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Shaco Build Guide by FishSquid

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FishSquid

Where did he come from?? (Shaco dodge and gank guide)

FishSquid Last updated on September 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Yeah. This is an odd guide. It's also my first guide. And this also isn't a ranked guide. BUT. I have gotten results with this. But this depends all on your early game. Keep in mind you aren't beefy enough to run straight into team fights, but this build makes 1v1ing any champion other than a tank really easy. But, like most Shaco guides say, abusing your passive is what seperates a good Shaco from the great Shaco. Which one are you?

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For runes, I take dodge seals, attack speed glyphs, armor pen marks, and crit damage furor.
The dodge is for the defensive side of this. I prefer dodge over armor simply because there are too many armor debuffs, although the armor is pretty high at level 18 :D

The attack speed is for the E skill passive. If somebody is running from you after a decieve from the bush and you crit like 4240 of their life, the attack speed will keep the slow going. Obviously if you know they are going to get away, don't do it, or just throw the two shiv. But if they are running and they have quite a ways away from the turret, don't throw your two shiv until the killing blow.

Armor pen is pretty self explanatory. Your a DPS..

Crit damage is for the same reason as infinity edge. When you're ganking in decieve, the extra crit damage will do a number on their health.

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For masteries I run a 21/9/0 set. Which you probably could've guessed since you're a tanky DPS. I take improved Exhaust and maxing all AD masteries from their down. But I also put 3 points in reduced cool downs. In defense I take 3 armor and 1 magic resist, then max dodge masteries the reset of the way down. At level 18, following this build, after dodging one attack, your movement speed will go up to 539, giving you an easy escape if you're being chased.

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First... I take a cloth armor and five health pots. Even though I'm not jungling :p

I usually start at top lane and farm until level 2 or 3. Taking two shiv first. Once I get to level 3, I gank mid. Run through the bushes and set a jack in the box. Then decieve in and try your best to get them in the back. Then exhaust them as they try to run away. Soon enough, if they overextended that far, they'll run into the jack in the box, which will fear them. But don't throw your two shiv until the final blow. This should get either you, or the solo laner first blood. If not, the solo lane will be ahead on gold and exp since the enemy will have to back. Win win situation huh?

The assist/first blood should get you enough money for your razors. Then of course, I buy some more pots. I look to gank bottom and if I can, I will. If not, I'll just go back to top lane and push more. Gank mid as often as possible, usually it's a squishy champion there, making your job that much easier.

After a few more ganks and assists, you're going ot buy tier 1 boots, and finish your wriggles. If you're level 6 at this time, go get dragon. If not, you should be level 5, and once you get to level 6, you'll go get dragon.

Once you get dragon's gold, you can finish your boots and get Ninja Tabi, for the dodge and armor.

If you've been ganking and getting dragon as often as possible, you should be wayy overfed, or wayy ahead on gold, and can get yourself an early Infinity Edge. Of course, you can't go wrong with this item. Ganking will become 100% easier with the extra crit damage in the back with decieve.

If they haven't surrendered yet, pick up a phantom dancer next. You're movement speed and attack speed will make pushing the lanes soo easy, since your lane opponents are under leveled. Right?

After this item, if the game is still going... You probably have a feeder on your team, or somebody that just happens to be REAL good on the other team, by a defensive item specifically for their carry.

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Skill Sequence

First you're taking two shiv, for the slow. Then you're taking decieve so you can gank easier. After that Jack in the Box for the fear after you gank.

After you get those three skills, you're going to max two shiv, then decieve, then jack in the box. Of course your ult has top priority.


How to use skills..?

Decieve is ALWAYS used to initiate a gank. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS. Otherwise half the time it probably won't even work.

Two Shiv has my favorite ability passive. And it goes sooo well with the champion's passive, back stab. Don't throw the two shiv until it's one of the last hits. The passive slows each hit, but doesn't stack. If you throw the dagger, they are slowed for two seconds, but you auto attacks don't slow until two shiv is off cooldown again. So you don't want to throw a two shiv, slow them for a couple more hits possibly, but then they're gone.

Jack in the box can be used many many different ways.
You can troll and place like 8 boxes in a bush
You can place it in front of you if you're running away from somebody
You can set it down towards the enemy tower during a gank, or the direction the victim will be running.
The reason you can use it all these ways is because when the box pops, you get a temporary fear on all enemies close to it. Which will slow the victim while they're running, stop the chaser in their tracks, and stall them for all the other boxes to hit.

Lastly your ultimate, which has an extremely short cool down-keep in mind. This makes a clone of you that deals less damage and takes more damage. Playing agaisnt Shaco, this is how you know it's the fake one. Playing as Shaco?
If you need to soak an extra tower shot while diving.
If you are 1v1ing somebody
Taking dragon, or any neutral monsters
Faster farming
If you are taking dragon, place a jack in the box behind the dragon, then use your ult. Make you clone go behind the dragon by holding down alt, so your clone can tank. Then the dragon will turn around to attack your clone, and you get the extra damage from backstab.

When you are 1v1ing, just throw this out at a random time, and your slow will keep them from running. Keep in mind your clone does NOT slow. This also could slow you down as it sets you behind your original spot as well as the disappear time you have.

If you need to tower dive, be sure you pop this before you start taking damage since the tower will not switch targets

If you are pushing a lane you can use this as extra damage agaisnt minions, and once the clone dies, you can get the extra AOE damage.

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Summoner Spells

Flash- Double Flash -- Nuff Said

Exhaust- Escape and 1v1.. Found this best, and allows you to throw your two shiv without it being the killing blow. The mastery upgrade for this is soo necessary since the armor and magic resist downage really helps down your opponent even faster.