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Amumu Build Guide by BlaseNEMESIS

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlaseNEMESIS

Who is the Tank? You are!

BlaseNEMESIS Last updated on July 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Before I start my long winded guide about Amumu, I'll establish that I am not high elo I do not have the ranked experience to tell you about that well either. My friends are attempting to start a 5 v 5 team for ranked so that's where I am on the ladder. So if you expect anything like that I'm sorry to say that you will not find it here. What you will find is my look on the champion that I have played the most all the way to level 30 from a noob to a confident player. I may cover things you already know or you may disagree that is where the comment section comes into play. Now I will begin covering the yordle with a big heart and giant tears that will send your enemies running home to their mom's.

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Pros and Cons

Strong skills
Strong passive
One of the Strongest Ults in the game
Easy Farm
Anti Tank, Tank
One of the best Main Tanks in the game
Can carry
Great initiation
Game Changer

Janna Counter
Weak Jungle
Mana Intensive
Cooldown Intensive

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Now as Amumu is a jungler he does require a more stricter version of runes then other champions(this may be pointless with new jungle change). You could modify some runes and may only slightly change your jungle. I enjoy magic penetration marks as magic damage is everything Amumu has. Armor seals provide more sustainable jungling and keeps those pesky ad carries tickling you in the earlier parts of the games. Cooldown reduction glyphs can be interchanged for magic resist or whatever tickles your fancy. I enjoy the cooldown reduction as it helps keep your ult up whenever you need to use it.

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Amumu can change his masteries to fit his mood. He can go 0/21/9 if he wants a little bit more utility and still maintain his tankiness. The there is 9/21/0 where you get more magic pen burying your opponents in your beefiness and damage. There are other moderations and I find that I end up changing my masteries quite a lot. Though at the end of the day I usually end up back at these two mastery choices.

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Amumu's skills base around a simple strategy getting in their face and having them foolishly attempting to escape your wrath.

His passive is a nasty piece of work you punch a enemy right in the face and you destroy his magic defence. This increase your damage and is easy to do since your right on top of him and your scary Annie has a much easier time dropping Mr. Tibbers damage on his head.

His q is skillshot stun that send you flying towards the enemy right where you want to be in his face. This skill can be used many different ways, you can use this to initiate and get right in the enemies formation. You can use it to keep those pesky enemies away from your allies and the most interesting is you can use it to escape the enemies through the jungle. Whenever your in jungle and you need an out chuck that sucker at a jungle camp and fly to safety leaving the enemies in frustration at losing a kill.

His w is an amazing skill but is incredibly mana intensive, with golem buff you can leave it on whenever you wish. With e and this skill you can farm and push lanes like a boss, and put the hurt on any enemy foolish enough to stand in your way. With a percent aoe damage effect this is an amazing tank killer and beefy dps killer, they will suffer the consequences if they stack health while your around.

His e is his nuke aoe ability and can send your enemy fleeing. With a passive armour buff it beefs you up and every time your are hit the cool down decreases by 0.5 seconds. This mean in a team fight your tantrum will continuously be spammed and they will panic and begin to attack you which means more tantrums for everyone.

His last skill his ultimate, the skill that break the enemy team in two, the skill that can change a game around and the one skill that makes you the tank. An aoe ult that snares all enemeies in it. It does dirty damage, sets them up for the rests of your team to tear them apart and can be used instantly with no way to interrupt it. With this skill used properly enemies will attempt to murder so you won't ever be able to use it. With a q or a flash you can easily set up a perfect ult that brings your team that much closer to winning. Timing is key after you use that ult your presence in team fights drops significantly. If you can hold that ult on they will continue to focus which means your team can focus on them.

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As a tank your items are not based on what you want, it is based on what the enemy team has and what you can do to counter them. The items I have above is what I usually follow when the team has a standard of ad carry and ap nukes.

First you get cloth armor and 5 health pots for jungle, these are core items you must have for his jungling.

