP on **** you won't need if you like this champion. Crit and armor pen (some crit damage or attack speed runes are viable) are your main focus. With Infinite Edge in your bag and around 300-350 AD end game you want to hit as hard and fast as possible. Increasing your crit chance means Infinit Edge's Unique will be going off quite frequently. 700-1000 Damage crits late game depending on your items with a high attack speed you will be 1-2 shotting most squishies with auto hits alone and with the armor pen you will be able to aid in dropping tanks. This build will make the "ricochet" from your Double Up hit incredibly hard and when combined with Impure Shots active you tend to be a big threat against anyone.

Mastery Routes:
23/6/1: Provides the basic offense tree set up but takes 2 points in Offense Mastery to help farm minions early on. The 1 point in utility is for haste to improve your chances of catching or escaping an enemy.
21/9/0: Standard build but with only 2 points in Sorcery (Permitting the points in Offensive Mastery still) freeing up more points for the defensive tree to improve your dodge chance which can be a big help.

Recommended Summoner Skills for 5's:
Teleport-Always helpful in a fives even though she is very quick due to her passive (Strut) teleport will get you near your team or tower very quickly.
Flash-Helpful to escape or chase
Ghost-Helpful to chase or help strut your stuff out ASAP
Ignite-Great help for an early FB though Impure Shots active implements a Mortal Strike
Exhaust-Great help for an early FB or if a pesky Twitch or Teemo attempts to end your life, or any Champion for that matter.

Recommended Summoner Skills for 3's:
Flash-Great for chasing or escaping
Ghost-Great for chasing or helps you strut your stuff out ASAP
Ignite-Lets you get the extra edge on an enemy if they have heal, though Impure shots active does the same ignite is a classic for FBs
Exhaust-Helpful in a fight or if someone is chasing you

Champion Skills-

Strut (Passive)
: When Miss Fortune is out of combat for 7 seconds she games 25% movement speed and the bonus increases up to 80% every second past the initial 7 seconds.
Double Up- Fires a round at a selected target then jumps to another nearby enemy dealing 120% damage from the origonal attack (EX: Double Up hits first target and deals 100 Damage. The bounce hits the Second target for 220. Math: 100*1.2= 120. 120+100=220). Sometimes the bounce is a little whacky and you won't hit the champ you wanted to with it.

Impure Shots-Passive: Every successive shot does more damage to a target. Active: Applies a mortal strike affect on next attack (halves incoming heals/life steal affects) Always activate this to help finish off OR to engage someone in a team fight. The bonus Attack Speed aids when you need to help drop a tower.

Make It Rain-AoE in an area the does damage over time and slows. A bit glitchy considering that when I try to put the cast circle on the edge of my range circle I seem to always take an extra step forward. Great for deterring pursuers of yourself or a friendly champ OR it works well for clearing minions.

Bullet Time- MFs Ultimate she fires bullets in a cone in front of her for 2 seconds (Channeled) firing four lines of eight bullets to deal great damage especially when targets are hit consecutively. Amazing range and width hard to position yourself in team fights to use this though. Great for setting up ganks because it goes through walls. Works amazingly well if you have a Gangplank on your team.

Reasons For Skill Order:
Double Up: First point spent great for harassment early on. This the the skill I recommend to be leveled to 5 ASAP. It does nice damage early game though it can sometimes not jump where you want it to. Also aids in applying Impure Shots active and other on hit affects.
Impure Shots: The second point I spend and the skill I level up the second fastest. The passive is just too good to miss and the active will aid in harassing someone like Vladimir if he's mid.
Make It Rain: I put 1 point in this at level 5 and then don't touch it until end game. It is a mana suck and you're better off getting DU and IS leveled faster, The slow is what is important not the damage (Early game)
Bullet Time: Put a point in this at levels 6, 11, 16. The damage is decent from rank 1 and will provide a good threat in team fights OR finishing off a super creep wave OR finishing off a running champion because of the length and width of the attack it can be hard to avoid.

Itemization For Miss Fortune/Reasoning:
-Buy either an Agility potion or a fortitude potion at level 1 and 2 health pots and 2 mana pots. Reason: Depending on who will go mid on the other side, choosing between a bit of extra health and damage or a bit of extra crit and attack speed is totally on you. I generally go with Agility for the purpose of helping last hit minions. A Vampiric Scepter is another viable item to start with.
-Zeal: Crit, Attack Speed, Dodge and Run Speed, sounds like it not only fits the champ herself but it also fits this build really well. Dodge for survival, Attack speed and crit to aid in ramping up the pace of your damage.
-Tear of The Goddess/ Mana Mune: (Currently Mana Mune is unavailable in the item bar for mobafire, it is made from a Tear of The Goddess and a Long Sword plus recipe cost.) Mana, MP5, Attack Damage. This is where the build starts getting some teeth. Mana Mune provides the much needed mana mid to late game and rewards you for spamming your champion abilities by increasing your mana pool and you AD based on the size of your mana pool. It is an Archangel's staff for a AD mana user.
Infinity Edge: AD and Crit, with the unique passive Infinite edge is the center piece of this build. It's a classic weapon and it's functionality makes it worth the 4k gold.
Phantom Dancer: Turn Zeal into Phantom Dancer finally. Improve upon Zeals stats and enjoy the damage boost due to an improved crit chance in conjuntion with Infinity Edge.
Blood Thirster: Pure AD and Life steal. Miss Fortune is unfortunate due to a squishy
nature in game. Blood Thirster will of course provide a little more survivability by allowing you to out life steal most other champs. Due to MF's farming ability it should not be hard to build up the stacks on this weapon.

