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League of Legends Build Guide Author UVATroller

~Whether or not you should make a guide~

UVATroller Last updated on January 1, 2015
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Very Short Post

Hello, my name is UAVTroller, and i'm hear to talk to you not about making a guide, but about the viability of the guide you want to make. You probably do not understand what I am talking about, so I will explain it like this: Imagine you have a new guide for a champion. You drafted it in your mind while taking a shower and now you have the basic build. Now what? Most "how to make a guide" guides only teach you how to make your guide look Fancy, but I wanted to teach you about how to decide if the guide you are making is viable.
So, you have your guide, now what? Well, a good guide comes in 3 types:
[*] Breaking the Meta
[*] Believing the rest of the guides for ____ champion in ____ role suck.
[*] Writing a guide for a new champion that Riot has just released.
If your guide does not have any of these 3, your guide does not work. I sometimes see 5 or 6 guides that are the exact so me thing, and I wonder, did they even look at the other guides? There is usually one guide that has 200k views and 20 votes, and the rest of the copies? Filling up space that could be used for better things. If your build is the exact same as another, you better have some good chapters. A good portion of getting your guide to be popular when no one has votes is simply who has the best elo or the best title.
1. When you break the Meta, you have to be aware that the crazier the build looks, the more people want to try it out. If you put something like (Shameless self-promotion) [S5]40%_CDR_JAX_DAT_COUNTERSTRIKE, then someone who plays Jax will click on that, wanting to see wtf that is about. If you want to make a guide that's off-meta, you better be prepared to answer questions. Lots of them.
2. This happens the least. Now that Mobafire is getting more and more popular, there are few champions that actually have no good guides. (I can't say any, because I don't know)
However, if you believe that the other guides have the Meta of the champion wrong, you could try this.
3. If you are lucky, or you are in Plat, you could try making a guide for a new champion. At that level, everyone starts at the same level. The question is whether you can beat the competition in views and votes, which will snowball into more views/votes since people will read your guide first, as it will be the most popular.
If you decide to make a guide, the most important part is figuring out if anyone else has the exact same thing you were thinking of, and if they have a "head start" If they do, you must find a way to change your build or beat them. Thanks for taking to time to read this short guide on the viability of making a guide. Thanks!


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