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Cho'Gath Build Guide by UVATroller

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UVATroller

[S6] _Support Cho'Gath_ Being a Gentleman_

UVATroller Last updated on November 21, 2016
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Cho'Gath welcomes you


Would you like to join me for some tea? Oh, I see you are wondering what this guide is about? Sit down, and I will tell you.


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Hello, I am UVATroller, and this is my first guide. I just wanted to get this idea of Cho'Gath support out into the world, and I don't know if anyone else has had this build before. Constructive criticism is appreciated, and I Garentee you will like this (you will, right?) I build Cho'Gath as a off-tank that has great utility through auras and AOE CC. Cho'Gath can also be a really good split pusher even when support with his fast waveclear, heavy CC, and Feast. Unlike a lot of popular supports ( Blitzcrank, Morgana, and Thresh) his Rupture is not creep-blocked, and can combo it with his Feral Scream and Feast to deal a huge amount of damage and CC even without the ADC helping you. Back in season 3, I would have not thought Cho'Gath would be a good support, mostly because the high CD and mana costs on his abilities. However, the new support item changes for season 4 really helped his mana problems, and the CD? Well. we can always build CDR, right?. :) I do not expect support Cho'Gath to be superior to current meta supports, I'm just trying to spread the word of this really fun support pick.

Cho'Gath can be played ANYWHERE (except ADC, duh)
Cho Champion Spotlight

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+ very tanky
+ has slow/silence
+ Feast can steal/secure objectives
+ has the best skin ever
+ great peel
Cho'Gath has very high spell base damage, and can hurt a lot with little AP. he has a slow and silence, and can split push very easily late game with his amazing clear speed. He is naturally very tanky with his Feast stacks, and once he gets his Rylai's Crystal Scepter, he can peel very well.

- has mana problems before catalyst the protector
- your passive, Carnivore, is useless during early/mid game, like Morgana's Soul Siphon
- You have no hard cc or escape
- people think you will kill steal with Feast {HINT: DON'T)
Cho'Gath does suffer from mana problems early game, and has no hard cc (stuns/ Rocket Grabs You will get kicked out of team builder a million times too.

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If you have the full rune page, please PM me and I'll post it here. :3


21 Utility 9 into Defense
sp C
// As a support, Cho'Gath needs the 21 points in Utility for the gold, CDR, and movement speed. Since he is naturally tanky and imo the defense tree is better, you put the remaining 9 points in defence.
Q: What if I want something different?
// Feel free to change whatever you want, it is all your preference, same goes with runes.

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Cho'Gath can actually start out with any of the 3 support starting items. Let's compare them:

Spellthief's Edge provides AP, mana regen, and gold, and is a great aggresive starting item. However, it is harder for Cho'Gath to proc the chargs, since he is melee with mana problems early game and the active affect on Frost Queen's Claim is much worse than Talisman of Ascension

Ancient Coin is, imo, the best starting item for Cho'Gath. This is because Cho'Gath needs a lot of mana regen early game, and doesn't need a lot of AP to deal damage, which was one of the reasons I played Cho'Gath support in the first place. It gives you lots of free gold and Talisman of Ascension has a great active for disengaging/engaging. Cho'Gath has 3 big problems: mana, CDR, and mobility. Talisman of Ascension solves all 3 problems.
Relic Shield is strange. It allows you to "take" CS, since it gives kill gold to the ADC, and also heals them. Since it does not give early AP or mana regen, the only reason I have a build with it is because Cho'Gath is naturally tanky, and if your team doesn't have any tanks, you can build this and be Braum. A good thing to note is that you will have to build an early Glacial Shroud or Forbidden Idol, and a Crystalline Flask to counter mana problems, with less mana regen.

Reasons for some items

Why do I get ROA? Rod of Ages gives all of the stats Cho'Gath needs, AP, mana, and health. It is an amazing first core item becuse of the scaling it has and the passive that has saved trips to the fountain or deaths so many times.


The reason I have so many boots is because I really cant choose between them. If there is:
Heavy CC or most AP enemy team
Fed enemy ADC or most AD enemy team
Lots of roaming or split=pushing
Lane is fed or you need abilities to have lower cooldowns

Your mana/CDR item

Cho'Gath need a lot of mana to survive. I picked 3 mana items that I think fit the 3 different builds I have.

This gives you CDR, mana regen, and AP for cheap prices, and also has a great passive for dealing with heavy heal champions like Soraka or Warwick.

This gives you lots of armor, mana, and even more CDR than Morellonomicon. It also has a passive aura that will make the enemy ADC hate you :)

This gives you MR and the usual stats. It has an amazing passive that is like Equilibrium. It gives you so much mana when you are low and I recommend it to newer Cho'Gath players.
Every game is different, that's why I have offensive and defensive options. One big mistake among low elo is people always build the same thing game after game, without changing.
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Why? Because you are not Singed or Udyr, and can have Ghost, that's why.
I prefer Exhaust over Heal because of the all-purpose usage. The target deals less damage, take more damage, is slowed, and has a AS debuff, basically granting a kill to your ADC.

Other Options

Sorry, it isn't season 3, kind of useless now. If you really want the effect, buy Scrying Orb.
You have small mana problems, and are going to build Rod of Ages, so please don't. It doesn't scale anyway.
Since the ADC is usually using this, I don't recommend double Heal. however, if your ADC took Barrier, this spell is viable.
This spell has seen a surge of popularity after the last few patches. If you use this, don't forget Smite too for the extra damage.

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Your early game really depends on the ADC you are laning with and the champions you are laning against. One great benefit about Cho'Gath support is that Rupture is not creep-blocked. I have mentioned this above in the pros/cons, this means that against a lot of popular supports ( Blitzcrank, Morgana, and Thresh) Cho can just hide behind the creep wave and wait for a good time to Rupture. You will have small mana problems early game, so I recommend not spamming Ruptures or you will run out of mana quite quickly.

Buy wards until you get sightstone

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As I said, Cho'Gath is a strong CC support who can offer high amounts of peel and can easily set up kills with his combo. He has small mana problems early game and has high cooldowns and no mobility, which is solved by the support items and the high CDR and mana items you build.
Hope you like Cho'Gath support!
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11/14/2014 Guide published :)

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