6th Item: From here it is up to you. An extra Phantom Dancer, or a Black Cleaver, HP items for more survivability. It is all up to you, I tend to look for more damage so a Black Cleaver works well or a Ghost Blade for armor pen.

Guide for Miss Fortune when Playing 5's:

Middle Lane Levels 1-8: Generally I like taking mid as MF, she has superb staying power and can harass early on due to well placed Double Ups which can hit insanely hard even from level 1. Depending on the enemy comp and who I assume will be going mid against me in 5's Ill either grab a Fortitude potion or Agility Potion then 2 Health Pots and 2 Mana pots. I'll sit in the lane until I have enough gold for a Zeal, my job mid is not to push much merely farm minions. Due to MF's squishy nature I do not like to push too hard merely get in a shot or two at the enemy tower then retreat to my minions. You need great map awareness and if you feel like a gank is coming then I suggest you pull back and wait.
Harassment as Miss Fortune early on is a bit of a mana drain. I suggest you wait until your opponent has 1 or 2 minions left before attempting to harass with Double Up. If your opponent is a bit agressive then focus on last hitting minions. The main reason a champion is sent mid is to out farm and out level their opponent, not to focus merely on killing them and trying to get FB. The game is won in the last 10 minutes not the first. You can argue my point but in an actual game where people are focused, scoring 3 early game kills puts a big target on your back and you can bet that you'll be ganked every chance the enemy team gets. If your opponent is feeding though then there isn't much you can do about that except give them a hug as you shove your musket in their gut and thank them for the early level/gold boost then pull the trigger.

Middle Lane levels 8-12: Depending on your enemies aggressiveness I sometimes find myself at mid until level 10 or even 12. Usually I have Zeal and my Tear Of The Goddess by now. And my staying power is greatly improved. Once I have Tear of The Goddess I usually start helping my team push lanes or set up ganks. When they call for it otherwise I am farming and occassionally jungling.

Middle Lane Levels 6-9 (If the enemy is aggressive and has pushed my tower repeatedly): If my middle lane is falling apart then I begin to run around and help my team earlier on. I usually have my Tear of The Goddess and I play more support. My damage isn't too solid but I can aid in deterring enemies and or preventing heal spam because of Impure Shots.

Team Fights 12-18
: Depending on my successes early game when it comes to late game I will have my Zeal, Mana Mune, and I will have started or completed my Infinity Edge. Here is where MF takes off. The great Attack Speed paired with Crit chance and Infinity Edge's Unique I'm able to burn through most squishes and dent tanks like they were trash cans. MF brings a very intense ultimate and making sure you are positioned well to use it will lead to multi-kills or assists. Once I get enough gold I finally turn Zeal into a Phantom Dancer and begin to build a Blood Thirster. Due to her amazing farming capabilities and your damage output if you play smart and have good team mates then that 3200 gold item can be yours rather quickly. By 18 I find that I always need to be near my team (Not only from fear of ganks but because there is general safety in numbers. 5v5 is a bit more fair rather than a 3v5 or 4v5). If a team fight is coming I hang back and wait until the battle is raging. With the length and width of MF's ultimate I find sitting in a place where I and my team can easily retreat, if the team fight doesn't go our way, means that enemies chasers will be bounding directly into my cross-hairs. Use your judgment of when to use your ulti. I find it can be a tide turner especially helpful in combination with your other abilities when covering a retreat or setting up a gank.

General Set Up/ "hadoken" (Skill order) in 5's for using your ultimate

-Let your initiator(s) lead the way.
-Hang back and wait for the enemies to engage your team.
-Move up so that your "Make It Rain" silhouette (The blue circle) will either hit the majority of the targets or place it where you think the enemies will go. Use Make It Rain.
-Activate Impure Shots
-Select your ultimate and make sure the silhouette (Big blue triangle) covers 2/4 or 3/4 of the battle area. However your judgment should be used always. If 2/4 or 3/4 coverage puts you in harms way then save your Ultimate or wait for the danger to move away.
-Use your ultimate once the channel is over select the nearest enemy champion and use Double up.
-If the enemy champions aren't dead by now and your team is still duking it out then start beating on the harder targets. Tanks or fighters mainly. DPS should be dead or running for their lives. Always use Double Up when it is off cool down (This spell has the shortest cool down of all your abilities and the fact that it hit's 2 targets makes it invaluable) the same with Make it Rain (To help cover a retreat or to help slow the enemies retreating) and Impure Shots (To reduce heal spam and or shut down support healers effectiveness like Taric and Sororka. Use it in combination with Auto Attacks and Double Up to spread the Mortal Strike effect).

That is an ideal situation. Depending on your group composition you may choose to use it in a more defensive manner which is perfectly alright. The end decision lies with you, realize you are a support, nuker, and a hefty heal killer. Just be patient and set up a game plan for where and how you want a team fight to go. The worst choice you could make is not making one at all. Communicate with your team mates. Miss Fortune is a valuable champion and brings a lot to the table.

This is just the beginning of this guide. I hope you enjoyed the read and I intend to improve on this guide every chance I get. Please leave comments and vote. If you want to down vote please leave a message. Good luck with Miss Fortune and remember "Spread The Pain"