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Aurelion Sol Build Guide by Edex_StarsUpYourASol

Middle Wild Rift In-Depth ASol Guide

Middle Wild Rift In-Depth ASol Guide

Updated on June 30, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Edex_StarsUpYourASol Build Guide By Edex_StarsUpYourASol 9 0 9,346 Views 1 Comments
9 0 9,346 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Edex_StarsUpYourASol Aurelion Sol Build Guide By Edex_StarsUpYourASol Updated on June 30, 2022
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Go-to Shove/Kill and Roam
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

Wild Rift In-Depth ASol Guide

By Edex_StarsUpYourASol
Hi there, my name is EDex (AKA StarsUpYourASol) and I am a moba connoisseur, having played many mobas throughout its history from Dota, LoL, and Paragon to Smite, Wild Rift and Mobile Legends. Over time I've grown to love Aurelion Sol and became a semi-one trick.

This guide has been created in order to teach others on how to play Aurelion Sol, one of the lowest pick rate champions to date. If there was a champion that needed a guide, it would most definitely be ASol due to his nieche atypical playstyle, strange moveset, and difficult micro and macro gameplay.

This guide will be very straightforward and will have less filler compared to other guides.

This will sound unappealing to the large majority of the playerbase as the learning curve is a wasteland between newbie and one tricks but know this: If you do manage to learn Aurelion Sol, he will almost guarantee diamond as he will actively teach you some of the most important macro & micro strategies in the game!

Aurelion Sol has a very unique playstyle as his damage is based almost entirely on his movement while having no immediate dashes or large speed boosts. For DPS, you must rely on his passive orbiting around him in order to farm, trade, and teamfight. It gets even harder when you add the necessary macro in order to use your items and map pressure effectively as a roaming mage.

All in all, he is a a mid laning roaming mage with strong aoe, cc, dps, and map influence all of which are dependant on his macro and posititioning

Pros / Cons
+ Incredible DPS AOE battlemage when positioned optimally

+ Can out-dps any mage in a teamfight under same gold circumstance

+ One of the game's best CC champions in teamfights

+ Can roam instantly lv3

+ Cannot be outroamed if ASol gets lane priority

+ Deceptively slippery due to the movement speed and how he generally builds tankier than other mages

+ Strong wave clear and anti-siege

+ Very few bans against asol

+ Very few know how to deal with a good asol

+ If done right he can almost never be pushed into a 1v9 situation because he is basically a 2nd jgler creating more chances for a carry

+ 3rd ability can be used as a get-out-of-jail-free card when outpositioned ( countered by damage over time though aka: ignite, brand, teemo )

+ Lv 1 can trade with anyone except adc mids

+ Strong sieging combos
- Incredibly difficult to position effectively

- Some combos are incredibly difficult to execute

- Can struggle to gain prio on lane against very mobile champions (akali, zed, etc)

- Weird playstyle

- Has little solo carry potential and relies on him ganking others to get him or his team ahead

- Generally unsayisfying kills

- Can feel terrible being useless against a fed assasin

- Dying is much more frustrating

- Against certain aggressive counters, Asol will almost never get to roam, making one of his abilities nearly useless


This is my go-to as it provides the scaling and early game needed to snowball games more easily.

All other secondary runes are situational to your playstyle, so mess around with them and figure which runes work best for you!

Summoner Spells

Take these when you think you can take early Lane Priority, roam for a kill, or just kill in lane.

Generally useful against situations involving Irelia, Yasuo, support buffed carry, etc. Also for games where you think you can't get ahead early even if you roam.

Pretty good against Adc mids so that you don't die early on. Fizz combo is hard to exhaust so barrier is a strong alternative as well.

Aurelion has no straightforward item path. There are many ways to build him and each are situational. For the most part, just try to get a feel for what each mage item does and build Rod of Ages as your core item. For beginners, here's a guideline to follow.[/indent]

Rod of Ages will always be Aurelion Sol's first item because
  • It provides health which is important for all mid range mages as they will survive much better,
  • Provides mana sustain which is important for the somewhat spammy playstyle of ASol,
  • Provides much needed scaling so Aurelion doesn't rely on item spikes heavily,
  • Provides dmg to keep Aurelion afloat throughout the game.
Carry Build
These items are my Go-To option as they can basically one shot any ADC when used with his combos but is usually only useful when you get really ahead in gold. Still can be used when in equal gold, but to less consistency compared to the alternative.

Consistency Build
Way more consistent for beginners in the early game as it provides the much needed health for when you are lacking in positional micro.

All of these items are to be used according to your enemy comp and your gold income. Each with their own set of strengths


1st ability Breath of Light is very versatile with his kit and when used effectively, will create some of the best cc offered:


2nd ability Astral Flight is your main dps, and the hardest part about ASol. Positioning is key and failing to move effectively will make you useless.


3rd ability Singularity is your roaming ability and is what makes Aurelion difficult to 1 trick. It is extremely underrated as it provides more macro movement than any other ability, including Twisted Fates Ultimate. Using it in a duel is also really useful as it can quickly reposition you away from a difficult spot, but must be timed properly as taking dmg will make you unable to reposition/get away. Level up will improve Speed, Distance, and Cooldowns.