Phil stone provides a lovely amount of health regen, mana regen, and gold per 5. This item could be swapped out for a heart of gold if you feel your health is too low. If the enemy in controlling the jungle and stealing your golem buff consecutive get phil stone to minimize your mana issues.

99/100 games I always get merc treads, as you are right in their face that decrease in cc is godly and the magic resist is helpful. If their team lacks cc and magic damage you could swap in a ninja tabi if they have lots of ad or a boots of swiftness if you want to catch them easier.

When your up against ad carries certain items are necessary for different style of carries

Randuin's Omen - Are the ad carries stacking attack speed and attacking your frequently well now they lose some of that attack speed. The active is godly as you can easily slow their whole team down controlling the fight even more.

Thornmail - Do they have a nasty tryndamere with his unpleasant crits never fear thornmail is here to ruin his day. This item gives one of the highest armor buffs in the games and the best part is all that ad damage inflicted on you, 30% of it returned to the attacker. This means those annoying critters kills themselves without you even touching them.

Frozen Heart - A high armour item which provides you with a decent chunk of mana and provides you with some nice cdr. The best part is a 20% attack speed decrease aura for all enemies near you. As you are always on top of the enemy this bonus is great for you.

Sunfire Cape - Decent armour, good hp, and a wicked passive that synergizes with amumu is why this was and still is a favourite among ammumu players. The passive is aoe dot tick which works amazingly well with your w and increases ammumu's damage in teamfights, his farming ability, and speeds up his jungling.

Ap Carries rely on nuking to quickly incapacitate the enemy you must counter and survive their burst so you can send them to an early grave.

Abyssal Scepter - This item provides amumu with more magic resist to survive those pesky nukers and it gives us a lovely ap boost to do more damage. The most amazing part of this item is the accumulative aura it inflicts on the enemy that works wonders with your passive. With a 20 mr reduction on everyone around you plus your 35 reduction means that you are ripping off a whopping 55 mr. As most non tank champion barely reach 100 mr this means that you at the very least leave them with around with 50% of their original magic resistance.

Banshees Veil - One of the most useful items for many character especiallys when the enemy posseses many damaging nukes or crowd control. It provides us with some lovely magic resistance, a nice dosage of health and mana. The best part about the veil is it provides a bubble that will block any negative spell this can save you from stuns a nasty karthus ult and it only has a cd of 45 seconds.

Force of Nature (FON) - To get the best effects of FON you want to have a decent hp pool so you get all the benefits of this items. With a decent amount mr and a % health regen you will take their nukes head on and regen all that hp you lost right back. One thing new player miss is the small speed buff this item provides, this helps our sad mummy catch pesky runaways or keep your squishies safe from their anti carries.

Hexdrinker - This item is underused and underrated. The mr is decent but the passive is godly when the enemy is filled with nukes. When you are about to go under 30% which happens as the tank you gain a 300 magic shield for 4 seconds. This can be the difference between an early death and living through the fight.

QuickSilver Sash - This item is also commonly passed on but should be used much more often. The reason this is a better cleanse. First as Amumu your spells are flash and smite they never change, getting cleanse hurts your team fighting or makes you unable to jungle at all. With quicksilver sash you get good mr and a cleanse that removes ALL DEBUFFS, any slows, stuns, silence, gone, morde ults you GONE, All debuffs gone which means they wasted their abilities to stop you and it meant NOTHING your still their RIGHT IN THEIR FACES ULT READY TO RUIN THEIR DAY.

Hybrid Items - These items are good for balanced teams or forcing enemy players to react differently to you

Warmogs Armour - If you get this item get FON I will explain in a bit why. Warmogs is a massive Health and Health Regen Steroid Boost. To get the full effect of the item you must farm creep, your Amumu..... moving on. Now many find warmogs to be a waste of money and I agree their is one reason I get it for Amumu and that is to force an enemy Ad carry to build Madred's early or build it when they never normally would. The reason why you would do that you are forcing their ad carry to spend lots of money on a expensive item and they are now switching alot of their damage to magic damage. When they are the only ad carry that means you can focus heavier on magic resist making it harder to kill with a Force of Nature, your health regen is massive and your mr negates a lot of madred's damage. Now if you add a randuin's that means their now countered as madred's is magic damage with an attack speed buff. This means that you forced their ad carry to play by your rules and allow you to focus on countering the other enemies and them at the same time.

