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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RezKalamari

Who's Shen? I'm Support!

RezKalamari Last updated on May 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my first build, so I would love for people to give me feedback about my build.
This is the build I use for 5v5 and I always come out positive and with my team saying: "Wow thanks Shen, you really saved me a bunch of times in that game." And that is what playing Shen is really about, helping your teammates.
What I found so fun about Shen was the fact that, you really just need to help your team, if you can sacrifice yourself and save 1 or 2 teammates, it was worth it, the enemy isn't going to get a bonus for killing you anyway, you didn't have a killing spree!

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Pros / Cons


+Good harassing and last-hitting skill Vorpal Blade
+Best taunt in the game, its an area of effect taunt and isn't his Ult!
+His taunt can also be used to chase, or escape (you can use it to go through walls!)
+His Ult is easily the best support ability in the game (don't be afraid to use it a lot!)
+He can jungle if you really want to!
+He's a flippin' NINJA! (Actually he is a Samurai.)


-Very slow farming
-Can't turn invisible like other ninjas
-Not very much damage

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I'm not that experienced with runes. I found most of these from other Shen builds, and find they work well. The Seals of Vitality are kind of a given for a tank like Shen. The cooldown reducers really help you get his Ult out more. The armor pen is just so that you can hurt other tanks more.

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If you're wondering why i didn't put any points in offense, it is because I play Shen as a support tank, he needs the cooldown reductions and the reduced time being dead. You are a tank. You will die.

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Warmogs Armor is by far my favorite tanking item, all you have to do is kill minions and you get health! That's awesome! (It also doesn't go away if you die!)
Some of you may notice that there are only five items in this build, that's because I rarely have games that last that long, or if they do I never have enough money.
By the end of this build, if you have a full Warmogs Armor, you have about 4400 health!
If the enemy team has a lot of magic, then i usually supplement Force of Nature for my third or forth item.
If the enemy team has very little magic, the you can skip the Mercury Treads and get Boots of Swiftness.

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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence gets you Vorpal Blade up to level 5 pretty fast, that will be explained later. While still getting your taunt up fast, which is very important to your time as Shen. Faint later doesn't let you tank turrets as much, but with 4400 health you can pretty much tank anything.

I usually get skills according to my situation. Ex: If I'm chasing someone and they have low health, and I happen to level up, I would upgrade my Vorpal Blade fast and just start throwing, it doesn't really slow you down, and it does decent damage.

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Vorpal Blade

Vorpal Blade is very nifty for: Health Regeneration, Chasing, and Harassing.
I use it early game for harassing by just throwing it at an enemy champ every time I get a chance. You can also hit one of the cannon minions with it and start attacking and you will get fairly good health regen from it. It also helps you take out any neutral monsters. I usually take the twin golems out around level 5 if I am near them, it helps get to level 6.


I usually use Faint in collaboration with Shadow Dash.
Usually, to taunt people and hold it I Shadow Dash in, Faint, and then Vorpal Blade the target and start swinging. This lets you get health regen for you and your teammates attacking them, and a shield to absorb some of the damage.

Shadow Dash

I use Shadow Dash for many things, catching up to a runner and stopping him so that my teammates can kill him, bringing enemies to turrets and making them attack me (Awesome early game strategy.), stopping the entire enemy team from chasing a friendly champ (Shadow Dash is an area of effect taunt, you can taunt the entire enemy team if you are really good, and lucky.), getting back into my lane (You have energy as Shen, so Dashing for a quick boost of speed is fine, your energy recharges too fast for it to be a problem), and stealing buffs from people (You can dash in and steal Baron :D).
I usually do Taunt, Faint, Vorpal Blade, Vorpal Blade. This helps the taunt so much.

Stand United

Stand United is by far the best support Ult in the game. You need to not be afraid to use this. If you see a teammate anywhere on the map that is running from the enemies, keep an eye on him, if they get close, Ult in, and use he above mentioned taunt protocol, or just grab them all and run in a different direction of your teammate, they will all be forced to follow you.

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That's that, that was how I play Shen.

If you have any feedback, please post comments.

Also, I don't know how to make the item, or skills picture show up in the build, so anyone who knows, please post a comment telling me how.