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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Saintzsin76

Why Did You Burn Me....

Saintzsin76 Last updated on April 29, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

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Pros / Cons


    Harrasses all day
    Distance Caster
    Great Early Damage
    Great AOE Damage
    Can kill creeps quickly
    Ult can be nasty when timed

    No healling until Revolver and Will of Ancients
    Difficult to escape (unless only one and you can stun) Flash saves you...

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So i have played brand a lot since he has been free and have found that he is kinda op vs others...(dont like testing champs by buying them when they are 6300 ip). I have gone positive every game and only lossed once so far. although i usually see brands mid, i resist. i enjoy lanin with another vs 2 enemy champs. Champs that work best are supports, ranged, and champs who can jump in like jax, kat, irelia. be sure to play aggressive and PoF (pillar of flame) or conflag champs when they get close to minions to starve gold and if you get low enough hp, starve xp. this will allow total lane dominance. ive had many teams lane switch because we cut off everything they had.... feels great when they change... i am new to making guides so please comment your feedback on the guide or build, this build hasnt failed me yet

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Just get your basic mage casting preference... I love cd reduction to spam skills better, Magic pen for higher dmg (especially early), mana/lvl to help keep brand in lane as long as possible and no oom..., and then flat hp quints are always my fav for greater bulkyness early game but magic pen works well here also

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basic mage masteries... the magic pen in offense and then all the way down utility... most important in utility is the mana regen and flash cd. the mana keeps u in the lane so you can spam ur spells and harass like no other.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a like heaven on a key for Brand. I use this spell to escape ganks or anything that is about to stun or kill me. Brand doesnt have much to get away when someone is in his face so this will save you plenty. Flash also helps to jump over minions so you can cast your E>Q>W. the stun will allow you and your team to surprise the enemy for a kill. Flash also goes well with ignite so you can flash in and out of turret range and ignite the enemy for a kill.

Ignite on the other hand works great to continue to kill people from far while they run to escape. Another key element to this is to use it on people like mundo or vlad who are always healing, and cuts there heals in half. Ignite also pairs well with Brands passive allowing plenty of kills even after they run past there turret... so much constant dmg still... have gotten plenty of kills where i get askd how they died...

Other spells
Clarity can be used if you want to spam more... but the masteries and runes should help to not need this
Teleport also is good if mid and want to recall and get bak to lane quick

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Skill Sequence

Pillar of flame is gonna be your main spell. it can greatly dmg minions so they stay away from your tower, as well as you can cast this spell from a great distance so that you can stay healthy since you slack in any healing early. Once this spell gets some ranks in it, then this will deal high dmg to the enemy everytime they get close to a minion.

Conflagration is the second spell you will max. This spell isnt a skillshot which always helps but this is also a great start to your combo because it sets the enemy ablaze to set up your Sear stun and pillar dmg. I also love spammin this to activate the passive ablaze to take out 2% of there hp on top of the initial dmg. more pts in this will lower the cd and raise dmg which is always nice. Lastly, once your pillar of flame skill gets upgraded you can creep kill minions easily by PoF (pillar of flame) and the conflagin them

Sear is the last move you will max. leveling this spell does not effect the overall stand point during the game. this spell is used to stun enemys that were ablazed. the stun will help to get away from death, save ally from dyin to a chaser, and initiate after a stun from deep.

Ult Pyroclasm has the potential to be a scary skill if used right. It will do HIGH dmg, especially once you get it. the key to this is to not use when there is minions all around you. this skill is best used when fightin in jungle or bushes (away from minions), or when you see 2 champs lowish hp by the turret. just flash in throw ur ult and ignite and get out... donezo...

Passive Ablaze by setting the enemy ablaze you unlock all the potential of Brands skills and can stun dmg and creep kill everything. also when harrassing the enemy with ur PoF or conflag, it will do additional dmg to them and keep them low hp away from minions.

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I start with dorans ring because its the best of it all. ap for more early dmg, mana regen is always good for stayin in lane, and hp for bulkyness. i then wait till i get enough for tear and boots if possible on my first return (if u cant get tear, at least get mana regen) after tear your mana needs will be settled for awhile. I then finish off my boots for more pen. i then go straight for will of ancients so i can a) help team with more ap and spell vamp and b) give myself early power and spell vamp so i dont have to worry about healin. Next i get my giants belt for Rylais to add durability to Brand. Once rylais is finished every skill will slow your targets allowing easier skill shots, plus the slow stacks with the ablaze passsive. at this point you must ask yourself. am i killin them rly easy or are they hurtn me some? here you may either get a defensive item depending on the enemy composition, armor or mr. i find the veil to be best because the extra hp and mana is nice alongside with MR to stop some of the dmg. the greatest thing with the veil is the 30 sec shield... now jumpers (jax kat irelia xin) cant slow and do great dmg while they get to you so quick. after this just finish your archangels, sell your ring and get a deathcap... pretty simple. also just remember that pot is your friend... it may be temporary but the extra ap and cd reduction works amazing with Brand

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So while playing be sure to be able to use your combo E>Q>W and then spam skills once they come bak on enemies, saving your ult for the right time to maximize dmg, aka teamfights or 2 champs close. Early game just farm creeps and continue to harass the enemy lane with your PoF and conflag. the dmg will hurt and passive adds to it, but this will slow down there items and hopefully xp. once they are low, flash when neccessary to hit ur stun and dmg them to death. Brand is not a jump in and fight... he harrasses easily and can nuke like no other (maybe ryze or veig wins that one...) continue creep killn and you should be golden. just be sure to notice mias because that flashs cd isnt quick and that stun only hits one person. please comment or give feedback on this. new to makin guides on this and would love any feedbak on the guide or build. gl