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Evelynn Build Guide by GertHeart

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GertHeart

Why Eve?, GG we lose.

GertHeart Last updated on November 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I made this for you!

This is an Eve Nuker build I've had quite a bit of success with it and it's quite simple. This isn't a "draft mode" but can be used in it also.

First thing to note, if you are doing blind pick unranked, and you don't have a jungler, you can jungle at level 4 and go around for ganks while near lanes.

When you build Mobility boots you want to rush the sheen/mana crystal asap, since Eve doesn't require too much creep farm, but it helps if you can get it.

Then rush Lichbane, if you are having difficulty and are failing quite badly you may want to build smaller items until you can secure more gold, these smaller items are situation dependent, such as you see a possible gank down mid and you are at base and have about 435gold and that 20ap may guarantee a kill, then do it.
I like to rush a lichbane then get a Kages lucky pick after, and keep it as I build a rabidans then the rest of the DFG, then if I need the DFG I will build it, otherwise I will keep kages pick longer and build other items such as the hex tech revolver.

Short guide, I made it more for a friend who wanted to know how I build it. Also the 6th item in this build is not set in stone but the first 5 are necessary. I like the 6th because you hit for about 800 whites at that point so critting helps even more.

People have seen me play eve so they want to play her more and more. Happy now bro? You got this guide. Merry Christmas.

Here is how you open up on any champ, including quite a few tanks.

Use Either, Ignite, DeathFireGrasp, E (Lichbane Proc.) Q etc..(Dead usually in 1 second.)

Or you can use DeathFireGrasp, E, LichBane Proc, and save Ignite sometimes for "Just in case." you can usually do this and right before you initiate you always want to pop your R, if you get the kill run away, recloak and enter the battle again. The amount of AP you have is going to be close to be around 566 at level 18 with all items and Attack Damage will be around 200, your Q will be hitting for around 300 damage+

So here is what the damage looks like (This doesn't include damage mitigation, but simple numbers so you can see if a gank is possible. Also this is for level 18.

q = e = 1000 damage, q = 360 damage, DeathFireGrasp = (Depends on the hero and their MR, but lets say 1/3rd of their hit points.) Ignite 410 true damage. Then also Lichbane proc which is about 800 damage, plus your regular melee hits. which are about 200.

We'll use a model with 4khp since most do not use this.

4k - 1/3rd - 1,333.33333 repeating so

2,666hp left, - 1k E

1,666hp left - 800 Lich Bane Proc

866hp left Ignite 410health(Dot though if the battle lasts longer than 5 seconds.)

456hp left.
By this time you should've Q'd more than once since the Cooldown gets reduced from DFG and if you have a blue on you, but lets say you don't and it's CD is about .6, get at least 2-4 of these, and another possible lichbane proc to secure kills on most things.