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Annie Build Guide by Kaza



Updated on July 9, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kaza Build Guide By Kaza 3,282 Views 0 Comments
3,282 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kaza Annie Build Guide By Kaza Updated on July 9, 2011
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This is my build of Annie this build is about getting a lot of health so people wouldn't be able to kill you so you can stack your meijas soul stealer

1.This build will give you around 4k+ health when its finished
2.This Build Excels Mid And Late Game
3.Your Almost unkillable in mid and late game unlike most annies that can do more damage but they will barly last a fight because they can die in 3 seconds it doesn't matter if you can do more damage if someone c can kill you very fast so you will be able to live and spam more spells and if you can do more spells your doing more damage then annies with more AP then you.
1. Its very slow early game
2. She has huge mana problems
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Tanky Annie Build

Now you may be asking err what type of build is this? Well its a HP tank annie build you wll end up with 4k hp when the build is finished. Does it work? well HELL YEAH IT WORKS once you get meijas ittl be up to your stuns and your team to get you stacks but the thing is once you get warmogs you wont even need your team to help you people might try to take you down but you will be like NOPE i cant die *spams skills* (YOU HAVE SLAIN A ENEMY) the reason why i say get warmogs after your meijas is because if you die your meijas loses stacks by getting warmogs right after you most likely not die because you will be to beethy to take down so you can get kills and assist with ease with out worrying you might die and rod of ages and rylias will give you another 1000+ hp + tons of ap so it works well with this build. Also Molten Shield helps you with your tankyness! it gives you bonus magic resist and Defense and it also sends damage back to enemies that hit you so its like a free thornmail it works great against dps characters
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Greater Quintessence of Ability Power I personally like these because they work great early game because you wont have that AP from just Dorans Ring so having this = 15+ more ap from the start so you got 30 AP because of your Dorans
Greater Quitessence of Fortitude These will add 100 hp and that's actually a lot it will be a lot Harder to kill you early game but its your choice on the quitessence i like the extra ap more then the extra hp
Greater Glyph of Ability Power These are pretty much the same as the quitessence +9 Ap off the bat work well early game so with the dorans quitessence and the glyph that's 39 more probably more then enough AP for anyone to handle at lvl 1
Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration Personally i think these are great on annie because they give you mana Regen you run out of mana so fast so with these you can spam your skills a lot!
Greater Seal of Ability Power I use these because i man akali and kat but i wouldn't recommend these on annie endless you want 5 extra AP i think the mana regen is better
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration these are great on annie because your 15+ spell from your masteries +9 from this that's 24 spell pen good enough to take down a lot of tanks
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Skill Sequence

Levels 1-5 will always be Disintegrate -> Incinerate
Levels 6+ Summon: Tibbers -> Disintegrate -> Incinerate
you should always initiate with Summon: Tibbers when you have Pyromania up it will make a AOE Stun that will stun what ever tibbers is spawned on this way you can stun multiple people so your team can kill them off with you!
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Summoner Spells

Ignite because it works great the whole game especially early game because since your meijas and warmogs you wont have that much AP off the bat so ignite can finish them off for you if your skills and ****py auto attacks don't finish them
Flash The reason why i chose flash over Ghost is because flash can help you chase and get you out of tight situations Ghost can do the same but you have to run to them flash is instant so i think its a lot better But its still a good alternate
Good ALternates
Ghost Teleport Cleanse
League of Legends Build Guide Author Kaza
Kaza Annie Guide
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