Guardian Angel - This item is more leaning towards an armour buff then a magic resist buff. The main key to this item is the passive. When you die which if your playing a tank right happens you get right back up to continue the fight. Enemies will cry when they finally force you to your knees, only to get right back up and drop kick them in the head. This is one of the best items if you are focused first in a team fight as all their effort is in vain.

Aegis of The Legion - Is a super buff for your team that cover mr, armour, and even buffs their ad. Get this item if your team is struggling with producing mass damage or they are getting squished to easy.

Offensive Items - Are you dominating a game are you actually carrying your team (it can happen) then lets get some damage in you to show that you are a threat to them.

Rylais Crystal Scepter - I end up getting this a lot as this controls the enemy in team fights and ensures they never get away. With your w aoe passive you continually slow EVERYONE around you. It provide ap for more damage and even more health to make the enemy team qq. This item plus your aura damage creates turns a lot of their damage toward you.

Zhonya's Armour - Your damage will sky rocket and pesky ad champion will have more difficulty beating you down. The passive of the item is a 2 second invulnerability, this is decent on amumu but if you use it the problem is that the enemy go after your squishies over you.

Rabadon's Deathcap - If you want damage this is your item one of the highest ap items if you get this your damage will double or even triple. This is THE damage item for ap carries.

All these item are situational on how the enemy team plays YOU must adapt to them that is one of the roles as a tank.

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Summoner Spells

There is two summoner spells that are the best for Amumu right now.



Flash allows you to initiate, escape, and is the easiest way to get off your ult on as many people as possible. Flash is used commonly on many champions, but with amumu it makes or breaks his abilities and his threat as a tank.

Smite - You are a jungler you use smite no arguments at all. All junglers should use smite end of story (especially amumu).

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Your Attitude as Jungler and as the Tank

Amumu skills require you to be aggressive and to continuously intimidate the team. Gank and gank and gank as amumu when you reach level 6 your ganking is downright unfair flash and ult usually equals a kill or two and thats how it should be. You must scare the enemy in the early game they must fear your presence so when you transition to tank it stays with them. Fear is your primary skill you are beefiest most scariest yordle in the game they will wake up every night scared of you.

When it comes to teamfight you get right up into their face and pressure them. Make them slip up, if one of the brave ones goes for your carries stun him and lay down the pain so he'll never try it again. Save your ult you save it until all hell breaks lose as soon as they back pedal hard you use it. As soon as your annie is gonna drop her bear you set it up for her. If they all try to rush your carry you use it. Your ult when used right will win your team the game and it can save you from a losing one.

What if your losing the fight and your enemy begins to retreat what do you do? You are the captain of this ship you go down with it or until everyone else is safe. You make the last stand you push the enemies off your team and if you die you die, as long as your carries lived to fight again your sacrifice was not in vain. You are the walls of the castle your job is to protect the king and its soldier and allow them to pick up as many kills as they can fathom. You must go into every team fight as monstrous, intimidating and impregnable. They must think they have to kill you or they will never be able to kill your allies if they believe that you will win the game.

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Creeping and Jungling

Since jungling may very well change I am going to be lazy and link to two very useful place for jungling guides.

First is the guide on Mobafire for Amumu "Wrapping up the Jungle" by Jebuz McAzn

The second one is done by Stonewall and he covers all characters and their jungling here is his you-tube channel if you want to look at all jungling and strategy behind it.

Now creeping is really simple with ammumu activate w and use e to wipe out waves of minions with ease. When you have golem buff your ability to push lanes and obtain creep score is easy as standing on top of them.

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Amumu is the tank play him like one. Attitude is everything. You build around the enemy. Your ult is gamechanging use it well. Smite and Flash no excuses. Who is Tank? You are! This is my first guide so any advice and comments are greatly appreciated.