4th ability Falling Star is your Get-Off-Me or your AOE burst. Difficult to use effectively, but doing so will help you tremendously in any situation

Skill Sequence

This is intended only for when you don't plan to roam much or you won't be needing Comet of Legend throughout the game.

If you do plan on it, lv up 3rd ability through several criteria (doesn't matter when after lv 3): Do you need to roam asap? Is your comet off cooldown? Do you need it soon or later? etc. This will be learned as you play the champion so stick to the above until you get the feel for the timing of 3rd


The simplest, but also one of the most important "get off me" tools at your disposal. This will allow you to duel, teamfight, defend, siege, antisiege, etc. and you should base your combos off of these two.

The most effective combo out of these as when done right, will blow up the entire enemy backline or even better, the whole team.

Ult Falling Star backwards > Flash Insec

Perfect for heavy engagers and cause them to take dmg from tower. When executed, will nearly guarantee a kill. However, if you fail it will be embarrasing and will ruin your laning phase due to wasting flash. However, keep practicing and eventually you will get at it.

Ult Falling Star > Flash cancel

Flash cancel will allow for surprising the enemy team with either a sudden knockup or a sudden burst of range to catch out stragelers. Use sparingly, but keep looking for opportunities. You can also 1st ability afterwards, but that will give them time to react.

1st Breath of Light > Ult Falling Star > Flash angled semi insec

One of the hardest to perform and it is difficult to find situations to use this. However, this combo is impossible to react to and generally leads to well played kills.

Early Game

First Three Waves

Bread and Butter pattern is to trade lv 1, push on lv 2, and roam on lv 3. Of course, its more complicated than that but this is what you normally would want to do when you hit the first 3 waves.


For beginners, trading will be the most difficult part as trying to line up with the enemy laner while also farming can be very tedious to practice. When to trade is also extremely dependent on matchups and is basically trial and error until you understand what to do and what not to do. Read counters to understand how to deal with them.

However, your priority isn't to trade and get a kill on your laner, but to roam and gank other lanes. Succeeding in this regard will mean little during your laning phase because eventually other lanes get to snowball and carry you later.


Roaming is probably the most macro intensive part about ASol out of everything else and is very difficult to master. We will start off with When to roam, How to roam, Where to roam, and What to after you've reached there.


To roam as Aurelion Sol, there are several things that must be thought out:
  • Do you have lane priority?
  • Can you shove lane?
  • How urgent is the roam?
  • Where are both of the Junglers?
  • Will this be a 4v3? 3v3? 2v3?
  • How much impact will my roam have?
  • Will I meet the enemy jungler while roaming?
  • Will my jungler help when I roam?
  • Will your enemy laner follow? (how well can enemy laner waveclear?)
  • How much vision does your team have?
  • Is the enemy sidelaner vulnerable?
  • Are the laners fighting, or are the junglers dueling in jungle?

Weigh the circumstances figure out what would happen 1 minute from now. There are many scenarios of course, but thinking what would happen 1 minute ahead is actually straight forward and made of if-then statements. Its kinda like Chess, except this time you're like the bishop sniping from across the board.

Great Scenario for roaming

How To Roam

Usually, you will roam using your 3rd ability, but understand that you don't need your 3rd ability to do a similar job.

If you do not have any vision in jungle, try to stick to your side as you roam in order to avoid any potential vision the enemy may have. This will also prevent you from encountering the enemy jungler if he is around.

Where To Roam

Generally speaking, you would want to roam to the Dragon Lane as it provides the most amount of impact on the game. Secondary roams for early game would be to gank the Baron lane, or fight scuttle or gain map priority with your Jungler

Engaging in a Roam

There are several methods to this. One is to create a giant Breath of Light with your Singularity

Mid Game
Mid game is when you are done with laning phase and are playing around objectives like Towers or Dragons. Always be in every teamfight or skirmish as Aurelion has the most map influence over anyone else during this time.

To be in every teamfight, you shove and ignore your lane and provide more pressure across the map while playing around item spikes of your allies. This requires less about cooperation, but baiting your allies so you could countergank for easy kills.

Generally, games would end before late game because you allow your team to snowball to the win or just fizzle out with your team when the enemy team stomps. If neither occures, always stay next to the adc and ping objectives when transitioning to late game.

Late Game
At this stage it becomes relatively difficult to pull off combos and have an impact as everyone should be sticking to eachother and taking objectives, so ASol will become extremely reliant on posititioning in order to not get caught out and have an effective map presence.

However, his teamfight presence is one of the best and he becomes a tanky aoe dps when used optimally.

Your job is either to peel your adc from engagers like Irelia or blow up the backline; the decision is based on enemy composition and their positioning so try to analyze the team composition to figure out what your gameplan should be.

Thanks for checking out my Aurelion Sol guide, I hope that it was useful and if there is anything that you think i've missed out on then please feel free to comment or message me.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Edex_StarsUpYourASol
Edex_StarsUpYourASol Aurelion Sol Guide
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Wild Rift In-Depth ASol Guide

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