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Amumu Humor Guide by erwinpeng

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League of Legends Build Guide Author erwinpeng

why amumu is the worst champion 4ever !!!

erwinpeng Last updated on September 12, 2012
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amumus history and some fact

history :
was born as a yordle , but when he grew up , the other yordle see , how much bad looking he was.
the poor mumu couldnt stand it , so he looked in the canalisation for paper , which he can use to wrap himself in it . after he finished it he went back to his city. when the other poor yordle smell him , they died . since the amumu was now alone he cried and screamed around , until urgot found him ( he is able to withstand the smell, because he almost smell and look as bad as amumu ). urgot brought amumu to the league of legends , where his role is to run around screaming and crying , to ruin every game.

i almost fainted , when i saw him without bandage. he looked so bad. - Yorick

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8 reasons, why he is the worst champion 4 ever

- his autohit is only headbut --> he will only hurt himself
- his q is just throwing a bandage and won´t do anything to the enemy
- his w is just crying because he has nobody ( small , ugly and he stink <-- he is made of used toiled paper )
- he always cry , so the enemy champion will hear him and run away before he will reach them
- his e is just screaming around and will only make that every gank will be a fail
- he cant jungle because he is always crying and sreaming --> monster will hear him and kill him
- his ulti is just throwing a lot of bandage around and won´t deal any damage . ok teemo might sufficate , because he is to small . but just what do you think how long he will need to get all the bandage back ?
- his only good skill is his passive , because every time he headbut them , they will laugh to death , about how weak it is and how much it tickles.

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bonus chapter - which champion is also weak

vladimir - he only throw blood. the worst thing that could happen is that if someone fell into a hole , he can drown themin blood . eeh :/
soraka - she only throws banana and is praying to god , which doesn´t exist .

ps :
kog maw, short koggy is one of the most disgusting champion . throwing his vomit at the enemy . even worse than drowning in someones blood


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