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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sharlic

What's that smell?

Sharlic Last updated on September 12, 2010
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Twitch - What's that smell?

First of all, this is my first build ever, so be gentle and give me some constructive criticism.

The main goal of this build is a high dps physical assasin. For me it has worked great in games where you have a decently structured team, i.e. a tank or off-tanks with a melee and a ranged/caster class.


    Ridiculous attack speed
    High damage
    Lots of crits
    Great assasin
    Great ganker
    Very powerful against squishy enemies

    Very squishy
    Stealth easily circumvented with wards and elixers
    Range is mediocre
    Harder to build/play with lots of hp stacking tanks/off-tanks
    Needs early kills to get damage items asap


Dagger- I think it is wise to start off with a Dagger, since attack speed is great in the beginning combined with the base passive crit chance your runes provide. It enables you to stack your venom more quickly which is great to haras enemy champions, but also to spread out over creeps. Expunge will help finish off any foes with low hit points remaining, especially on later levels.

Health Potion Self-explanatory really, helps you stay in lane longer. Useful, since Twitch is quite weak.

Zeal Extra attack speed and crit chance is a must early in the game. Since you already bought a dagger, it's a very cheap buy for great stats. Also, later on you can upgrade it into the Phantom Dancer for even more crit and speed. This is however not a priority. Try to buy Boots (or if you have enough money, buy Boots of Mobility at the same time) along with Zeal, so you have a little extra movement while chasing or evading enemies. Another option would be to buy Malady. This will grant you very good attack speed and life steal. Early game this is extremely useful, also considering the fact that the passive ability will add even more damage over time to your enemy. This is pretty much obsolete in late game though. For this reason I opt for Zeal to be upgraded into a Phantom Dancer later on, with the important crit chance.

Boots of Mobility This item is great for ganking! Since you use your Ambush a lot to position yourself properly and run away from/towards enemies, being out of combat will give you crazy movement speed to quickly set up for a gank or help out your teammates. Berserkers Greaves is also an option, which will enable you to get that extra attack speed which makes Twitch the awesome champion he is. However, Ambush in its higher levels already grants you immense attack speed when comined with spray and pray, so when assaulting hostile champions, the 25% extra isn't really that significant, although all bits help. It depends on your play style really. I usually play Twitch as a very mobile and ganking champion. You could of course choose to stick to your lane more and do more damage, but I tend to move round a lot, killing creeps, monsters and enemies along the way.

Infinity Edge A must! Start off by buying a B.F. Sword as soon as possible after you've bought your Zeal and Boots. Twitch's skills do not do a very significant amount of damage by themselves, apart from a Level 5 6x stacked Expunge. Therefore, a higher base damage is critical to take down enemies. Infinity Edge gives you more damage, even higher crit chance and crit damage. It's possible to buy a Vampiric Edge before upgrading into Inf Edge. If you can't collect as much money as you would want to, it might be smart to buy Vamp Edge to be able to stay alive a little longer while killing minions and monsters. You will need this item later to get the Bloodthirster anyway.

Bloodthirster Damage and lifesteal, plus a great passive stacking ability if your killing is going great. The 60 damage is great, amounting to 240+ damage in combination with the Infinity Edge. The life steal allows you to kill off a few lowbie champions or spray down a group of minions, granting you very decent hp recovery.

The items above are a must in my opinion. The Frozen Mallet and Black Cleaver are both optional. It really depends on the kind of heros you are up against. Here is a list of possible items to use in different situations.

Lots of hp and armor, tanks and off-tanks
Last Whisper: Great armor penetration and attack speed.
Black Cleaver: When the enemy has stacked tons of hp, the passive from this items destroys their armor nicely.
Madred's Bloodrazor: Same thing as Black Cleaver, great to quickly reduce hp. Do the math: 4% of 4000hp = 160 damage!

Fast moving enemies, assasins, squishy melee dps
Frozen Mallet: Gives you a great slowing ability that will immobilize your enemy when used in combination with Debilitating Poison. This will clear all stacks, so make sure the enemy stays in range or have your allies finish him off. Also, the HP bonus helps you to stay alive longer, especially versus high dps enemies. But the main bonus is the slowing.

Infinity Edge again: Crazy damage and crit. However, when up against noobs, the game probably won't last long enough to even be able to buy two of these.



The very first minutes, Twitch should be played defensively and harassing. Try to get in as many stacks on the enemy as possible and use expunge to damage them. Try to stack a bunch of venoms on creeps and finish them off with expunge. Don't overuse it cause you want to save your many in case of a champion fight. When both Ambush and Expunge are level 2 twitch can do some serious damage (in combination with Zeal). Try not to get overwhelmed by enemy heros since you die quite easily. Ambush can provide you with a quick getaway from time to time, but watch out for skill-shots and DoT's. KILLS are easy to make, especially when playing 1v1. Enable your Ambush and make sure that the enemy isn't anywhere near his turret. Break from your Ambush by starting to auto-attack the enemy. As soon as he returns fire, Exhaust him and use Ignite. Try to stack 6 venoms so you can use Expunge optimally. This will either kill him or leave him with very few hp. If he is still alive, just try and get in as much stacks as you can, so the Ignite and Deadly Venom will finish him off. If he uses Heal, dont worry. Expunge has a great range, so try and let him be fooled that he is safe and use your Expunge to destroy him. An important thing to remember is that using Expunge hurts him badly, but also removes the stacks. So if it doesn't kill him, and he is out of range, he will probably live. Getting early kills is paramount, since you want to buy damage items asap.


When reaching level 8-12, and you've bought yourself the required items, it's gank time. Using boots of mobility allows you to sneak up to your opponents in other lanes really quickly, without their teammates even noticing a MIA. Killing of lonely enemies is what Twitch does best. Try and help out your less successful allies, and kill jungle creeps whenever there's time. You need the money! For the killing, use the same tactic as described above. Your job is to kill champions, not necessarily push. Help out whenever needed, and try and pick off those stupid enemies that try and push turrets all by themselves.


By now, Twitch's skills increase his attack speed by a preposterous amount. When combined with the damage items like Inf Edge and Bloodthirster, you should have no problem killing enemies, even in groups. Make sure to not engage enemy groups by yourself (pretty logical) especially when they have high hp/armor champions. Stick with your group, and chase down any loners. Twitch's crazy attack speed enables him to take down low hp classes very fast. So focus on them first. Try to use Ambush to confuse the enemy and have their backs turned towards their base. If needed, combine Ambush with Spray and Pray to initiate and startle the enemy, allowing your teammates to jump in and kill the enemy off. This is not to imply that Twitch should initiate, but quite often, there's a lack of initiative on the team when facing the entire opposing force. Try and sneak up from the back or the sides to create chaos.

That's basically it. I'm open to any suggestions, and by no means is this THE BEST build out there. It's just how I like to play it and it has worked for me personally. So please, leave your comments below and tell me what you like or dislike in an ordily fashion. Hey, what's that smell? Oh, it's me! GNIF GNIF