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League of Legends Build Guide Author PotatoWedges

Whos coming with me?

PotatoWedges Last updated on December 9, 2010
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Hey guys, whats up?! This is my first build. I use this build as often as possible, because I can harass from rage, and with the 48 HP regain ever 5 secs, I can get back a great deal of HP back just by keeping my distance.

So lets get started!

Summoner Spells


Good for getting away from someone who's hitting you (without any type of stun). Or just to chase someone down who's just a little more faster then you.


Flash really helps, when you get stunned, running/hiding or just chasing.

I've had more then a few games where someone engages 1st, I get their health low, whiles they get mine low (theirs goes down quicker because I have better crit rate and crit dmg PLUS the life steal and 48hp regain)and then I flash away and hide in a bush, sometimes, not knowing I'm hiding they try to chase me to get the kill. When I see them run by Double shot then auto attack, DEAD! Port back.



This can always be used in exchange for Flash cause it will give you a few extra seconds you need to kill someone or to get away, the choice is yours. Using this spell will automatically make people stop chasing you. So as they run away, using Make it Rain, then your ulti really pisses them off because they get hit by all the shots! which does eat away at their Health.

Item Build

-Core Items


Phantom Dancer would be instead of the boots (I just recently decided to use the boots) Youmuu's Ghostblade is for the armor penetration, if you find something else more useful then go for it..

Okay so you see my item setup and your probably like " you serious? Where the hell are the boots?!"

Yes I'm quite serious, no boots. It becomes obvious quick why I don't use boots. Ill explain when I get to the Phantom Dancer.


Okay so start off with the and a or . Health because your harassing and sometimes get hit a few times. Or Mana because you using a lot of skills, like, Double Up to harass and Make it Rain to get multiple minion kills from minions.

I Also suggest playing mid, regardless of what anyone says
-Early Game
Right when you hit level 6, make sure you have enough mana to use Double Up then Bullet Time. In between you should have used so they can't run out of your ulti's range. After you get the kill you should have enough to get . If not, don't go back, try ganking top of bottom (if your playing mid)Just before mid game you should have enough for B.F. Sword
-Mid Game
FREQUENTLY go kill the lizard for the buff, after getting the and you get the buff, the money should flow in and you should already have the working on . When u get the Zeke's Harbinger you can easily 1v1 anyone squishy (don't get cocky or greedy, happens to me all the time, I'm quite aggressive, but since I get the boots late game its hard to run away or chase)
-Late Game
Here's when I'm doing 3-4 hit kills on squishy mages and such, (1v2) should be easy, if there is a tank in the group though, always tease him (make sure someone else is in position to gank) pull him back, pop slow behind him, then ulti, he should go down. If not by you then by whoever was ganking. Everytime you notice the lizard is up (pay attention) kill it and then go hunting again, but make sure someone is with you or close by, lots of people will try killing you first in any battle, so make sure you keep distance and good health, and use ulti when you can. Enemy health shouldn't matter, because when you use ulti they will run, regardless.

Make sure to always keep reasonable distance, use Double Up and then Make it Rain when running away or pursuing, then run back, a few while skill is in cooldown. should cover you

Same as 1v1, but make sure you use Double Up so that if hits both of them, if it doesn't then that's fine, but make sure you get ones health low enough and the others health half way, so that when you cast your ulti one dies, one runs away.

-1v3 and above, AVOID
Don't hide in bushes, run away, call for support.

Still under construction, I wanna add threat levels, but I haven't fought all champs, or good players playing these champs. ALSO please understand that this build will be hard to get use to, due to the fact that you get the boots later in game..BUT if you use MF often then you should be fine.

A SS of last game, as you see, my deaths ARE pretty high, but thats due to stupid mistakes, greediness..and being the most squishy person on team lol (honestly playing as MF, im attacked 1st by anyone and everyone)
Assist are usually higher, and kills lower, but please don't expect to be awesome right out the box, because, usually its even a pain for me to get mid, and if that happens, items take longer to get.
Please leave suggestions, they are much appreciated.